Thursday, October 29, 2015

Medina, condemned the pirate sites for the books about the theft and corruption, will receive 300 rubles from the defendants –

The Moscow City Court ruled on the suit of the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medina to four electronic libraries, to place in the book of his authorship.

According to RIA “Novosti” , the court ordered the site to remove copies of the books “The cruelty of Russian history and national long-suffering,” “On the Russian mud and century-old technical backwardness,” “On Russian threat and secret plan of Peter I “,” About Russian theft and corruption “and” On the Russian drunkenness, laziness, roads and fools. ”

Also, at the request of the plaintiff the court ordered reimburse library Medinsky registration fee of 300 rubles, he paid when filing a claim in court.

According to the agency, the minister did not participate in the court session in person, he sent a representative. From Roskomnadzor and four sites, too, it was empty. This product has been removed from the Minister of digital libraries before the court decision.

Let’s remind, the amendments to the “anti-piracy” law, extending its effect on music, software and books, take into force on 1 May. To date, there is only one unprotected kind of content – photos. Ministry of Culture said the initiative to tighten anti-piracy laws in respect of the liability of Internet intermediaries.

The total circulation of books Vladimir Medina, the address to which the charges are heard in the “source study cave,” in October exceeded 1 million copies. The head of the publishing house “Olma Media Group” Dmitry Ivanov called Medina “historical book publishing leader,” and a week later the Minister of invited to present their works at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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