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What happened to “Krasnogorsk shooter” Giorgadze three main versions – TVNZ

Today it became known that in a village near Moscow Timoshkino found the body of a businessman Amiran Giorgadze. The murderer of four people allegedly killed himself.

What really happened? Crazy? But it says that Amiran Giorgadze carefully prepared for murder. He himself had nothing to tell. So all hope of investigators.

From the first hours of the basic version it has been associated with the business. Something not shared with officials of the developer. What is not agreed. The land-and housing in the suburbs “gold”, especially in a spot varnish – Krasnogorsk. Once flashed, “brought the man» …

Version 1. The officials did not keep their promises

Allegedly, Giorgadze has built the house, and arranged to coordinate communication after the main building. He came to agree – and those he “will not.” He began to persuade, to offer money – those in any. He avenged.

I have been on the objects in Krasnogorsk, which from the beginning was called “controversial”.

“cobbled village.” The two already built 17 etazhki the street people’s militia. So far, no windows and doors. But the work, such as boils, on the floors of people, a tower crane jib up and down leads. I went to the trailer management under the guise of customers to buy.

– odnushek we have almost no – man shrugs. – For lease facility in the spring of next year. Communications? Everything has been let down.

In the courtyard shows the powerful beams of cable around the construction site, the next tranche (“This is a sewer pipe were”). In any case, bypassing the construction site on the other hand, I talk to the hard workers. Those confirm that communication is. Around there are wooden dvuhetazhki partially resettled already. Talk to local. Many are waiting for their turn to it in the “cobbled village.” A regional program.

I’m going to another address. “New OPALIKHA.” The residential complex is surrounded by a fence, which is embedded in the two checkpoint. But let inside. And here at all interesting. All the houses are handed over a few years ago. Residential. Problems with communication – no. Version is not supported.

And by the way, it is unclear why suddenly Giorgadze gave a “red light”, though many years before this all coordinated as pretty? And here emerges a second version.

Version 2 Giorgadze “pushed” from the public procurement

The company “Myakininskaya Riverlands” supposedly the last ten years actively participated in the provincial government building programs – for the military, for the inhabitants of damaged houses that are allowed to be demolished. We build houses and entire neighborhoods. Human rights activists claim that some objects – “strange”. For example, in the suburban land suddenly appeared flats. By law, you can not do. But the houses magically sort of stretched communication and surrendered the land for development. I suspect that without the protection of the offices can not do. But the region entered the larger developers. And Giorgadze was out of work. And he knew that he could not repay the loans. According to some reports, before being shot in the district administration Georgadtse shouting about $ 20 million dale.

But there is another interesting version. Which seems to be closest to the truth.

Version 3. Giorgadze did not help with the design of the earth

– used to all the questions on the registration of land for construction were decided on local level, – explained to me on condition of anonymity, one of the Krasnogorsk district deputies. – Officials could show loyalty to settle the question through documents. But in the last couple of years in Moscow as part of the fight against corruption began to change this system. For senior civil servants on the ground is not “mutili” with businessmen, all land matters delegated to the regional level. It declared it long ago. But while held at the legislative level, we are really started to tighten the screws … Plus, instead of small companies, to which the authorities were suburban issues on the market massively went over big developers. As I understand it, “Myakininskaya Riverlands” (as, probably, and other similar construction companies), proved to be irrelevant. They simply pushed aside. I think the conflict with Giorgadze from Krasnogorsk officials emerged precisely because of this. Perhaps there were certain obligations that have undertaken, but not fulfilled. Because it could not influence the situation.


  «Krasnogorsk arrows” Amiran Giorgadze found dead

 In a village near Moscow Timoshkino found the body of a businessman Amiran Giorgadze. Recall, he was declared the federal wanted list for the murder of four people.

 - It was found in one of the private houses – said “KP” the official representative of the Ministry of Interior Elena Alekseeva. – Supposedly shot. Next – TT, PM shotgun “Saiga”. Break the glass, climbed into the house (details)

  professional version: “Krasnogorsk arrows” for a long time in Georgia or Ukraine

 Businessman looking Amiran Giorgadze Monday. Recall, one of the largest employers Krasnogorsk district shot his companion, two officials (right in the district administration), and a passerby. Giorgadze on the federal wanted list. But it can not be found (details)

  Son “Krasnogorsk arrow” Nodar Giorgadze: “All my life I will condole the families of the victims»

 Nearest people suspect told “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, why his father decided on a fateful act

 - Nodar, remember, please, that day when the tragedy occurred. Maybe my father was concerned about something?

 - It was a completely normal day. I called my father in the morning hours at 11. His father said he is waiting for a man (details)

  Before the murder of Krasnogorsk arrows demanded that the official $ 20 million

 It is learned that recently Amiran Giorgadze trying to squeeze out of the construction business in the Krasnogorsk district. Many of the contracts started to give developers at the federal level. And developers of regional scale just begun to falter. The businessman was ready to leave, but only received a solid “golden parachute” (Details)

  The correspondent “KP” was from “Krasnogorsk arrow” to understand the logic of the criminal

 Amiran Giorgadze was for many years one of the most active real estate developers in the Krasnogorsk district. To erect houses and entire neighborhoods. This person remained completely unknown to the general public. And now the name of Giorgadze – tops in the news (details)

  Driver “Krasnogorsk arrow”: “He ordered me to take off all phone»

 On Thursday, the driver of a fugitive businessman was arrested Amiran Giorgadze Babushkinskiy court in Moscow for two months. Recall, October 19 Giorgadze shot two kranogorskih officials, companion and a passing skuterista. 27-year-old Shota Elizbarashvili was with his boss on the federal wanted list. But a few hours later he appeared to the investigator. He said that he fled from the village chief Timoshkino after killing a bystander. (details)

  «Krasnogorsk arrows” Amiran Giorgadze: “All those who have to work, I see right through»

 About four people shot dead a businessman Amiran Giorgadze says a lot. Some milestones of his biography wander from article to article, from the plot to the plot. In short: born in Georgia, military service thrown in Nakhabino near Moscow, in the dashing 90-s as they say, “rose” to the middle of the “zero” was to lead one of the largest in the Krasnogorsk district construction firms (details)


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