Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Shooting officials in Krasnogorsk associated with the devaluation of the ruble – RBC

Krasnogorsk entrepreneur Amiran Giorgadze

Photo: Press center of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation

On one of the possible reasons which have pushed Giorgadze on the crime, Interfax reported, citing a source in law enforcement. According to the source, Giorgadze has been allocated for development of land in the Krasnogorsk district. Later, prosecutors acknowledged the decision illegal. The site has been removed from the businessman, and the funds were returned to him in rubles that “during the bureaucratic and administrative procedures” greatly impaired.

It was reported earlier that police had voluntarily surrendered to the driver Giorgadze, Shota Elizbarashvili. 27-year-old Elizbarashvili, who served from Giorgadze function guard is involved in the case as a witness, stressed the representative of the Russian Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin.

According to the driver of the testimony, Giorgadze killed officials and partner business because money.

According to the investigation, after a meeting in the Krasnogorsk district administration, which ended shooting and killing of two people – the deputy head of the district administration Yuri Karaulov and head of “Krasnogorsk electric network” George Kotlyarenko – Giorgadze went to the cottage, where he performed Kill companion – Trestana Zakaidze who “owed a large sum of money».

Ministry of Interior emphasizes that Giorgadze “armed and very dangerous.” His quest underway in Moscow and the Moscow region.

The site of Krasnogorsk municipal district indicates that Amiran Giorgadze is chairman of Krasnogorsk Commercial and Industrial Union. The businessman was a member of the political council of the regional party “United Russia”. According Rasskazova, Giorgadze and Sentries were familiar, because “all the major businesses go to the reception in the administration, promote their projects».

As reported TFR Giorgadze was engaged in building facilities in the Krasnogorsk district. Raman said that the businessman received formerly state orders, but recently they lost.


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