Saturday, October 31, 2015

Egyptian authorities: Airbus-321 pilot did not file a signal SOS – Kommersant

Minister of Civil Aviation of Egypt Hossam Kamal said that the crew of the aircraft A321, which crashed in the Sinai Peninsula, not signaled SOS. On the problems on board the aircraft did not arrive at all any signals, the minister said. “Until the moment of the catastrophe we have not been reported no problems on board the plane. Also, we have not received any signals SOS », – quotes its” Bi-bi-si ».

Previously, the aeronautical authorities of Egypt said that the pilot of the Russian plane before the crash trying urgently to put the liner El Arish in northern Sinai. According to a representative of the Egyptian Committee for the investigation of aircraft accidents, the pilot alerted ground controllers that the plane originated “technical problem” and needed to land as soon as possible.

Yesterday in Egypt Airbus 321 crashed Company “Kogalymavia” charter flights from Sharm el Sheikh to Saint Petersburg. All 224 people aboard were killed. Ministry of Emergency Situations has published the list of passengers of the crashed airliner. The cause of the crash could be technical problems.

Details of the crash, read the material “b” “All forms of pre-maintenance performed on time and in full.”


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