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Artem Mikhalkov: My father is now communicate as friends – Russian newspaper

The anniversary Nikita Mikhalkov Wednesday. But no hassle holiday it is now busy most. Filmmaker care now, “Griboyedov” expensive kinobiografii author of “Woe from Wit”, which they, along with Alexander Adabashyanom and Irakli Kvirikadze written more than 30 years ago.

To say that Khrushchev was going to quietly rest on available his laurels, is totally inappropriate. On the contrary – it constantly emerging initiative (among the latter – the opening of the academy, in which students are taught to make a movie) say that Mikhalkov energy and a fuse will suffice for a long time.

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Among the gifts that prepare celebrant family members, the most original, is likely to become a documentary Artem Mikhalkov, consisting of a series of frank conversations with his father . This picture Artem graduated just last weekend. Tearing himself away from working on it, Artem Mikhalkov met with the correspondent “RG” and told him how in recent years has changed his relationship with his father, and also about being afraid if his father is old, and who he could be, if suddenly did not become a director.

Tom, how did the idea to make a film about his father?

Artem Mikhalkov: Pope In principle, hardly a private man, he often gives interviews, speaking publicly. But it seems to me that there have something more than just frank conversation – to me it is, of course, more open, and this openness has sometimes led to a rather unexpected answer. I met with him a lot of time asking questions that previously set does not work – or do not have the time or desire. And it gets them very frank answers. And in the film not only involved dad – said all family members. I think many will be interesting to see. But the premiere will take place in private – the birthday of the father we see the film with your family. I would like to then he saw on our television viewers.

You said you received unexpected answers to some questions. This is what, for example?

Artem Mikhalkov: I was at some point it became very interested, if he understood what was once a lot years ago, could anyone of us hurt. Only properly understand: it is not that I still have some children or teenagers insults to the father, not at all. But everyone happens – an episode, like a splinter sits in memory and does not rest. And when I started to list these episodes he found that he simply does not remember – or do not want to remember. But then we must understand that we Anya brought the little Nikita Mikhalkov, who later raised Nadia. Nadia – late child, and so she was forgiven much. And our growing up years were in his creative growth. He then, of course, are not always kept. Yet I am always concerned about how significantly our – my, Ani, Nadia – an opinion that it does. He’s always taken independent decisions, and it seemed that he had not considered the fact that we think about it. But it turned out that it was always important that we think about it – I would really need to hear it.

Anna Mikhalkov, your sister, once told me that her family called “our daughter of the liberal “for his ability to argue and even quarrel with his father, if she feels that he is somewhere was wrong. Are you in some cases, you can argue with his father?

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Artem Mikhalkov: the past, and could quarrel and argue – mostly, however, because of some -That details. But with age, I began to realize that the reasons for this is less and less – we can all safely negotiated. The main thing is that he is able to hear someone else’s opinion. As for Anna, she did as a girl in another way communicates with the pope. She always his views on family matters, to resolve any problems. At one time, I remember, they have come up with Nadia even your approach to problem solving with the Pope – if it was difficult to say something to him, they wrote him letters. I think it is very important that these different opinions and approaches found in the same family – we always have something to talk about. Just so you learn to find common ground.

You have 40, Nikita Sergeyevich 70th …

Artem Mikhalkov: In general, in these figures, of course, quite impossible to believe, I want his head to grab (laughs).

Nikita Sergeyevich, by the way, refers to his age – age is not afraid?

Artem Mikhalkov: No, no, no. He is still like a big kid, full of energy – and this is probably another gift from God the Father. Restlessness and energy – thank God, one of its main features.

So, now you’re both mature people with his father. Your relationships at this age have undergone some qualitative changes?

Artem Mikhalkov: Yes, we are dealing with it now as friends. If earlier we were topics that I was with him for a variety of reasons could not talk, but now they are almost gone. The distance between us has become much smaller. This is by no means a communication on an equal footing, of course – after all he is the father, the head of a large family, and I am his son. But now in this relationship of subordination less and more confidence.

You said that after the birth of Nadia Nikita became more restrained. And Mikhalkov Sr. over the years somehow changed?

