Saturday, October 24, 2015

Psychic revealed the cause of suicide Amiran Giorgadze – TV channel REN TV

The Russian psychologist and parapsychologist Sergei Lang told REN TV its version of the causes of suicide Krasnogorsk arrow Amiran Giorgadze.

The psychic said that convinced 200% that it was a suicide.

“If we go into the cause of what happened, what it was that they did not share the huge amount of money that he I was completely devastated. He had money and supplies, but they had a conflict, and it did not want to share. It was the principle, but he had the experience of dealing with the underworld, so I went on the concepts and killed them, but then realized he lives there, he realized that he was in any case will find – and committed suicide “, – said Sergey Lang.

According to him, suicide Giorgadze made within days after the massacre Krasnogorsk.

The psychic said that by killing himself, Krasnogorsk arrows secured your family from threats from enemies. Lang believes that the driver Giorgadze was not aware of all the events, there was little he knew about the crime, he simply “was extreme”.

Finally, a psychic added that “so many people are in crisis,” so In the near future, he predicted a number “of such incidents, even to suicide.”


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