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The Moscow concert Radiohead waited a loud failure – Ghhauto: Russian top stories

18.10.2015 14:41

The capital club YotaSpace accompanied by London Contemporary Orchestra made a guitarist Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead. It can be stated that the concert failed. The arrival of the legendary musician was not accompanied by the notice, he says “Kommersant».

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During one interview in Moscow guitarist Jonny Greenwood announced that Radiohead” almost finished “recording a new album. The message that fans of the band around the world have been waiting for four years, in fact, included two pieces of news. Firstly, there is new music from Radiohead. Secondly, one of Radiohead reached the same to Russia.

The second news, perhaps even more important. The fact is that Radiohead concert remains a distant dream Russian music fans, one of the two. Second – Tom Waits concert. Tom Waits never been here before and is unlikely to meet because, in principle, very little and rarely toured, especially outside the United States. To Radiohead complicated. They are younger and lighter on the rise, but many years of refusing offers from Russia, including, say, and for political reasons. Meanwhile, as Mr. Waits, Radiohead are here and many years of unconditional object of worship.

Address by Johnny Greenwood YotaSpace exposed to the cult in doubt. Driving up to the clubhouse, the correspondent of “Kommersant” was sure that he would have to wade through a crowd of excited fans. Radiohead’s first musicians in Russia – it’s like the first man on the moon. However, it was suspiciously quiet. The concert started on time. Tickets are sold with a thousand small. For a member of the group, which is, as is commonly believed, at least on the shoulder SC “Olympic” is very modest. The disappointment of the author of these lines was comparable with the case a few years ago visiting group The Cure, is also a welcome thing, as it seemed, a win-win. The Cure played at the festival “Maksidrom” and on the day of the festival has sold about 4.5 thousand. Tickets. It was about the group to which the harmonies, and even tunes obliged almost all Russian rock.

However, the shortage of viewers in the case of Johnny Greenwood, as in the case of The Cure, it is probably related to the bad choice site. It is possible that at a recital in the comfort of The Cure concert hall would come more people than on youth open air. Johnny Greenwood same situation.

It is unlikely that many of the men expected to receive a concert Radiohead light, but a great brand anyway projected for the event. However, in the recitals, Johnny Greenwood is not even a trace of works of Radiohead. They consist of fragments of half soundtracks he wrote for films of Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Oil” and “Master”. Half – from solo instrumental numbers and works by composers of experimental ranging from Steve Reich (the concert sounded his “Electric counterpoints”, written for electric guitar) to Mickey Levy from the group Micachu And The Shapes.

The biggest surprise the product named in honor of Marc Chagall painting “Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers”. Viewers were invited to take advantage of smartphones: follow the link shown on the screen, and follow the instructions on the site to give birth to a short high-pitched sounds. Thus it was realized the idea of ​​collective music-making. Note by the way that Johnny Greenwood has managed in concert without frames from the film, which he wrote the music. In isolation from the image theme of the movie turned out to be cold for the avant-garde opuses exclusively prepared the public.

Jonny Greenwood toured with the orchestra. Let them a bit, they are dressed as if he came to the rehearsal, and often sit down right on the stage, but the team is still clearly recognized as the “orchestra”. Mister Greenwood sometimes content to be a keyboardist and sometimes non-existent on the stage. Most of the songs were far from the most melodious film music and song form. The general atmosphere of what is happening, of course, more disposed to an easy chair and philharmonic setting, rather than to a club with a standing ground. Maybe the concert was worth it and the position – with an emphasis on minimalism, neo-academism and experimental electronics. And to do it in the sitting room. Even for true fans of Radiohead and even intermission stand concert proved too heavy.

In general, sounded in the audience applause was not only a reaction to what is happening and not so much gratitude guitarist ever committed in the framework of Radiohead, as investment in the future. Go to him, tell the guys that we can do business, maybe someday to honor his visit.


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