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Picture of Alexis Herman “Hard to Be God” won the Russian Academy “Nika” for Best Picture – Ekho Moskvy radio station

The statuette received the widow of director Svetlana Karmalita and his son Alexei German Jr. Herman Sr. also won awards for best director. Even his last film was “Nick” in the category “Best Cinematography”. A leading actor Leonid Yarmolnik – Best Actor. In addition, the award “For contribution to the cinematic science” was awarded the former director of the Cinema Museum Nahum Kleinmann. And Leah Akhedzhakova received an honorary “Nick” – “For the honor and dignity.”


Andrei Zvyagintsev left without “Nicky”, but with a lady peak – Moskovsky Komsomolets

All the major awards received kinoakademikov film “Hard to Be God” Alexis Herman

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In Moscow State Music Theatre of Folklore “Russian song” Hope Babkin took XXVIII award ceremony of the National Film Award “Nika” at the end of 2014.

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Photo: Svetlana Hohriakova

Inna Churikova Leah Akhedzhakova, Naina Yeltsin

The fact that the “Best Feature Film” will be a picture of the late Alexis Herman, “It is difficult to be God “, it was clear from the first minute. Explain this is difficult, but the general mood is captured immediately. The current “Nick” has become part of the memorial, paying tribute to our biggest director Alexey Herman. It noted in the director category. A fellow German harvested “Nick” and other categories. Marked not lived up to the shooting operator Vladimir Ilyin and surviving Yuriy Klimenko, artists Sergei Kokovkin, George Kropachev, Elena Zhukova and costume designer Catherine Shapkayts, sound Nikolai Astakhov. Best actor was Leonid Yarmolnik, which should be noted already for patience, because the work on the “Hard to Be God” was delayed almost a decade. Competitors have had serious Yarmolnik Artem Bystrov in “fool”, Alexander Zbruev in “Movies about Alekseev,” Alexei Serebryakov in “Leviathan.” “Pulse above normal. Why is it shakes – I do not know “- said Leonid Yarmolnik, receiving the award. Recalled his late father – a professional military, to carry out orders in 1968 when entering the tank in Czechoslovakia: “Most of the film we shot in the Czech Republic. And Herman said the Czechs: “Will not work well, we again vedem tanks.” I understand that it just kind of my “Nick”. It – more German. Many of those who watched the movie until the end, it seemed dull and dirty. But there are those who think he is a genius, he. The world can be saved, not fighting, but something changing in people’s minds, but it could do German ».

Photo: Svetlana Hohriakova

Andrei Osipov

Almost all the awards received the widow of Alexis Herman Karmalita Svetlana and her son – Alexei German Jr. He recalled how his father walked painfully to this picture. Was in the hospital on a drip and then went to the set. “We have not changed anything, made the film the way I wanted Dad. This room friends, companions of his father, those with whom he wanted to talk “-and that’s it. Friends and comrades have made their choice. And presenting the award Academy president Andrei Konchalovsky said: “The only thing I regret that I can not give an award to him personally.” Svetlana Karmalita was happy that night: “I do not remember to” Nike “. If you have received for Best Director, the “Best Film” you do not shine. ” She turned to Yarmolnik “Lenya, you’re a hundred percent earned his” Nick “himself. I saw it and confirm ».

The best actress Daria Moroz became a” fool “. She herself sarcastically remarked that played the role of a girl with a frozen face, it became a kind of role. For “Best screenplay” award Yuri Bykov, who stopped calling on the award, because the picture “fool”, as a rule, does not receive anything, or is awarded for the script and the director of Bykov is clearly not enough. So Alex Aygi accidentally went and got the “Nick” in the category “Best music in the movie” – a “test” Alexander Kott. Usually, if Aygi appear at the ceremony, he did not shine. Is it worth it to ignore something perepadet. .

The five films included in the main category: in addition to tape Herman, this “White Nights postman Alexei Tryapitsyna” Andrei Konchalovsky, “Fool” Yuri Bykov, “Test” by Alexander Kott, “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev. And if the day before the ceremony, many said that it is possible to “Nick” not to go, it is clear that Zvyagintsev win, the more that “Leviathan” had the highest number of nominations – 11. And after awarding only heard: “For what Zvyagintsev a ride?” . Discussed as if it were not kinoakademiki made their choice, and leadership “Nicky».

Photo: Svetlana Hohriakova

Svetlana Karmalita and Alexei German Jr.

The most absurd that the already gloomy Zvyagintsev involved in a boring game with Lithuanian illusionists – at random and thanks to Leonid Yarmolnik. Andrew had to answer, as in a poker deck of cards, to name one of them. He chose the queen of spades, and then appeared on the stage actor Vladimir Dolinsky. Extracted from the trunk of one of the photos nominees, almost grudnichkovom age. Baby was Elena Liadov. It is – in the category “Best Actress” yes Roman Madyanov in the category “Best Actor” were among the recipients of the group “Leviathan.” If “Hard to Be God” has collected 7 out of 10 awards presented in the list of nominees, the “Leviathan” less fortunate: 2 out of 11.

