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The truth about capitalism from the communist – a father and Chippolino Gelsomino – REGNUM

Moscow, October 23, 2015, 06:49 – REGNUM

Look around.

Snickers – it is not food, because it does not satisfies hunger. And even fails to become “a”, although in advertising it is supposed to, “You – you’re not that hungry».

Coca-Cola does not quench your thirst, but it provokes .

The education system does not constitute, and dulls and archaizing consciousness.

The media are not informed, and distract from the information – in the best case, worst – disinformation.

The health system – it is not saving people’s health, but quite the contrary.

The roads are not for them to ride or walk, and to support them.

We are surrounded by strange false reality. What is the reason for this incessant lies? It seems that the answer is known to all – we live in a country with well-developed criminal capitalism built “work” years. Gaidar, Yeltsin, Chubais etc. – The country knows his “heroes.” Only here the public mind all the time wants to stay on the first word – “criminal” without paying particular attention to “capitalism.” They say, capitalism would still back and forth, once it was possible to live (live people in the West ?!), but that’s what it criminal – it is unbearable. And indeed after all: corruption, theft, crime in power … This is an exaggerated attention to the “criminal” to the color of Russian capitalism is seen not overcome by the ghost of a lie even perestroika – say, capitalism, the most wanted, but messed up the crime. And if not him, then maybe nothing would be …

A particularly nasty hear the cries about “crime and corruption” from the liberal camp – accomplices and heirs of those same years., Which built on our earth this filth. Here, many are concerned about the “criminal” and more others like to make a name in the chatter of law, corruption, and other officials of the clock. There is a feeling that it’s “Well-Well-Well” and not without reason that the emphasis on criminality – a sort of a red herring. From what distraction?

From the discussion of capitalism itself – this monstrous social system, within which “criminal” can not claim even 1% of its destructive power. Crime and corruption – is, in the words of Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, “bitter pill sweet glaze. The pills themselves are harmless, the poison is contained in the sweets. ” That is capitalism itself. And since we “live in it” poison permeates virtually everything, including ourselves.

Today, on the birthday of the wonderful children’s writer Gianni Rodari we offer a “light” reading – his book “Gelsomino in the country of liars” . Persistently offer – here right now to take and read. And those who read as a child, and those who do not read. Because this book – about the very poison.

But wait, the reader will say. “Gelsomino in the country of liars” – a children’s fairy tale. And after all the questions raised are not children, is about capitalism, exploitation and corruption can not be read on a large and serious folios? Of course, you, the reader! And we must! But why not start with in order to thoughtfully read a fairy tale? “The Tale of a lie, so it hint! Good fellows a lesson “, as Pushkin wrote.

For a real children’s literature – not only and not so much for children. The author, for whoever he wrote, can not express themselves: their beliefs, their dreams, their thoughts, their view of the world, all its complexity and depth. I think that the young subject nicer when he was not lisp, and discuss the big questions severe language which he understands. Therefore wrong to think that “a fairy tale” – a shallow, undignified and uninteresting. Often the opposite – not for nothing that many “children’s” books are loved so much that they are constantly re-read, becoming quite an adult. Moreover, each time discovering something new in the old, read many times “a children’s book” – that is revealed to man as it is growing.

We also believe in a good story. And I think that “Gelsomino in the country of liars” will allow anyone to see capitalism “at its best” – especially as it scared the aggressive part, which concerns the so-called transformed forms . In fact, the tale of Gelsomino – is shown on the set of examples of high-quality opening in like a fairy, but painfully recognizable reality, Marx’s “transformed forms” and their universality in the conditions of modern capitalism.

More: required certificate of transformed forms

Let us turn to the text – a boy named Gelsomino, has, very importantly, from the birth of a very loud voice, so that even when he speaks in a whisper, it is impossible not to hear, and when he says in a loud voice – he hears the whole world she falls into a strange country. Strange for him. Strange, because everything in it, as suggested by Gelsomino, topsy-turvy – that is all that he sees and hears Gelsomino – is transformed forms of varying degrees of maturity, so to speak.