Artem Mikhalkov: I am in this case is difficult to say – I’m standing with him I talk. For a long time I did not ask myself the question: “And what Nikita Mikhalkov, really?” He was a father. It is, of course, could be different – at home alone on a completely different audience. He’s a wonderful actor, and still can use those talents.

But some basic things he has always been very solid and true to yourself man. Just recently, he published a biographical book composed entirely of quotations from different years. And there are the words that he spoke for a long time. He says: “Not one word not refuse.” And in this whole dad. Some people think that he is playing to the audience deeply convinced patriot, but he really is such – and never the other was not. The same applies to family issues, and the relationship to the profession – he always tells the truth, he had nothing to hide.

It is clear that having a famous father, plays a significant role in the cultural and social life , you greatly helped. Nevertheless, about the poisonous arrows against the descendants of Nikita you can not not know. Is the reaction to Khrushchev’s criticism of yours?

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Artem Mikhalkov: He brought me up so that I knew: my luck – it’s just my luck, but all the failures, too, only mine. Streams of unjustified criticism sometimes wonder – him and me. But I do not think our position on the response to these flows differ. There is something that should happen, we need to continue to do their job. And if you listen to people who at every opportunity, strive to say something like “on children geniuses nature rests,” that you need to lie down on the couch and do nothing – only in this case, perhaps, will have a chance to protect yourself from such criticism.

Can you share the most striking of childhood memories about his father?

Artem Mikhalkov: There are several, and they are associated with Nikolina mountain and those moments when my father took us to the school of the Moscow apartment – it happened very often, because he was a busy man. Dad lived in Nikolina Gora, and we are in Moscow. And sometimes he stayed overnight in a Moscow apartment, the next morning to take us to school. In the morning around the house was the smell of his cologne. Whenever I hear somewhere the smell of cologne, which I still remember, I immediately find myself there, and if I experience moments of absolute happiness of children. And speaking of Nikolina Gora, it was quite different – a modest village with villas, which are similar to those that the pope to appear in “Burnt by the Sun”.

Nikita Sergeyevich nine grandchildren. As the younger generation of the family Mikhalkov responds to fame grandfather?

Artem Mikhalkov: I for a documentary just did a short interview with the grandchildren in including. Among other things, ask them a question – what profession could deal with Nikita? Answers came amusing – a priest, a writer, even cook. A small children Nadia is very funny, not pronouncing all the letters, saying, “He’s the director.” You see – in this age understand everything.

And do you think he – who could be Mikhalkov Sr., had not become a director?

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Artem Mikhalkov: I think he would be able to become a philosopher, a sage. And later – the elder, the person to whom it would be possible to come and ask for advice. He would have, because of their experience – everyday, religious, professional – could give a man really need advice.

What three adjectives best describe the father?

Artem Mikhalkov: Hardworking, addictive, loving. The main engine of his life – love, without her, he did not take off to any of his paintings.


9 grandchildren grow grandfather Mikhalkov – the children of his four children, Stepan, Anna, Artyom and Hope. The oldest granddaughter, Alexandra, had 23. The youngest grandson, Ivan, just two years old.

On October 23, the House of Music will celebrate the anniversary of the director, to make a “sentimental journey” for the films Mikhalkov through music Artemyev. The concert will be attended by Oleg Tabakov, Stanislav Lyubshin Valentin Gaft, Alexander Kalyagin, Inna Churikov, Alexei Petrenko, Alexander Adabashyan, Yuri Stoyanov, Gleb Panfilov, Sergei Gazarov, Yevgeny Mironov, Dmitry Dyuzhev and others.

29 Film took director Mikhalkov (including feature films, documentaries and short films).

The first student short films, “The Girl and the things”, filmed in 1967.

In 1974, 28-year-old Mikhalkov directed his first feature film “At Home Among Strangers”.

The last of the completed today work – the film “Sunstroke” – launched by Russian Oscar committee as a candidate for the award “Oscar” in the this year.

45 roles played by Mikhalkov in the film as an actor. Since the first roles – student in the film “The sun shines for all” (1959), to the role of the Divisional Commander Kotov in the “Burnt by the Sun 2″ (2011).