Surprises at the ceremony were many. One of its leading – Actress Lisa Arzamasova – before our eyes into a trapeze artist and fly under the grate with a circus artist Alexander Volkov. Moreover, against the background of the frame from the movie “Test”, which produced the atomic bomb.

The most amusing presentation turned “Nicky” for “honor and dignity” actress Leah Akhedzhakova. Presents awards Naina Yeltsin and Inna Churikov. How to tell Naina Yeltsin, an assessment of not only artistic talent, but also civic and modesty. Inna Churikova laugh hall of his lengthy speech. She remembered the first time I saw his girlfriend in the Youth Theatre, where she played the boy. Yes so vividly that Churikov questioned – whether it is an actress, not a child there. “We need to love Leah such. She knows how to enjoy as anybody, any nonsense. Child, dog, cat. Loves all animals. Loves flowers that are planted with such passion. She – ambulance. Her health concerns even strangers “- stop Innu Mihalovnu was impossible. Leah Akhedzhakova in reply, suddenly began to say goodbye to colleagues: “Probably the last time I leave to my community. What strengths today the nominees presented. I am shocked. Something happened, all of a sudden just as powerful talents were able to speak. Soon we come to Zen Buddhism, metaphors, in some special sauce will submit their work to break through to the viewer. Actor – performer. Matter who you ordered. Tell me who your director, and I’ll tell you who you are. ” Sometimes it seems that it fails the role that talent left, and then together with the director will know what success is. “Thank you, my dear directors. Special thanks – Eldar Ryazanov. He offered me this territory and the subject. I tried as best I could not go with the territory, “- continues to” farewell “speech Akhedzhakova.

” The best non-fiction film “won” Koktebel stones “Andrei Osipov of Maximilian Voloshin, Alexei Tolstoy and other writers and poets who lived in Koktebel. The competition here was a strong – “On the threshold of fear” of the late Frank and Mary Hertz Kravchenko about our former compatriot, fell in love with the murderer of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, “The Last Knight Empire” Sergei Debizhev of writer Ivan Solonevich.

And in the category of “Best Animated Film” presented were strong work, and won “My personal elk” Leonid Shmelkova. “Best film of the CIS and Baltic States” was “tribe” Miroslav Slaboshpitskogo from Ukraine. And this is more a political decision. Were working and powerful, the same “Corn Island” George Ovashvili. But Georgian director is not likely to come to receive the award for the same “obvious reasons”, as was said at the ceremony.

«Tribe” was the only Russian actor – Alexander Sidelnikov, who spoke with the help of a sign language interpreter. Almost all heroes “tribe” – deaf.

«Discovery of the Year” called “Class correction” Ivan Tverdovskogo Jr., who has dozens of awards for his film.

Presenting “Nick” ” for his contribution to cinema science, criticism and education, “the founder of the Cinema Museum Nahum Kleinmann, Fyodor Bondarchuk called him great. A Kleiman in response kinoakademikov urged to take care of the Cinema Museum, of which he is no longer, for the sake of posterity. Special prize of the Academy “For outstanding contribution to the national cinema” was awarded in absentia the Petersburg Yury Klepikov screenwriter who wrote the screenplays for the films “The Story of Asya Klyachina” Andrei Konchalovsky, “Guys” and “Do not have a headache woodpecker” Dinara Assanova, “Ascent” Larissa Shepitko. Yuri Klepikov himself was not present at the ceremony – could not come from St. Petersburg for family reasons. Or maybe embarrassed because, as rightly pointed Konchalovsky, he – a serious, shy and clean. And this, according to the president, “Nicky” – not the best quality for success.


In Moscow, presented the award “Nika” – Russian newspaper

Furious spring snow did not stop the filmmakers who have gathered for their holiday in the theater “Russian Song”. After all, in a new place in the 28 th time awarded the prize “Nika”.

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Theatre – spacious instead of everyone, were scored and balconies, and an amphitheater, and takedowns. The main difference between “Nicky” this year – that the ceremony took place faster than usual. The first on the scene rose president “Nicky” Andrei Konchalovsky and welcomed the guests. I must say that the guests on “Nick” as usual gathered nobles: Xenia Christmas, Stanislav Sadalsky, Pavel Astakhov, Alexander Rodnyanskii, Vyacheslav Telnov, Boris Berman, Cyril Razlogov, Vyacheslav Fetisov. Already begun prize and they all arrived and arrived Maxim Dunaevsky, Inna Churikova, Yuri Grymov, Daria Moroz and others.

“Year of funky we have. How many paintings Well, it started last year. How many artists both young and independent, which is removed and iPhone, and with his own money. The Academy has chosen this year, not without difficulty, “- said Andrei Konchalovsky.