A typical substitution and detachment form of content is found at all levels of the life of this strange country. Gelsomino – a traveler from another without transformation of the world – can not understand why in a grocery store selling ink and notebooks, and ham and bread – in stationery. Moreover, the bread here called black (and red ink – green bread) and cheese – eraser. Of course, in the country of liars in the course of only counterfeit money, and the use of these gold and silver coins it is not only extremely indecent, but a crime. But this is only the beginning of a fairy tale. Next Gelsomino familiar with the country of liars, detail and everywhere, literally everywhere, in every cell of reality, sees the converted forms. Which, in our modern look, do not look quite so, and fabulous.

The depth encode in the tale Rodari falsity / transformation of social phenomena under capitalism varies considerably. For example, in the description of the local newspaper, we see a direct, though very simple and clear description of a converted form of its social and economic nature:

«Newspaper called” Model liar » (the delightful title which, in our opinion, is universal for all modern media – Ed.) and, of course, was all full of false reports or facts retold topsy-turvy.

In the newspaper, for example, was a note entitled “Major victory Persiketti runner”. Here is the text of this strange message:

«Famous champion running in sacks Flavio Persiketti won yesterday’s ninth stage in the race around the kingdom ahead twenty minutes Romolo Baroni, who came second, and thirty minutes fifteen seconds Piero clementines, was the third. In the group of runners who arrived an hour after the winner before the finish forged ahead Paskuallino Balzimelli ».

« What is strange? – You ask. – Sack races – it is the same sporting event, like any other. It is even more interesting to watch than a motorcycle or car racing. ” I agree. But readers of “Exemplary liar” knew perfectly well that there is no running in bags never happened. And Flavio Persiketti, Romolo Baroni, Piero clementines, Paskuallino Balzimelli and the whole group of runners had never get into the bags, and they do not even dream to overtake one another or before the finish forging ahead.

This is the usual situation was. Each year, the newspaper suit running in bags of stages in which no one has ever been involved. Some ambitious citizens wanting to see his own name on a newspaper strip, were paid for their participation in the race, and every day have made a certain amount of money to be considered a winner. Who brought more and proclaim the next champion. The newspaper did not skimp on words, praising him, and called the “hero”, the “runner top class” and so on. D. The victory was directly dependent on the receipt of contributions. In those days, when the income was small, the newspaper wrote in retaliation, the team was sleeping in the path, and first-class runners and ordinary athletes loafing. It’s a shame. Champion Persiketti and Baron have to lean in the next step, if they cherish arrangement viewers.

Signor Persiketti owned confectioneries, and his name printed in the newspaper, served as an advertisement for it cakes. As he was very rich, almost always outstripped the others and came first. At the finish it, “kissed and give him honor,” and at night the fans serenade under the windows of his house. So, in any case, the newspaper wrote. And needless to say that the fans who could not even play on a drum quietly snoring in their beds ».

Among other things, in this passage is extremely interesting that the author obviously It requires awareness of readers about the true nature of the relationship, hidden behind the article “Exemplary liar” about running in sacks. All participants in the game: the “runners”, journalists and newspaper readers – all understand, but continue to operate on a completely real level – to buy and read the newspaper. Moreover, despite the obvious falsity of all content, a newspaper article is “good advertising”, which leads to some thoughts …

In particular, the fact that even the understanding of falsity media can not prevent their use. Primarily because that modern man can not live entirely without information – there is a cultural norm “knowledge” or knowledge, which man must conform. And what we do not trust our television and media in general, we do not cease to use their information. Yes, in Russia, in recent years it has become fashionable not to watch TV and talk about it. However, those who are not watching TV, you still read (or listen to the radio or watching on the Internet) their “exemplary liars.” And, accordingly, imbued with their lies – otherwise the advertising cake Signora Persiketti would not be effective and it would not participate in a running race in the bags. Just like without our “model liars” would not be an effective advertising iPhones, hamburgers, Snickers and Pepsi, and no one would buy. And she, this advertising is not just effective, but superefficient. And both of those categories of people who think they understand everything about the mendacity and corruption of the media and therefore even do not watch TV.

That is an understanding on an individual level the fundamental falsity of the information media did not alter the fact that This false information is still absorbed man. The same applies to the conversion of forms: they are, according to Marx, is not dependent on the subject’s perception of reality, and are very objective reality that the subject is not in a position to ignore the fact that he had about it or understand.

