Friday, October 16, 2015

Kate Winslet plays the photographer Lee Miller – BBC

Kate Winslet will play the American model, photographer and war correspondent of World War II Lee Miller. The picture is based on the book “Life of Lee Miller» («The Lives of Lee Miller»), which was written by her son, Antony Penrose, the newspaper The Guardian.

The company Hopscotch Features, which bought the film rights to the biography, adapts it to the screen. The project still has no name, but the producers already know – Troy Lyum (“The Water Diviner”) and Andrew Mason (“The Water Diviner,” “The Matrix,” “Dark City”). The film crew will have full access to the archives, the originals of photographs and personal diary Lee Miller, who survived thanks to her son, Antony Penrose.

By the way, Anthony Penrose fully endorses the choice of Kate Winslet as the performer of the title role. According to him, the actress has all the qualities that will help her to play his mother – a strong, talented woman with a difficult character. “She (Winslet. -” Times “) a cheerful, gentle and at the same time strong and tough – said Penrose. – In truth, I can not imagine anyone else, who could fulfill the role of my mother ».

Biography of Lee Miller filmed 30 years after its publication. Project details are still unknown. It is only known that the film will show the brightest moments of the life of the photographer. “I’m in a quandary, because I promised the producers that I would not talk about it” – said the author of biographies.

Before the war, Lee Miller worked as a model in New York: posed for Man Ray. At the same time, she was an active member of the surrealist movement, and moved closer to Pablo Picasso. During World War II, Lee Miller worked as a photographer for the magazine Vogue, she filmed the landing of the Allied liberation of Paris and the concentration camps of Buchenwald and Dachau.

Anthony Penrose admits that his mother once deliberately slashed all the negatives of the photos from the camp at Dachau, because they were too horrific. “This tells us how she was injured. That’s why she did not want to discuss it, “- says her son.

Miller has always been able to make such pictures, which no one receives. The curator of the exhibition of photographs by Lee Miller in London Hilary Roberts explains: “It is not a question of capacity or equipment, and the question of her talent. Lee Miller was able to take pictures of women, so that in every picture feels her empathy and understanding, but at the same time, she tried to be objective. You can enjoy the beauty of her photographs, surreal sense of humor, but every picture of her – a symbol, a message people. Luggage spoke instead ».

Kate Winslet is now finished work in biopic” Steve Jobs, “where she played the role of Joanna Hoffman – one of the members of the first team Macintosh. Soon comes another film actress – “dressmaker”, which will premiere at the festival in Toronto.


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