The second innovation in the” Nike “- each of five films, caught in the category “Best Film of the Year”, presented at this time especially. For example, Alex Kortnev sang one of his greatest hits, introducing the film Yuri Bykov “Fool”. Actress Lisa Arzamasova rose into the air, like a real gymnast, presenting a picture of Alexander Kott “test”. Mikhail Efremov presented the film “Hard to Be a God” in verse. I must say that it is “hard to be God” was the triumph of the first part of the ceremony. The first prize for the best non-fiction film, was awarded the film “Koktebel stones,” directed by Andrei Osipov. The second – for the best music for the film – was awarded to Alexei Aygi for the film “Test”. And already the third “Nick” gave the film “Hard to be a God.” Award for best sound got Nikolai Astakhov. On stage to receive the prize went Alexei German Jr. and Svetlana Karmalita. Alexei German Jr. said that it Astakhov “pulled the film, when the pope was gone.” Svetlana Karmalita also admitted that the scoring pattern was given not only.

interesting facts

The film “Hard to Be God “was recorded in the category” Best Actor “and” Best Costume Designer “. Award for Best Supporting Actress Darya Moroz received for her work in “The Fool”. “Nick” for Best Supporting Actor Roman Madyanov received for the film “Leviathan.” Recall that it is in the same category was awarded to the film awards and “Golden Eagle”.

In the “Discovery of the Year” goddess of victory was marked by a young director Ivan I. Tverdovskiy – for the film “Class of correction.” In the “honor and dignity” prize was Leah Akhedzhakova – famous actress award handed Naina Yeltsin and Inna Churikov. During the presentation Akhedzhakova shown a video message by Eldar Ryazanov. This point was one of the most moving in the ceremony.

By the time the reader will get a newspaper, has all the nominees will be announced. In the category “Best Director” declared Herman Sr., Zvyagintsev and Konchalovsky. In the category “Best Actor” put forward Artem Bystrov (“Fool”), Alexander Zbruev (“Movies about Alexeyev”), Alexei Serebryakov (“Leviathan”), Leonid Yarmolnik (“Hard to Be God”). Among the contenders for Best Actress Agnes Kuznetsova (“Yes and yes”), Elena Liadov (“Leviathan”), the North Yanushauskayte (“Star”).

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“Tannhauser” may remain in the repertoire of the Novosibirsk Theater in a concert performance – Kommersant

 - & Gt;

The opera “Tannhauser” may remain in the repertoire in concert, said “RIA Novosti” the new director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Vladimir Kehman.

«Yesterday I watched the show, and as for the musical component, it is at a high level. Therefore, the “Tannhauser” may remain in the repertoire in a concert performance. I do not rule out this possibility, but the final decision will be taken only after my meeting with the chief conductor, which is not yet available, and located in Barcelona, ​​”- said Mr. Kehman.

As reported by” b “, 29 March, the Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medina announced that the director of the Novosibirsk Opera Boris Mezdrich dismissed from his post. New director was appointed Vladimir Kehman already managing the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. The conflict between the Orthodox community and the creators of the opera “Tannhauser” was resolved in favor of the former. Open letter regarding the dismissal of Boris Mezdricha published KinoSoyuz members. The document, which was signed by, among others, Andrew Proshkin, Andrei Smirnov and Vitaly Mansky, personnel decision the Ministry of Culture called “a flagrant outrage,” as the authors call “the immediate restoration Mezdricha in office and offset Culture Minister Vladimir Medina».

As the deputy head of the presidential administration criticized the “Tannhauser” – in the article “Repertoire gosteatrov before staging want to watch».

The dismissal of Boris Mezdricha read the material, “” Tannhauser “gave his resignation».



Scientists from South Africa continue to insist on the exhumation of Shakespeare, to find out whether he smoked marijuana – NEWSru.com

Scientists from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg (South Africa), inspired by the success of the exhumation of the skeleton of Richard III, called to exhume the remains of William Shakespeare in order to make the analysis of DNA and learn more about his way of life, according to The Daily Telegraph .

One of the experts, the director of the Institute of Human Evolution in Johannesburg Francis Thackeray, said that the bones of the playwright can tell new facts about his life, about what he ate and drank. Also, DNA analysis will confirm or refute the rumor that Shakespeare smoked marijuana.

However, the researchers, as previously, stopping the epitaph carved on the tomb of a classic: “Oh, dear friend, in the name of God, you are dust beneath this stone do not touch, do not disturb the sleep of my bones, damn whoever touches them “(” Good frend for Jesus sake forebeare / To digg the dust encloased heare / Bleste be the man that spares thes stones / And curst be he that moves my bones “).

Thackeray drew attention to the fact that in the epitaph of the Great Bard no mention of the teeth, so you can take a sample of tooth enamel or hard tissue, which can be used for DNA analysis.

It should be noted that Thackeray and his team have a few years achieve of the Anglican Church permission to exhume the remains of Shakespeare. Even in 2011, the scientist said that he found traces of cannabis and signs of a cocaine at various pipes, found in the old garden at the house of Shakespeare.

