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Harry Potter №8 – BBC

the seventh and final book about the young wizard Harry Potter British writer JK Rowling released in 2007. But until now fans of the series expect that it will cease to write detective stories and return to the present, in their opinion, work. This summer their dream almost came true – Rowling announced performance of “The Damned child» (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), in which Potter will be one of the main characters. It is, incidentally, specifically warned that the play will not be a prequel to the books, but did not believe her. Distrust was so great that the writer was forced to clarify the duration of the performance.

«Now you know that this is not a prequel,” Cursed Child “begins after 19 years (after the finals last book) “- wrote Rowling in his Twitter.

Later on the site Pottermore, which Rowling has created for fans invented her world, there was a more detailed explanation – for those who did not realize what it was about.

«It’s official. “The Curse of the child” will become the eighth story of Harry Potter, “- said in the message.

There is a small synopsis of the play, which is, of course, almost nothing clarifies. Potter is now an employee of the Ministry of Magic, husband and father of three children of school age. Harry himself is forced to deal with the past, which “does not want to stay where it should be”, and his youngest son, Albus – with some family heritage.

«And when the past and present unite father and son learn inconvenient truth: sometimes the darkness comes from the most unexpected places, “- said on Pottermore.

However, it is even more than was known about the play” The Curse of the child “before. On the idea of ​​the theatrical work of Rowling let slip two years ago, in December, the 2013th, and the premiere was announced this July. And not a word about the story that gave rise to persistent rumors about a possible sequel, despite the retraction of the author.

«Cursed Child” will be shown at London’s Palace Theater in the summer of 2016.

The play was written Rowling and screenwriter and writer Jack Thorne (among his works – scripts for the series “Waste” and “skinheads”). Staged by John Tiffany, received the award “Tony” for the musical “Once».

Who will play in the play is still unknown, but it will definitely be not actors of cinema Harry Potter.

Surprisingly, this series of books (and its film adaptation) remains popular to this day, despite the fact that since the last book took eight years, and the final film was shown in 2011. The total circulation of seven novels has made about 500 million copies, they have been translated into many languages ​​of the world, eight films have earned at the box office $ 7.723 billion, making them one of the best franchises in the world.

The very Rowling has promised that the new Potter novels will not be released, it is now under the male pseudonym (Robert Galbraith) writes detective stories of cormorants strike. However, to play her promise, apparently, did not apply.

Previously, she wrote that only after going to the theater audience will understand why “Cursed child” should appear exactly in the form of the play.

And by the way, in 2016 Harry Potter fans expect another trip in the familiar world. In November, the screens will be released film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” – the film adaptation of the books of the same name of the textbook. Actually, the textbook was also written by (author became Rowling) and published, but in the film will be presented, of course, the correct version of its creation. Textbook authors Newt Scamander play Eddie Redmayne, director of the film will be David Yates (adaptation of the last three series of novels). But Harry Potter “fantastic beasts …” is not – the action will be going on for about 100 years before his birth.


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