Among the characters played by Mikhalkov, hussars, underground worker, captain, security officer, waiter, lord, king, merchant, cyclist, foreman, criminal authority.

To Why

What are the Prime Minister noted the anniversary director TV?

On the First Channel viewers will premiere the documentary “Stranger among his” (Saturday, 24 October). In the film, Nikita answered numerous questions from critics and detractors. Why are we talking about this in the anniversary film? This will tell Mikhalkov himself, his family, colleagues and friends. Even the critics will speak.

In “Russia 1″ premiere movie “Nikita Mikhalkov,” prepared by a well-known documentary Said Medvedev (October 21). On Friday, October 23, at the “Russia 1″ recital by Nikita Mikhalkov and Edward Artemiev “Territory of Love”.

In the “Russian K” will show films Mikhalkov’s “Urga. Territory of Love “(October 21),” Without witnesses “(October 22),” Five Evenings “(October 24) and recital jubilee at the Moscow International House of Music (October 24).

And in the “Lifeline” (Wednesday, October 21) the master of the Russian film industry will explain, among other things, why he considers himself a lone wolf, “Direction – this is a very lonely profession, despite the huge number of people around. For a good picture made everything, and bad is always only one person – the director. Wolf weak only when he is injured. Leo, the lion, the tiger, and even bear more of the wolf. But the wolf never acts in the circus “.


10 aphorisms from Nikita
  • Do not confuse white with acute.

  • A person who fails to repent, happy because he’s an idiot.

  • No, I do not vulnerable. I prefer the formula, which my father taught me: “Better to let the envy than sympathy”.

  • We always have to overcome something, we can not just put on awesome sneakers and run.

  • I have derived a formula of Russian people. Here it is: Russian man can be only one who has something there, but not there, to be sure it was, but not – and to hell with him.

  • Equality has never been and never will be. Not only is it not to be. There must be equality.

  • I’m concerned about the power of what I do.

  • To me, more important than convincing from the podium, and to do so something has entered the consciousness of the people and embodied in their actions.

  • We live in the era of bare kings, which no one says that they are naked.

  • The soul needs to be healthy in the first place, and of the body, of course, desirable. Because a healthy person and look healthy.


Direct speech

Why Mikhalkov decided to make a film about Griboyedov

tells Irakli Kvirikadze, director, screenwriter:

– Nikita we had a common thing that the VGIK youth – we talked to friends, got into some funny stories. Then each went his own way. Mikhalkov filmed his paintings, I – his own. In the early 80′s I made the movie “The Swimmer”, which, to my amazement and, of course, to my delight, was well received and the public and professionals. After this picture Nikita turned to me with a proposal to write a script of Alexander Griboyedov. And the three of us – was still Sasha Adabashyan – during the year just days and nights working on the script of this film, left to Nikita to the country.

The result is not the scenario, even a huge novel of 800 pages, which is at that time it was too expensive to even try to film it. But times have changed, Nikita got “Oscar” award in Cannes and Venice. Every time he said to me – everything, man, my next film will be obligatory on the Griboyedov. And each time the result was shooting another movie altogether.

Why are we suddenly interested in the figure of Griboyedov? Everything is simple – on the one hand, a very multi-faceted personality. Great poet, a brilliant diplomat and lover of life, a duelist. But that Griboyedov, of course, an absolute classic, it remained in the popular memory of only one author of the work – the comedy “Woe from Wit”. And this is understandable – all his other literary works much weaker. It was interesting to find out why it happened. There is in his life and another story related to Georgia – he, being already a mature man, fell in love very young Nino Chavchavadze, married her, took her to Persia, and after his death she became a very young widow. For this line in the script, I just posted.

Perhaps it is good that the script “Griboyedov” Nikita came back just now, after waiting more than 30 years. Because the biography of the author of “Woe from Wit” and the Russian envoy in Tehran suddenly appears consonant with many events taking place right now. And I think that the urgency feels Mikhalkov. So for his birthday importantly my wish him – finally make this film. I think the time has come.


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