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“Fartsa” 2015 3 and 4 Series Watch – Severskaya truth

 farca3 The first channel continues premiere screening of serial thriller directed by Yegor Baranov « fartsa. ” 3 and 4 of the series picture viewers will see on Tuesday, March 31st. Start by tradition – in 21.30.

USSR, 1961-th year. Currency reform and the first manned space flight, the changes in culture and art. The country has everything to be called a superpower and live happily ever after. Four guys are both in search of himself and beautiful life. For the sake of each other, they started up the winds: the road of speculation and currency trading. And the better they do fartsovka, the more heroes from the realization of their dreams real.

On Tuesday, March 31 The first channel 3 and 4 show a series of paintings “fartsa” beginning – at 21.30 and 22.30, as at this time show «fartsa» watch online series 3 and 4 will be on the channel’s website. In addition watch online free serial «fartsa» All Series 2015 you can have on a special website, the video library of the First Channel.

The series “fartsa” 3 series (aired 31/03/2015, 21:30) Description:

With the submission of an audiophile friend Boris establishing production and sales records “on bones. ” The money from the transactions decided to hide in the cell storage chamber. But there friends are faced with currency speculators, which should Crutch large sum. In order to save all, some one should take the blame …

The series “fartsa” 3 series (aired 03/31/2015, 22:30) Description:

A year later, friends go to the next level and start fartsovka video equipment. Director komissionki on which the guys have incriminating evidence, is forced to help them. Major Vostrikovs father Nadi, goes on the trail of daring black marketeers, not knowing that is familiar with the organizer of deals …

remind series “fartsa” 2015 online free watch all the series in good quality can be on a special website of the First Channel.

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Alexey Ivanov will present a new novel “Bad weather” April 1 – New Companion

bad weather

In the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH) on April 1 at 19:30 will be a creative meeting with the writer Alexei Ivanov. The event is devoted to publication of new novel “Bad weather».

Recall novel has already entered the “top 15″ most anticipated books according to Forbes .

Julia Zaitseva, an agent of the writer Alexei Ivanov:

– The action takes place in 2008. Simple driver, a former soldier of the Afghan war alone satisfied daring robbery spetsfurgona which transports money a large shopping center. So in a million, but a provincial city Batueva completed a long history of daring and mighty Union Veterans of Afghanistan – whether public organization, or business alliance, or criminal group: in the “dashing 1990s” when the union was formed and gained strength, it was difficult to distinguish one from another.

But the novel is not about money and not about crime, but about the bad weather in the shower. About a desperate search for reasons for which a person should trust a man in a world where triumph only predators – but it is impossible to live without trust. Novel that greatness and despair have the same roots. The fact that each of us is in danger of inadvertently get into bad weather and did not break out ever, because bad weather – a refuge and a trap, salvation and destruction, great comfort and eternal pain of life.

The meeting will be held in №227 RSHU audience. Leading meetings – literary critic, head of the history of Russian literature of recent times RSHU Dmitry Bak.

Under the arrangement with the publisher AST “newspaper. ru » publishes the first chapter of the novel “Bad weather”.


Monday, March 30, 2015

“Fartsa” Alexander Cekalo as a sign of quality – vokrug.tv

20:24, March 30, 2015

The fashion for “thaw” asked his Todorovski ” Hipsters. ” He is not just remembered that there was such an epoch. No, it does not merit this. Todorovski showed what colors can be painted gray Soviet everyday life, when they were all each other comrades and went dressed in 50 shades of gray. “Dudes” – it was not just a movie, but a real film festival. Heroes were not only vividly dressed and hurry love, but also sang and danced, and played the saxophone. Action “Hipsters” unfolds in Moscow 1955-1956 years – during the beginning of the Khrushchev thaw.

The history of the “thaw” that Todorovski took for the first channel is not in the format of a musical, but as a TV serial, began in 1961. The director talked about what he knew firsthand how to make movies in that era. The focus of the largest Soviet “Mosfilm” and its inhabitants with undercover games, intrigues and again – with songs, dances.

baton of Valery Todorovski took over Alexander Cekalo. And he seems to be hello “thaw” appearance in the very first frames “fartsa” Yevgeny Tsyganov in the form of one of the most famous shady businessmen Soviet-era underground multi Jan Rokotoff and then Alexander Yatsenko in the role of a taxi driver nicknamed Sergei Take-and- Let’s go. One would think, why? Why so hard to asking for a comparison with the “thaw”, if so comparisons can not be avoided? But the creators of “fartsa” how would tell us that they were not afraid. And they are not afraid, because their story – it is about something else. It is about the fact that when we are young, we think: this is our time – it is the most unscrupulous and ruthless. About the fact that in any era, people have a choice. About the fact that the concepts of friendship, honor and conscience – they are out of time. About the fact that love and sex have always been. About how the ship named “Dream” beating on the rocks under the weight of the harsh reality of the circumstances.

