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“The man from the restaurant” took to the stage of the theater “Satyricon” – TV channel Culture

21.10.2015 | 20:02

 Today in “Satyricon” opens new season. At this moment in the theater premiere – “The Man from the restaurant” based on the novel by Ivan Shmelev. The work, written in 1910, brought its author recognition of critics and readers. It then began to talk about him as a “painter disadvantaged.” The young director Yegor Peregoudov puts “a tale about the nobility of life.” In the title role – Konstantin Raikin.

 Shmelev, perhaps had never been in a theater. His early novel “The Man from the restaurant” on the Moscow stage embody exactly the first time. Special fantastic style Shmelev is very difficult to move in the statement.

 “I teach fiction word for word. But it is quite difficult to learn, because the text socially dirty. Consciously – the poetry of speech. This, and socially very specific: uncultured person. And this has its own poetry. This is the story told by the waiter, “- said the People’s Artist of Russia Konstantin Raikin.

 Konstantin Raikin plays a “little man”, the restaurant servant. First the actor did not read this story – opened it for him director Yegor Peregoudov. Staged this text dreamed for a long time. In order to adapt it for the performances, working with archives Shmelev in the Lenin Library.

 “You can see how it works, it’s all right now, thank God, was brought to Russia. And it is such a great wealth. I worked in the archives – viewed drafts options – to lay down their composition. And some things that were later erased – they have then entered into a spectacle, “- said the director Yegor Peregoudov.

 The director said that in our time is not enough heat, including the stage. He tried to play in this room went to the human warmth.

 “For people to think about some simple things that kind of talk and awkward – generosity, goodness. Once all korezhit when those words are pronounced. And we talked about this for three hours, and I think that, thanks to Shmelev the conversation turned to some serious and important now, “- said Yegor Peregoudov.

The story” Man of the restaurant, “published in 1911 . The creators of the performance is considered, the situation in Russia in the early twentieth century and twenty-first century is very similar. History did turn and rhyme times. The main overlap in how a person feels simple: struggling with difficulties while trying to maintain dignity.

 “It’s not enough stars in the sky, and at the same time it is absolutely divine. Wonderful, wonderful person. Who resisted the nasty, dirty tricks, being in such a nest of temptation. This is the stronghold of temptation – a restaurant. Like the rest of our lives as our time “, – said Konstantin Raikin.

 Restaurant waiter modern era seems to have found the answers to Bible questions. The creators of the performance for today’s audience is calculated as the minimum re-supply problems themselves.

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