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The Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov was awarded commemorative jewelry “Seagull” – Russian newspaper

At the 117 th birthday of the Moscow Art Theatre in the lobby handed fashion portrait of “The Seagull.” This is such a memorial sign, which was the first actor playing in the play “The Seagull” and “Uncle Vanya”, presented even Chekhov himself in 1901; and since ancient times, its variations and copies in silver, gold and bronze to the anniversaries award mhatovtsev who gave the Art Theatre several decades of his life.

This year, to the applause of the audience the first was awarded the legendary MAT makeup artist Anatoly Arkhipovich Teals, whose seniority in the Art Theatre is 65 years. Of the actors most distinguished veterans appeared Irina Miroshnichenko, who has worked at the Moscow Art Theatre 50 years. “I’ve never been in a theater of enemies, only friends, partners, and loved ones – admitted the actress, taking from the hands of artistic director Oleg Tabakov gold medal. – Today is a happy day. I am grateful to my mother, who brought me a little girl in The Moscow Art Theatre at the “Blue Bird”. Thank you to all the staff for all these fifty years of joint creativity “.

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People’s Artist of Russia Stanislav Lyubshin and president of the Moscow Art Theater School Anatoly Smelyanskiy MKhAT devoted 35 years of his creative life. As the chief lighting designer Damir Ismagilov (now – the most popular artists in Moscow and St. Petersburg theaters, received a record number of “Golden Mask”); and permanent assistant Oleg Efremov Goryachev Tatiana, now – the School of the Moscow Art Theater … the list of recipients, “thirty-five” was the longest. “How many people came to the Moscow Art Theatre is the 80 th year – said on the occasion of the anniversary Anatoly Smelyanskiy. – Just a whole generation!”

People’s Artist of Russia Vyacheslav Zholobov out on the famed stage MAT 45 years. Director of the Theatre Museum devoted to the history of Martha Bubnov Theater, now 35 years old, and his daughter Mary Innocent Smoktunovsky Smoktunovskij this day congratulated the fifteenth anniversary of its work in the museum. Total commemoratives got 49 actors and theater employees, employees of the Moscow Art Theater School and the Museum of the Moscow Art Theatre. And seven mhatovtsam order of the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation thanked for his contribution to the development of culture and many years of fruitful work, and among them – artists Olga Litvinova, Kristina Babushkina and Cyril Trubetskoy.

“A little theater in the world, which 117 years produced a vivid impression “

” Of course, all holidays stale, and we get used to all awards – said Oleg Tabakov, starting the ceremony of celebration. – But each time, looking at the list of awardees, I am amazed . You know what? that people give this theater is not just days and months of his life. Those who come to the birthday of the Moscow Art Theatre here in portrait lobby, give the theater all his life. This dedication delights. It is very good, that on this day we do not make the difference between actors who are, so to speak, in the spotlight, and those who are in the Art Theatre called people shadow. But the shadow of this bright, I know each of them a decade and I am proud to have worked with them in the same theater, and I thank them all again for the dignity with which they do the work of his life. After a bit of theater in the world, who at the age of 117 years, producing a vivid impression “.

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The first tokens” The Seagull ” were donated mhatovtsam Chekhov – in 1901. In October 1908, the tenth anniversary of the Moscow Art Theater was released on the icon “The Seagull” with three portraits: Stanislavsky Nemirovich-Danchenko and Morozov. In 1923, the founders of the theater of the 25th anniversary decided to award honorary commemorative badge “The Seagull” actors and other theater employees. In 2001, Oleg Tabakov introduced division icons in gold, silver and bronze.

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