Andrei Trofimov returned to Moscow after a year spent on the construction of hydroelectric power plants. He dreams of becoming a writer and wants to be a good person. At the station, take the magazine “Youth” published there with his story and meet with friends. His house waiting for a loving mother and groom. Friends, neighbors, relatives and loved ones gather all at one table. That’s just this idyllic picture is long: the same evening before the choice is Andrew twice. And if the first time he will be able to remain a dreamer and a romantic last on the ground, in the second – no longer can. Andrew will have to lay down their idealism on the altar of friendship without reserve.

The main roles in “fartsa” performed by young actors who have not yet widely known and not had time to dry mouth viewer. At first I thought it strange appearance Zoe Berber after the “real kids” in “fartsa.” But the actress looked very organic in the way of the Soviet Nadi girl who dreams of becoming an actress. In the first series of Zoya Berber appears in quite explicit scenes. 18-year-old student Thais Vilkova, although not a debutante, but Zina in “fartsa” – her first major and serious role.

With Alexander Petrov channels in general played a cruel joke. Last week, he was a bandit Vadik in the Law “concrete jungle”, on this – black marketeer. For 25-year-old Philip Gorenstein role in Boris’ fartsa “- the first major of his career. He plays a womanizer and dandy – the army of fans can not be avoided. Alexei Veselkin the last time we saw last fall on TNT – in a cameo role in the TV series “Chernobyl. Exclusion zone. ” In general, for all the actors “fartsa” will certainly be a breakthrough.

And if starring in the TV series newcomers, the episodic – entirely stars: Yevgeny Tsyganov , Eugene Stychkin Alexei Serebryakov, Alexander Yatsenko , Yekaterina Volkova. The latest we have just seen in the role of chief editor in « Law stone jungle » – in the same position it will appear in the “fartsa.” And Eugene Stychkin, who played bad uncle in « Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone », will appear in the same role, but with curly hair! In general, the delicious “chips” in the series will be a lot.

The locomotive train called “fartsa” was Alexander Cekalo . He spoke not only the producer of the series, but also one of the main writers. The second was Alexander Kott. For two years they collected material: met with real black marketeers, who survived. And producers continue to do this because “fartsa” will be a few more seasons. The director of the project was Yegor Baranov , with whom Alexander did Cekalo “Locust».

Yegor 26 years – he was the same age as the young actors who play a major role. On the set was dominated by the fun and spirit of freedom and creativity. Actors ceremony offered their ideas. Friendship has developed not only on the screen, but also on the set. All are looking forward to the summer, when work will begin on a sequel to “fartsa».

It is felt that Alexander Cekalo managed to gather around him the right people. And the project was in a good right. And the most important thing – quality. Thought everything from savers to each chord in each series. In general, the name of Alexander Cekalo becomes a guarantee of quality. Whatever the series, the loudest and successful project. “Side of the Moon”, “Major”, “fartsa” happened, “Klim”, “method”, “Waste”, “The Other Side of the Moon – 2″, “Major-2″ is expected … Cekalo sets ambitious targets and until successfully deal with them. After all, if the viewer is looking forward to the second season, then the first shot is not in vain.



After the scandal with “Tannhauser” creative elite of the country spoke about censorship – NTV.ru

To protect Mezdricha rose the most famous cultural figures. Chairman of the Union of Theatre Workers Alexander Kalyagin called the scandal surrounding staging a return to the days of censorship and the Moscow Art Theater director Oleg Tabakov regarded as persecution happening creative people. A petition for the restoration of the post Mezdricha also signed Yevgeny Mironov, Oleg Menshikov, Galina Volchek. A director Mark Zakharov, invited “Tannhauser” Timothy Kuljabina work in Lenkom.

Mark Zakharov , People’s Artist of the USSR: “I think that someone has decided to exponential flogging, that is such a penalty is indicative for all, that they may fear to make some changes in “Dead Souls” in Chekhov’s plays. I think this is a regression ».

Zakharov also commented on the proposal of the Kremlin preview all performances before the premiere ?? this initiative has caused a lot of noise, talking about the return of censorship. Lenkoma was artistic director in the comments succinct: “If, for example, Malevich coordinated their work with the authorities, we are about it at all would never know».

Details ?? in the article “Anatomy of the day».


The new director of the Novosibirsk Theatre promises to regain the trust of the audience – BBC News

The Ministry of Culture has proposed the Novosibirsk diocese withdraw the appeal to the prosecutor about the controversial opera “Tannhauser”. The department believes that the court – still not a place for creative solutions issues. Production of “Tannhäuser” has caused strong dissatisfaction with the religious community and has already cost the position of director of the Novosibirsk Theatre Boris Mezdrichu. Was replaced by Vladimir Kehman. And he has already announced its plans, including with respect to the new name of the theater.

