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95 years Gianni Rodari – father and Chippolino Gelsomino – REGNUM

Omegna, Italy, October 23, 2015, 04:49 – REGNUM Today, 23 October, the world of children’s literature celebrates the 95th anniversary of the birth of the Italian writer Gianni Rodari . In connection with this IA REGNUM recalls the writer and his works have become since the writing of an important part of both European and Russian culture.

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Rodari was born a poor family of 23 October 1920 in the town of Omegna (Northern Italy). Rodari’s father, a baker Giuseppe, died of pneumonia when Gianni was not ten years. So he and his brother Cesare and Mario grew up in his native village of the mother – Varesotto. In order to somehow feed his family, his mother Maddalena Ariokki settled in a rich house servant. Money in the family is not always enough, but Gianni Rodari was not discouraged: he was enthusiastic boy – I read a lot, wrote poetry, good at drawing, he learned to play the violin. He studied at the seminary Rodari Gianni – were taught, fed and dressed for free.

Gianni Rodari became a journalist, a lover of philosophy and communist. Even in the seminary, he was interested in reading Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. During the Second World War twenty Rodari joined the resistance movement, then – in the Italian Communist Party, the end of the war found Rodari party work.

In 1948, Gianni Rodari became a reporter for the newspaper of the Italian Communists’ Unita »(L’Unita), and he ‘tied’ instructed to conduct” Kids Corner “in the Sunday issue of the newspaper. It is in this “corner” born children’s writer Gianni Rodari – here he wrote his first children’s stories and poems. And in 1950 Rodari was appointed editor of the illustrated weekly “Pioneer”, where a year later, was first published tale “The Adventures of Cipollino”. Then Gianni Rodari published the first collection of poems for children “book of poems funny».

The literary credo Rodari quite naturally followed from his political views and communist beliefs. Rodari wrote:

«I really believe in the power of truth: « The truth is revolutionary », – said Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party».

In 1952, Gianni Rodari first came to the Soviet Union, where he was very popular. Books Rodari dispersed in the Soviet Union in the millions. In addition, his works have been filmed several animated films and two feature films, one of which the writer played himself.

People who grew up in the Soviet Union, well remember the book Rodari:

  • «The Adventures of Cipollino» (1951);
  • «Tales by phone» (1960);
  • «Jeep on TV» (1962);
  • «Journey” Blue Arrow » (1964)
  • «Gelsomino in the Country of Liars» (1959).

Here’s what he wrote, referring to the Soviet children, Gianni Rodari before the first publication of “Gelsomino in the country of liars” in the USSR, in 1957:

«I it seems that the most dangerous enemies of humanity – is a liar. In the world there are hundreds of thousands of liars. Liar – a journalist who wrote “freedom” and thinks at the same time on the freedom with which the capitalists exploit workers and imperialists squeeze the juice out of the colonial peoples. Liar – is the one who says “peace”, but in reality is behind the war. Liar – is the one who talks about “human dignity”, but in fact advocating humility and obedience, taught to be silent in the face of injustice, to close their eyes to poverty ».

In addition, Rodari wrote many more books: « Ten kilometers to the Moon» , «How Giovannino touched the nose of the King”, “Elevator to the Stars» , «Planet of Christmas trees”, ” tramp » and five collections of poetry: « funny book of poems, “” The train of poems “,” Poems in the sky and on the ground, “” Tales of the phone “,” cake in the sky. ”

For adults Rodari wrote «Grammar of fantasy» . As a joke the author of this book read “by mistake” a lot of the guys, and she ceased to belong to an adult.

It would be wrong to assume that the popularity and millions of copies of books by Gianni Rodari in the Soviet Union were defined only by political views Rodari “sister” of the Soviet government. If this were so, then Rodari would long ago have been forgotten. However, the Soviet Union for a quarter century as not, and Rodari books – everything! – In every bookstore Russia, they reprinted almost every year. And in the world of Rodari not forgotten – many editions of his books comes in many different languages.

Rodari died from a serious illness April 14, 1980, in Rome, he was not yet sixty years. From around the world his wife and daughter came thousands of telegrams of condolence.

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