Back to the Land liars. This is a typical pirate kingdom: the country is literally hijacked: «And there is nothing surprising in this. Quite often it happens that a gang of pirates capture a particular country in any part of the world » . We agree, there is nothing surprising – on the fingers can be counted countries that would not be today captured different gangs sometimes pirates, but more land robbers. No wonder something else: pirates tales of Gianni Rodari do not want people to call them pirates, they wanted to be present “aristocratic elite” without unnecessary memories of their past. It wants all the pirates in the world, well, who want to remember the period of primitive accumulation of capital and time to seize power?

Pirates of the countries liars have found a simple and effective solution:

«necessary change the value of all words – he said (the chief pirate, and now the king – Ed.) . – For example, the word “pirate” means – honest, decent man. So when people say that I’m a pirate, in a new language it will mean that I am a decent man …

(Then it requires – Ed.) … Change the names of all things, animals and people! To begin with, instead of “good morning” need to say “good night”. So, my loyal subjects will start your day with a lie. Of course, when it comes time to go to sleep, you will have to say “good morning” … And to say to someone: “Do you charming look”, you will say, “Your face brick requests».

After the reform of the dictionary was published a law that did lie mandatory for all ».

That is the pirates have solved the problem radically: they did not wait until the social life itself generate they need as the air turned shapes, and their own “assigned”. In fact, it is hardly possible, as in a fairy tale – please. Even jealous! Because in our current reality, it would be helpful if everyone knew that when you say, “How lovely you look,” which means “Your face brick requests.” Because in our capitalist paradise that’s how it The situation is, however, people do not understand and do a lot of mistakes.

For example, when people send their children to school, for some reason they think that the school children will be taught and educate. Few people come to mind that the school children will learn and razvospityvat that is produced from these brainless stupid ignoramuses, aggressive against their own parents. But so be it! If we have, both in the country of liars, all would know that everything is fundamentally contrary, if all are applied in practice “filter name Dzhelsamino” the …

Here we would like to digress a bit and pay attention to what that Marx seems to have seen in the transformation of the forms are not just a way to understand the commodity-money relations, the basis of the labor theory of value and the theory of surplus value, that is the basis of Marx’s “Critique of Political Economy”, but in general the mechanism of how it ” being determines consciousness. ” No idea transformed forms to all known this formula was not just a philosophical principle, a symbol of faith, if you will. But the introduction of the concept of turning the forms, if not completely, then at least in the trend indicates the path, where you can find the understanding of the essence that defines the formula.

So “Gelsomino in the Country of Liars” not only gives readers, young and old the opportunity to see the world through the filter of “transformed forms”, but also enter into the circle of true philosophical issues about the nature of perception (objective) reality and the nature of consciousness itself. As the country of liars converted forms are assigned the most simple way – through the opposite name (or Self-) sense, they are self-evident as the strangers (which is the Gelsomino), and the reader. Cats are dog nicknames and bark, and dogs meow and call native cat names … “The rain is going” means a clear sunny day, and “Good night!” Means “Good morning!”. Everything is at least not what it seems (is called), and at best – is just the opposite of what should have been. This is the “Filter name Gelsomino”. If you look through the world in which we live, we can see a lot of interesting things.

Of course, you should not think that using the “Filter name Gelsomino”, we thus take possession of all the tools of Marx’s analysis, and by the the concept of “transformation of form.” Of course not – it would be, you see, strange if reading fairy tales replaced the study of the “Capital” or “German Ideology”. “The level of analysis”, which becomes available when using “filter them. Gelsomino “- the most-the very first, very superficial, children in all senses of the word. Because the present understanding of the transformed forms, their ubiquity, their infinite depth, when in many cases, we are witnessing a converted form that is itself a converted form that is also transmuted form … and so on. E., To infinity – is very difficult. However, our children’s filter – also a very useful thing.

For example, as mentioned above, the use of this filter to education leads immediately to the realization that education under capitalism serves strictly opposite its name function – stupefying the population and not to the possibility of “just anyone” to gain knowledge, which can become a pass for that “anybody” in the world elite. The fact that this is so, can make any man who gave trouble to reflect on what is happening in the Russian education.

Answer a question about the nature of this process is more complicated.


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