A day after his appointment as director of the Novosibirsk Opera Vladimir Kehman tells about the first decision in his new post. “The theater we call the Grand Theatre Siberia, – he says. – Tomorrow I’m meeting with the company in two hours. I talked today with all the creative director of the troupe. Everyone is waiting to see me. And I look forward to meeting with the team. And so, I hope that Tomorrow we met. After meeting with my team, we will decide how we will proceed with the “Tannhauser” “.

Kehmana called effective theatrical managers. He will retain his position as head of the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, but the main focus of his life will certainly be an academic scene in Novosibirsk.

The dismissal of a civil servant Boris Mezdricha as director of the state agency was just the result of ignoring the requirements of the Ministry by head of them the same ministry, and appointed. In other words Mezdrich simply violated the ethics of labor relations. And public money staged, provoked a split in the community.

The former director was not able to realize that regardless of their relationship to one religion or another, the feelings of believers are entitled to respect. Society, the audience did not see the part of the theater management understanding of the situation, have not heard an apology.

The attempts to present the situation as an attack on freedom of the artist and the more censorship, at least – distortion of meaning. Scandalous experiments on small stages on private money – please, but what is the academic scene? Especially that claimed Wagner viewers just do not see.

The tasks before the new director is now really easy. “Here, in Novosibirsk, certainly, I am now primarily devoted his time and all his strength, and the whole experience to this theater actually acquired the greatness that he has always been – promises Vladimir Kehman. – And most importantly, that the two activities that we have to do in the near future (this is the 70th anniversary of Victory Day and the 70th anniversary of the theater). Because theater was built during the war. And this is very important, it is important to note at a decent level “.

One of the most brilliant theaters in the country must regain the trust, said its new leader, and his performances unite and not to split society.

For more information on the topic. Watch the video


Kremlin of “Tannhäuser”: dismissal of the director – not censorship – BBC Russian

  • March 30, 2015


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“Theater – an institution of education, rather than an institution for the outrageous and provocative self-promotion” – Ministry of Culture officials remind

The Ministry of Culture has been forced to take the decision to dismiss personnel director of the Novosibirsk Opera Boris Mezdricha due to the resonant production of “Tannhauser,” said deputy head of the Russian presidential administration Magomedov.

In turn, the president’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said that although the censorship is not allowed, but the state has allocated money, the right to expect from the creative team “correct” productions.

The new theater director Vladimir Kehman that will combine work on this post with the leadership of the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, said earlier that he considers it necessary to remove the opera “Tannhäuser” directed by Timothy Kuljabina from the repertoire of the theater.

Kehman, a few years ago to retrain from a businessman in a theatrical figure, has said he intends to rename the theater “The Bolshoi Theatre of Siberia.” He also suggested that he could take up the post of artistic director, then as CEO in the future can become someone else.

The press service of the theater said that about the future renaming learned from the newspapers. Kehman not yet talked with the staff of the theater: it is officially presented to the staff on Tuesday.

On Sunday, a rally was held in Novosibirsk, which called President Vladimir Putin to ban blasphemous provocation or insult the feelings of believers.

Grand Theatre Siberia?

“Of course, the state, which through fiscal subsidies, through various grants allocates public money for the production of cinematographic works on productions in theaters and so on, have come to expect from creative teams of correct productions, at least, do not cause such aggravation of the reaction of public opinion “- Peskov said on Monday.

At the same time, according to Peskov,” it should in no way be perceived as attempts to introduce a -That censorship “.

The dismissal of Mezdricha became known on Sunday, March 29 as the appointment in his place Kehmana, director of the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.

Mezdrich said the Russian service of BBC -bi BBC that at the present time thinking about what to do next. He said that he no longer wants to talk about “Tannhäuser”, because it considers this matter closed.

“The theater will work, live and thrive. Director of change, and the theater is always alive and well. It is the law of such” – answered the question Mezdrich that in his opinion, is waiting for the theater in the future.

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Vladimir Kehman said that he could become the artistic director of the theater

The new director of the theater Kehman was unavailable for comment. In the statement issued by the press service of the Mikhailovsky Theatre, he said that first of all want to figure the situation.

“I do not exclude that the control system is reformed Mikhailovsky Theatre: you may be a new CEO and his First Deputy, and I take the position of artistic director. Apparently, the first time I will need to work in the graph “four days in Novosibirsk – three days in St. Petersburg”, – quotes Kehmana press service.

Earlier, he said, that the performance of “Tannhauser” should be removed from the repertoire: “I, as a man of faith, baptism, orthodox, as a Jew, take it as an insult. This is a demonstration of the internal wickedness in the style and spirit of the Union of Militant Atheists “.

It is known that the new director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre has previously been awarded several orders of the Russian Orthodox Church, including the Order of St. Sergius of Radonezh and the Order of St. Reverend Seraphim of Sarov.

Although Kehman said he wants to return the Novosibirsk Theatre of his “historical name” in the theater stressed that he never called the “Grand Theatre of Siberia.” So the theater is sometimes called by the locals, but officially this name has never been fixed.

