Thursday, October 29, 2015

The court ordered to remove from the Internet pirated copies of books Medina – Sight

The Moscow City Court ordered the four sites to remove pirated copies of historical books of the Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medina.

According to the court with pirate sites will be removed copies of works: “The cruelty of Russian history and national long-suffering” “On the dirt and the age-old Russian technological backwardness,” “On the Russian threat and secret plan of Peter I», «On the Russian theft and corruption” and “On Russian drunkenness, laziness, roads and fools”, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The court also decided to compensate Medinsky state fee of 300 rubles, he paid when filing a claim in court.

The meeting was attended only by representatives of Medina. Neither the minister nor the representative of Roskomnadzor or site owners did not come to court. Thus, during the hearing, the judge simply listed the materials of the case, listened to explanations of the representative plaintiff and the ruled.

Meanwhile, the books were removed even before the court decision.


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