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Construction of new parks ‘new Moscow’ suspended – the crisis – Express-News

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22.10 | 20:12

According to the Moscow mayor’s office, the building of new parks – “Park of Russian fairy tales” and “Living History”, is postponed indefinitely. These cultural facilities planned to be built soon in Trinity and Novomoskovsk administrative districts. The explanation for this is quite normal for this time – “a bad economic situation” and “unfavorable investment climate».

«In view of the situation, potential investors have suspended work on the concept of creating parks. Prioritization of improvement is not possible “, – said, as cut, head of the Moscow construction complex, Deputy Mayor Marat Khusnullin.

A similar response was obtained from the press service of department of development of new territories Anastasia Mikhailova.

«All the projects were suspended until the approval stage. When investors come again, and renew the development of concepts, is impossible to say, since we can not predict the economic situation and, especially, their initiative “- more fully explain the situation Mikhailov.

As it turned out, the Address investment program , 2014-2017 does not provide budgetary financing of the design and construction of parks “new Moscow».

The group of companies “Berendeevo Kingdom”, already having experience in the construction of ethno-cultural complex “Berendeevo kingdom” in the village Rudakovo Serpukhov district, Moscow region, planned to build a “Park of Russian fairy tales” in the village Ostafyevo 2017.

The project envisages construction on an area of ​​30-50 hectares of three zones: the “good” (“Far Far Away kingdom”), mezhdumir’e and “evil” (Koshcheeva kingdom “). The main characters of the park had become heroes of Russian fairy tales – Bag of Bones, Baba Yaga, The Snow Maiden and Lel. Each character will have to appear in its territory.

The park is planned to build four hotels with 450 seats and a hostel for 300 people, as well as parking for 1170 cars. Group evaluates its investment in the project in the amount of three billion rubles. Attachments of the city (800 million) will be spent on the creation of utilities.

of RDI outlined construction of the park reconstruction of historical events “Living History” in the settlement Riasanovsky 2018. The project focuses on the world experience and, above all, on the French Historic Park PouduFou. Under construction will involve 106.4 hectares. Assumed thematic areas for historical reconstructions, ethnographic festivals and national holidays. It is also planned to build a landscaped children’s park, water park, amusement.

The company estimates its investment in the project about three billion rubles. Urban contribution is unknown. Currently, the concept of the implementation of the construction of the park “Living History” is suspended due to the crisis. According to experts, today’s crisis to begin construction of such large-scale projects makes no sense.


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