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The premiere of “Ben-Hur” – a new film Bekmambetov is delayed – REGNUM

Los Angeles, USA, October 22, 2015, 18:55 – REGNUM The new film Timur Bekmambetov «Ben Gur : The history of Christ» will be released on August 12, 2016 . The American premiere transferred almost half a year ahead of the decision of the studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and ParamountPictures .

The reason for the transfer – a good time to leave the big blockbusters of this kind. Reported publishing Variety . When will the Russian prime minister is not known yet.

The plot Bekmambetov is based on the famous novel by writer and politician merikanskogo General Lewis Wallace’s “Ben Gur : The history of Christ.” The action takes place in Palestine in biblical times. The protagonist, a descendant of a noble Jewish family, because of the betrayal of a friend falls into slavery. After spending many years in the Roman galleys, he finally gets the opportunity to return home and take revenge. According to the director, the film adaptation will be as close to the original novel.

A popular story has repeatedly been used as the basis for the film directors of different times. The first film adaptation of the book was a short silent film “Ben Gur » in 1907. In 1925, director Fred Niblo removes the tape “Ben Gur : the story of Christ”, which became the most expensive in the history of silent films. In 2010, Canada removed the television series based on the novel.

The most famous film adaptation is considered to be a picture of William Wyler 1959 release. Feature film “Ben Gur » for the first time in the history of cinema has won 11 Oscars, including “Best Picture.” In addition to the “Oscars” film won 5 awards “Golden Globe”, including the special prize for the staging of the scene of chariot races. Critics point out that the director William Wyler was able to masterfully show displacement of the point of view: the audience seemed to see the Gospel story, but not directly. At the center of the story is deeply Christian film about the divine providence and destiny of Jesus Christ put the story of an aristocrat-Jew Judah Ben Gura . In the picture there are only two scenes connected with the events described in the New Testament.

The main role in the film played the famous Charlton Heston , often appears in the form of characters from past eras. He owns the role of Moses in the “Ten Commandments” Cecil DeMille , Mark Antony in “Julius Caesar” in 1950, John the Baptist in the painting of George Stevens «The Greatest Ever Told stories, “Heston embodied on the screen the image of Michelangelo, Cardinal Richelieu and many others. For his work on “Ben-Hur” he received Academy Award statuette for “Best Actor».

As Bekmambetov Variety , its design is not a direct remake of the legendary film, because it tells about the events that occurred earlier than those described in the film in 1959.

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