Sunday, October 18, 2015

“Horror” topped the US box office, and Canada – BBC

Before Halloween is still a couple of weeks, but US distributors have been slow to scare its audience and even achieve some success.

The leader of box office the US and Canada for the weekend from 16 to 18 October was the comedy horror “Horror” with $ 23.5 million.

Rob Letterman (“Shark Tale,” “Monsters vs. Aliens”) – the first full-length film adaptation of the works of a very popular and prolific children’s author Robert Lawrence Stine, united by a common ( and eponymous tape) brand.

The series and its various spin-offs includes several hundred works, a circulation since 1992, when she “Welcome to Dead House”, exceeded 400 million copies in many languages the world.

In Russia transferred a smaller part of this series (about 200 volumes of nearly 500).

The series of books of the series was filmed in Canada in the second half of the 90s. He walked four seasons, it has been sold in the United States, where he became the best children’s programs by ratings. Then Tim Burton tried to remove and full meter, but the project was shelved.

«Horror” re-introduce the audience in this vast world.

Once the move Zack (Dylan Minnette) met his neighbor Hannah (Oday Rush); but the girl’s father forbids them to meet, and the young man went to their house to investigate the situation. It turns out that the father of Hannah – known writer Stine (played by comedian Jack Black), who is forced to create their own books to be locked there own monsters (a couple of them voiced the same Black), and one awkward movement is enough to set them free. This Stein also appears in the film – in the small role of the teacher.

The film received positive reviews of critics – 71% of them like it, as the authors of “horror” were able to move to the screen source.

The audience were also excited about the film and made assessments A. Fees, of course, not dazzling, but the tape will be able to recoup its 58 millionth budget, and open the way for the continuation of – Sony has already announced a search screenwriter for the second part. In Russia, the “Horror” will be released in early December.

The second place is left for the leader of the previous two weeks, fantastic Robinson Crusoe “Martian».

Ridley Scott film with Matt Damon has earned $ 21.5 million and brought the total fees up to $ 273 million, entered the top five best pictures of the director and his beating last year’s peplum “Exodus” ($ 268 million).

A Now the third and fourth places went to those who are trying to compete with Stein invented stories and did not succeed in this. Immediately after the “Martian” are historical spy thriller Steven Spielberg’s “Spy Bridge”, which focuses on what price the Americans were able to exchange pilot spy plane U2 Powers Rudolf Abel. In the role of a lawyer who organized the exchange, he starred Tom Hanks film critics touted in every way (92% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes), the audience he, too, liked, but to cope with the children’s horror could not.

«Spy bridge” for the weekend earned $ 15.4 million.

But Spielberg was ahead of other big-name director. Guillermo del Toro, this time addressed to the Victorian Gothic style and took the fantasy horror film “Crimson Peak” of the old house, which lives its own life. Writer, became the wife of the house owner, played by Mia Wasikowska, and in other roles occupied by Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain. Critics were not so sympathetic, as in the case with the “spy bridge” (8% positive reviews), and the audience watching the film, gave him a B -.

In eventually “Crimson Peak” was fourth, earning $ 12.8 million weekend.

By the way, in Russia the film del Toro came out last week, but the “Spy Bridge ‘we will at the same time with “horror».

But the only direct competitor to “Horror” was still a cartoon “Hotel Transylvania 2″, also designed for a teenage audience. He, however, is already the fourth week, and rivalries were not serious – the “monster” in fifth place and $ 12.2 million of charges for the weekend. Total revenue picture, meanwhile, reached $ 267.5 million – less than the charges of the first part ($ 358 million in 2012), but three and a half times the budget that will allow Sony Pictures Animation, and then to develop a fertile theme hotel in Transylvania and invite directed by Tartakovsky Genndi make new movies.


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