Kehman, grown rich on imports Fruit, was appointed CEO of the Mikhailovsky Theatre in 2007. Two years later, he received a diploma of theater education, graduating from producer faculty of St. Petersburg State Academy of Dramatic Art.

for the post of Director of the Mikhailovsky Theatre Kehman attracted media attention eccentric actions – in particular, in 2009 it without choreographic education, sang the role of “Prince Lemon” in the ballet “Cipollino”.

“blatant tyranny”

Among those who condemned the dismissal of the director, KinoSoyuz – organization, a breakaway from the Russian Cinematographers’ Union. He issued a statement in which he called the dismissal Mezdricha “arbitrariness”.

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Timothy Kulyabin (left) and Boris Mezdrich accused of deliberate public desecration of religious symbols

“We demand the immediate restoration of Mezdricha in office and offset Culture Minister Vladimir Medina, which is not the first time violates the Constitution of the Russian Federation through censorship and persecutes those who disagree with his policies anticultural.” – The document says.

Now we are collecting signatures on a letter. Among the signed documents – director Andrei Smirnov, Vitaly Mansky, film critic Victor Matizen.

In the Ministry of Culture stress that Boris Mezdrich fired for failing to take into account in their work developed in a society values. In this case, the agency urged the Novosibirsk diocese withdraw the appeal to the prosecutor on the case of “Tannhauser”.

“Federal Academic Theatre – is primarily educational institution and not an institution for the outrageous and provocative self-promotion at public expense,” – said in an open letter on the website of the Ministry of Culture.

The Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Vladimir Gorodetsky show called the opera “Tannhauser” “quite ugly case”.

Novosibirsk opera of Richard Wagner’s “Tannhauser” provoked a strong reaction in the community after the Metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Berdsk Tikhon said that opera is not used for its intended purpose ecclesiastical symbolism that disturbs believers. Thus he did not see the play hierarch and explained that not a fan of Wagner and prefers Soviet songs of the war years.

Earlier, prosecutors filed administrative proceedings in connection with “desecration of objects of religious worship” in relation to the director of the opera Timothy Kuljabina and theater director Boris Mezdricha. Administrative court dismissed the case due to lack of evidence, after which the prosecutor’s office appealed the decision.


KinoSoyuz demanded the dismissal of Medina and restore Director NGATOiB – NEWSru.com

Russian KinoSoyuz issued a statement demanding the reinstatement of the dismissed Director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre of Boris Mezdricha and dismiss Culture Minister Vladimir Medina.

“Consistently advocating freedom of artistic creativity of obscurantism, KinoSoyuz considers blatant arbitrary dismissal of the director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre of Boris Mezdricha in connection with the production of Richard Wagner’s opera” Tannhauser. “We demand the immediate restoration of the position and Mezdricha offset Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina, who has not violated the Constitution of the Russian Federation for the first time by censorship and persecutes those who disagree with his policies anticultural “- said in a statement posted on the online organization.

The statement was signed by director Andrei Smirnov, Vitaly Mansky, Marina Razbezhkina, Yuri Bogomolov, Garri Bardin, Andrei Proshkin, Alexey Fedorchenko, critics Victor and Andrew Matizen Plakhov, screenwriter and writer Mikhail Lipskerov and others. In total, was signed by about 20 people.

Recall, director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Boris Mezdrich was dismissed on March 29 after the scandal surrounding the opera of Wagner’s “Tannhauser”. In the Ministry of Culture said that Mezdrich dismissed “for failure to follow directions founder”: in particular, the director refused to apologize for the play, which is not like the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. They considered that statement offends the feelings of believers.

Instead Boris Mezdricha Ministry of Culture was appointed a well-known businessman Vladimir Kehman, head of the Mikhailovsky Theatre. He’s going to combine the two positions and rename NGATOiB in “Grand Theatre of Siberia.” Earlier in the meeting, the public ministry, dedicated to “Tannhauser” Kehman opposed the setting for the dismissal of the director and theater.

Theater and film director, head of the “Gogol center” Kirill Serebrennikov called history with the dismissal of the director Boris NGATOiB Mezdricha terrible. “What can I say, but the word *****? What are my word for this is? I think this is a terrible news. I hope that tomorrow it will be a duck. Maybe it’s all a lie? Because if so , it’s just awful. Awful, awful, awful! This is some very ugly story already, “- said in an interview with radio station Serebrennikov ” This is Moscow “.

The Chairman of the Theatre Union of Russia Alexander Kalyagin strongly condemned the actions of the Ministry of Culture. “Chop off the branch on which we sit. In the province of a few good theater director. Their deficiency is observed in Moscow. Boris Mezdrich – an experienced director, he raised a number of theaters,” – he said TASS. “Dismissing these people, we can probrosatsya professionals,” – said the head of STD.

In this case, the Kremlin forced dismissal Mezdricha called and suggested that the statement in the Russian state theaters are examined in order to avoid such conflicts. Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Vladimir Gorodetsky contritely admitted that the regional government was late with the assessment of the conflict around the opera “Tannhauser” and promised that he would try to prevent such large-scale public confrontations in the future.

