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Yuri died Mamleyev – Kommersant

84, died a philosopher, novelist and playwright Yuri Mamleyev His prose – an alloy of the grotesque and philosophy, has been translated into many European languages and in Soviet times it was taken as the unofficial underground art.

In Moscow, died writer, playwright, poet and philosopher Yuri Mamleyev. The news of a serious illness of the writer appeared in 2013, in August of this year it became known that he was in the hospital in serious condition. According to members of his family, the writer had serious heart problems. “Interfax” reports that the funeral of the writer is likely to take place at Tuesday, October 27.

The winner of the literary prize Andrei Bely and a member of the Writers’ Union, Yuri Mamleyev was the founder of the literary movement ” metaphysical realism. ” He wrote enjoying the interest of the world community philosophical doctrine of “Eternal Russia” and “The Fate of Being.” He explored the depths of Russian culture, as a result it has created a new interpretation of the Russian idea, actually whole philosophical-patriotic teaching. His most famous works: novels “Rods”, “friend”, “Peace and laughter”, “Wings of terror” and “Wandering time.” Many of his books have been translated into European languages. He was a member of the American, French and Russian PEN, the international non-governmental organizations of professional writers, poets and journalists working in different literary genres. In his works visible synthesis of reality and phantasmagoria. Mamleeva criticism applies to surrealism, he called himself the sources of his creativity classical Russian literature (Nikolai Gogol, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Anton Chekhov, Andrew White). In his novels, he created a special type of hero – a “moral monster”. In the stories Mamleeva dominated the grotesque and black humor, many scenes from the life of the writer took.

The writer was born in Moscow in 1931 in the family of a professor of psychiatry. Until 1974, he taught mathematics at evening schools, in their free time engaged in literary activities, but his works were published only in samizdat. This was one of the reasons for his move in 1974 to the United States. Until that time, he wrote hundreds of short stories, two novels, philosophical works, poetry. They were later published abroad and in Russia. The apartment in Moscow Mamleeva then gathered writers and artists, representatives of the unofficial art – Leo Kropyvnytskyi, Alexander Kharitonov, Anatoly Zverev, Henry Sapgir Leonid Gubanov, often visited dissidents such as Vladimir Bukovsky. Nine years later Mamleyev was in Paris. Teach he did not give up and in exile, but now he taught courses in Russian literature. During exile, he gained international fame. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he returned to Moscow, he returned to citizenship, and until 1999 he lectured on Indian philosophy at Moscow State University.

In the following years his work the writer was to celebrate a variety of literary grants and awards. In 2000, he received the Pushkin Prize, a prize named after Andrei Bely (1993), the award “Literature” of the Union of Writers (2008), and others. He is also a Knight of the state of the Order of Friendship for his creativity and literary merit.

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