Saturday, March 28, 2015

Message that Valery Leontiev was in intensive care, it was “duck” – Neva News

Moscow, March 28. The message is singer Valery Leontiev was in intensive care, got a few Russian media on Saturday, March 28, in connection with the cancellation of a planned concert in Ulyanovsk. Fortunately, the information about the singer’s hospitalization was “duck».

However, the concert in Ulyanovsk, which was to be held in Lenin Memorial indeed canceled. As you know, Leontiev is one of the most popular Russian artists whose performances redeemed at 100% of the ticket. Naturally, the cancellation of the concert has caused wide public response.

media reported that Valery Leontiev was in intensive care. Subsequently, the director of the singer Boris Chigirёv denied this information. He said that his mentoring pop singer got the flu. The singer’s temperature rose to 38 degrees. By Leontiev called an ambulance, but fortunately, before hospitalization is not reached.

It is also reported that at the moment Valery Leontiev is at home and quietly recovering from the flu. Recall that on March 19, Valery Yakovlevich turned 66 years.

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