Zvyagintsev called a meeting of the Ministry of Culture to “Tannhauser” Soviet “propesochivaniem dissidents”

Shortly before the dismissal of Boris Mezdricha as director NGATOiB in defense of directors “Tannhauser” and leadership of the theater in his blog on the project website “Snob” film director Andrei Zvyagintsev spoke, condemned the censorship and pressure on artists.

Having reviewed the transcript of the meeting on the quotations in the Ministry of Culture, which was held a public discussion of the opera “Tannhauser” and the conflict over the play, Zvyagintsev said that this discussion is more like no discussion, and the Soviet “cleansing”, “collective judgment seat” “propesochivaniya dissidents” who are deprived of the opportunity to express their own position, calling it “attack against public opinion.”

Film notes that some statements made at the meeting, including representatives of the Ministry of Culture made, in practice, are not respected. For example, in “Principles of Cultural Policy” states that it is necessary “to create conditions for the realization of each person’s creative potential”, although in reality these conditions, no one creates.

Zvyagintsev indignant speeches at the council of representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church: “What is this exhortation? Why in the Public Council, within the walls of the Ministry of Culture is still a secular state, which should be not only respected, but also guarantee the constitutional rights of citizens to self-determination in terms of adherence to a particular religion or – on the contrary – no communication with her, uttered the words that are only relevant to the walls of the church or among the believers? ”

He said that the ROC has initiated the confrontation in the society in connection with the production of “Tannhäuser”.

“At the same meeting, pointed to the 44th article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the freedom of literary and artistic creation. So what? There is freedom of creativity, or not? Freedom, it’s how Bulgakov fish there are no first freshness. Its second freshness – it has censorship. Well, tell me straight: we want to return to censorship. Call a spade a spade. That Vsevolod Chaplin at this meeting called repeatedly to be brave. Well Be bold and say: “We would like to introduce censorship, “- says Zvyagintsev.

” We have to remind the basic principle of democracy: no one can be prosecuted for their beliefs. So let us recognize immediately that we live in a different environment, and it can not be called democratic. Then the environment in which we live? This question is much more significant today. And that’s what should be debating in the Public Council: the loss of our freedom, about how she belittled our eyes to you, like shagreen; and how it demeans the human spirit when under the pretext of violating the rights bestowed by God to man, “- says Zvyagintsev.

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“Tannhauser” outraged Novosibirsk – Dni.Ru

About three thousand people disagreed with the statement “Tannhauser,” directed by Timothy Kuljabina during a rally in Novosibirsk. Released per share people believe that staged were trampled Christian values.

Photos Eugene Kurskov / TASS

About three thousand people took part in the rally today, “In Defense of shrines and religious feelings” in Novosibirsk, expressing their opposition to the performance of the opera “Tannhauser “directed by Timothy Kuljabina. Rally in front of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet conducted residents, according to which the staged version Kuljabina were trampled Christian values ​​.

“We are against the blasphemous statement Kuljabina” – said the rector of the cathedral Alexander Alexander Nevsky Novopashin. In turn, the State Duma deputy Nikolai Valuev, who also came to the meeting, said that the main thing in this situation – “to prevent a split in society.” “Art ennobles, but it can not offend, – he said. – We are not talking about the attacks on the theater and not even the most opera” Tannhauser “and its interpretation, which allowed certain people. And it is these people and must answer before the law “, Tass quoted parliamentarian.

Setting the opera” Tannhauser “at the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre insulted the feelings of believers and offended many people, said State Duma deputy Olga Kazakova.

“I can not relate positively to the production of” Tannhäuser “. Things that offend the religious feelings of people who may not deserve respect,” and the opera “Tannhauser”, “playing at a very vulnerable topic, offended many “, said the deputy.

According to the legislator, the work of other filmmakers show that it is possible to create interesting things, not playing” on the verge “. “We can do without nude scenes, mat, without violating moral principles. You can do all this without good performances and they will go to the audience,” – says the MP. “Why are our directors do not use moral compass? Why in favor of cash collection should be done such inclusions that break all moral principles ?”, – Asks Kazakova.

A member of the Federation Council Science, Education and Culture Sergey Scheblygin in an interview with Dnyam.Ru said that he fully shares the indignation of outraged people. “What is happening on the stage in this production, makes thoughts be with the protestors “, – said the senator.

The legislator said that people are protesting because they saw on stage, distorted the original meaning. “People do not take when classical formulation has no relation to the director fantasies that suddenly voluntarily converts it. Postmodernism is not just simply goes beyond common sense, as is often the case, and the scope of some even the rule of law, “- said Scheblygin.

Recall performance opera” Tannhauser “was staged at the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre in December 2014. Action postponed it today. In the version of the director Kuljabina knight Tannhäuser was changed to a filmmaker, and Jesus Christ became a hero erotic film , which he takes off.