Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor of Germany explained the Russian position on the situation in the Middle East – Kommersant

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor of Germany explained the position of Russia on the settlement of the crisis in the Middle East. “Our position is well known to you. It lies in the fact that in order to overcome this problem, it is necessary to assist in strengthening the state where it has remained, to help rebuild state institutions where they are recovered and promote the political process of a political settlement of all contentious issues, including the Syria “- quoted by” Interfax “the Russian leader.

Russian President noted that in the foreground today, the fight against terrorism. “Of course in the foreground today against a common evil – terrorism. Only by defeating terrorism or in any case at least inflicting serious damage can talk about moving forward on the political amped, “- said the Russian president.

Vladimir Putin also expressed regret over the decline trade with Germany, but says quite intensive interaction of Moscow and Berlin in the international arena.

Vice-Chancellor of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, in turn, said that the gas pipeline project “North Stream-2″ is very interesting for Germany, and added that it is necessary to limit the possibility of political interference in its implementation. “As our economic relationship is, of course, there are different possibilities to maintain these relationships, despite the political problems that exist. And our employers are trying to use these features. You know, of course, that created such a platform for business … and within this platform will meet our entrepreneurs, “- said the Vice-Chancellor.

Recall September 30 began Russian military operation in Syria. Air Force of the Russian Federation for a month struck at hundreds of facilities terrorists “of the Islamic state,” but in the international arena, these actions were welcomed not always and not by all.

More about the outcome of the visit the Russian Air Force in Syria read in the magazine “Power”, “Russia in Syria: top view».


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