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The cultural code of Russia – opened the festival of folk toys in Lipetsk – REGNUM


Lipetsk, October 17, 2015, 23:56 – REGNUM Today, October 17th, the opening ceremony of the All-Russian Festival of Masters folk toys in Lipetsk a regional showroom. The event was attended by 150 artists from all over Russia and Lugansk. The festival is held for the first time and will last until 19 October.

During the event, guests and spectators Fair opened, the competitive exhibition, as well as a creative laboratory where the master classes given by renowned masters toy. For example, show “Secrets of the northern birch toys” have also demonstrated various techniques and creative approaches and solutions. Before the guests of the festival started a real panorama of folk art all over Russia.

The audience can get acquainted with a few samples of toys, dolls and fishing different regions of the country and different subjects. A series of dolls “Russian Brides” has presented today a member of the Artists’ Union of Russia and the Association of Art Marina Mishina . Clay filimonovo toy from Tula, Abashevskaya from Penza, Starooskolskaya of the Belgorod region, hludnevskaya from Kaluga, the Petrine from Kostroma, Kargopol from Arkhangelsk Skopinskaya from Ryazan, somovskaya from Saint – Petersburg, pleshkovskaya of Eagle kozhlyanskaya and Sudzhansky toy from Kursk – all will present at the festival.

«One of the most important public policy objectives today is the organization of import substitution in the sphere of material production, as well as in the field of art and creativity. Handicrafts in this regard have great potential, and one of the main objectives of the festival – to emphasize their importance, relevance, to interest children and youth audiences. Native culture is able to give people a sense of unity and integrity of its people, inspiration and moral support in daily activities. The festival will make a significant contribution to the formation of a new cultural code of Russia on the basis of traditional art and close to every Russian values ​​”, – explained the press service of the Lipetsk regional center.

In the late afternoon for school groups in the Office of the youth policy of the Lipetsk region They organized a “Slavic party”, where young guests waited for the world of medieval heroes: alchemical representation of fearless knights, maidens warrior. A master of traditional Romanov, Stary Oskol hludnevskoy toys and conducted master classes.

October 18th , the second day of the event, the participants will be a competition-festival artists and audiences will be able to observe the process of creating unique works of artists of folk dolls. Choose the best will be the jury, which will include professors from leading universities in Russia, critics of the Russian Museum and the Union of Artists and the Union of Journalists of Russia.

The competition All-Russian festival of masters of folk toys will be held in the following nominations: in the exhibition “The People’s Toy Russia “- winners of I, II, III« For preservation of folk traditions “; at the end of the contest theme “literary images in the tradition of toys”; Of all the nominations the jury will select a winner in the nomination “The best exposition” and winner of the prize will receive 10 000 rubles.

On the last day of the festival, October 19th , to Offerors hold “round table”, which will discuss the problems of the modern development of traditional toys. The jury will lead the results of the festival and announced the winners.

IA REGNUM recalls that the festivals of folk toys throughout the year is traditionally held in all parts of the country. So, on June 3-4, the All-Russia festival of folk toys “Akan” in Kudymkar. The event for the preservation and promotion of folk culture with the help of folk toys visitors learn about the latest research on the history of toys as the Finno-Ugric peoples and the peoples of Russia.

In Murmansk, from 11 to 14 December was International Festival folk toys in Northwest Russia. During the festival, organized video screenings of films about folk toys; exhibition; Scientific-practical conference “Traditional toys: history, tradition, modernity” and other activities to visitors interested in the history of separate regions of Russia as an example familiar toys.

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