Friday, October 30, 2015

The Court put an end to the scandal surrounding the film “Night Light” – Russian newspaper

The scandal, which was initiated by the director Valeria Gai Germanicus about her dismissal from the filming of “Night Light”, seems to have come to an end. October 29 in St. Petersburg hosted the meeting of the Court of Cassation, which summed up the litigation: in meeting the requirements of Gaius Germanicus refused. The reason for refusal, according to the official release of the film company ProlineFilm – “unprofessional approach directed to realization of creative problems and delays in the production of paintings”.

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As explained in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Andrey Sigle producer of the film, the picture was shot with the support of Ministry of Culture and had to give it a certain Office time. “Valeria Gai Germanicus had a team, but when it came time to shoot, all of a sudden standstill. Germanicus could not start shooting more than a year: always some other things to do, other subject. I have worked with directors really big – Sokurov, Lopushanskaya – and nobody behaved. “I’m in this your terrible city to shoot will not” – she said about St. Petersburg. Moved shooting from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Machines – business class catering – in expensive restaurants, but shooting all still did not start “.

As a result of continuous prolongations producer was forced to remove Gaius Germanicus from this project, which was completed by director Olga Subbotina.

Response charges Gaius Germanicus also been published in the press , including the “Russian newspaper”. But give the court sufficient evidence of its claims and claims she was never able to, and eventually in its claim was denied.

Now the film Olga Subbotina on Andersen’s fairy tale “Ole” is called “Close your eyes” and the presentation of it will be held on November 4 ROSKINO booth at the International Film Market in Los Angeles. The script was written by Alexander Rodionov paintings, she took her cameraman Eugene Korzhenkov. Starring Gosha Bondarev, Sophia Hilkova, Svetlana Ivanova, Anatoly Bely, Jyrki Linnankivi, Valentine Talyzina. Songs Finnish composer Jonny Lee Michael recorded a group of The 69 Eyes lead singer Jyrki Linnankivi – he starred as overnight guests who attended the seven-year Fock in his dreams.

Says the film’s director Olga Subbotina, “Andersen Us He is back, but in a modern way. I immediately fell in love with the script: there are seven days in the life of the boy, knowing the world. And every day Ole Lukkoye tells him a new story. It’s about us and how difficult to be a child ” .

The premiere of the film “Close your eyes” to be held in the first half of 2016.

Of dossier “RG”

Andrei Sigle – one of the few producers are constantly working with non-profit copyright films. Musician, composer of the first profession, he took part in recording albums such groups as the “Nautilus Pompilius”, “Movie”, “Alice”, solo projects Sergei Kuryokhin and Boris Grebenshchikov, composed music for dozens of films, including “Prohindiada-2″ “Russian Symphony”, “Streets of Broken Lights”, “The Ugly Swans”, “Alexander”, “Faust” … As a film producer participated in the creation of many films by Alexander Sokurov, Konstantin Lopushansky, Dmitry Svetozarova, Sergei Ovcharov, Irina Evteyeva . Winner of the “Golden Lion” of the Venice Film Festival awards “Nika”, “white elephant” prize named after Mikael Tariverdiev. Member of the European Film Academy.

Olga Subbotina – film and theater director, a student of Leonid Heifetz. Among her works – performances at the Theatre of satire (“Apple Thief,” “Mistress of the Inn”), “an der SEP” (International Chekhov Festival), “Nutty Queen” (theater “Baltic House”), the television series “The pursuit of an angel “” capital sin “,” Repentance, “movies” About lyuboff “,” Photos “,” Open, Santa Claus, “” Temptation “.

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