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KinoSoyuz demanded the dismissal of Medina and restore Director NGATOiB –

Russian KinoSoyuz issued a statement demanding the reinstatement of the dismissed Director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre of Boris Mezdricha and dismiss Culture Minister Vladimir Medina.

“Consistently advocating freedom of artistic creativity of obscurantism, KinoSoyuz considers blatant arbitrary dismissal of the director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre of Boris Mezdricha in connection with the production of Richard Wagner’s opera” Tannhauser. “We demand the immediate restoration of the position and Mezdricha offset Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina, who has not violated the Constitution of the Russian Federation for the first time by censorship and persecutes those who disagree with his policies anticultural “- said in a statement posted on the online organization.

The statement was signed by director Andrei Smirnov, Vitaly Mansky, Marina Razbezhkina, Yuri Bogomolov, Garri Bardin, Andrei Proshkin, Alexey Fedorchenko, critics Victor and Andrew Matizen Plakhov, screenwriter and writer Mikhail Lipskerov and others. In total, was signed by about 20 people.

Recall, director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Boris Mezdrich was dismissed on March 29 after the scandal surrounding the opera of Wagner’s “Tannhauser”. In the Ministry of Culture said that Mezdrich dismissed “for failure to follow directions founder”: in particular, the director refused to apologize for the play, which is not like the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. They considered that statement offends the feelings of believers.

Instead Boris Mezdricha Ministry of Culture was appointed a well-known businessman Vladimir Kehman, head of the Mikhailovsky Theatre. He’s going to combine the two positions and rename NGATOiB in “Grand Theatre of Siberia.” Earlier in the meeting, the public ministry, dedicated to “Tannhauser” Kehman opposed the setting for the dismissal of the director and theater.

Theater and film director, head of the “Gogol center” Kirill Serebrennikov called history with the dismissal of the director Boris NGATOiB Mezdricha terrible. “What can I say, but the word *****? What are my word for this is? I think this is a terrible news. I hope that tomorrow it will be a duck. Maybe it’s all a lie? Because if so , it’s just awful. Awful, awful, awful! This is some very ugly story already, “- said in an interview with radio station Serebrennikov ” This is Moscow “.

The Chairman of the Theatre Union of Russia Alexander Kalyagin strongly condemned the actions of the Ministry of Culture. “Chop off the branch on which we sit. In the province of a few good theater director. Their deficiency is observed in Moscow. Boris Mezdrich – an experienced director, he raised a number of theaters,” – he said TASS. “Dismissing these people, we can probrosatsya professionals,” – said the head of STD.

In this case, the Kremlin forced dismissal Mezdricha called and suggested that the statement in the Russian state theaters are examined in order to avoid such conflicts. Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Vladimir Gorodetsky contritely admitted that the regional government was late with the assessment of the conflict around the opera “Tannhauser” and promised that he would try to prevent such large-scale public confrontations in the future.

Zvyagintsev called a meeting of the Ministry of Culture to “Tannhauser” Soviet “propesochivaniem dissidents”

Shortly before the dismissal of Boris Mezdricha as director NGATOiB in defense of directors “Tannhauser” and leadership of the theater in his blog on the project website “Snob” film director Andrei Zvyagintsev spoke, condemned the censorship and pressure on artists.

Having reviewed the transcript of the meeting on the quotations in the Ministry of Culture, which was held a public discussion of the opera “Tannhauser” and the conflict over the play, Zvyagintsev said that this discussion is more like no discussion, and the Soviet “cleansing”, “collective judgment seat” “propesochivaniya dissidents” who are deprived of the opportunity to express their own position, calling it “attack against public opinion.”

Film notes that some statements made at the meeting, including representatives of the Ministry of Culture made, in practice, are not respected. For example, in “Principles of Cultural Policy” states that it is necessary “to create conditions for the realization of each person’s creative potential”, although in reality these conditions, no one creates.

Zvyagintsev indignant speeches at the council of representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church: “What is this exhortation? Why in the Public Council, within the walls of the Ministry of Culture is still a secular state, which should be not only respected, but also guarantee the constitutional rights of citizens to self-determination in terms of adherence to a particular religion or – on the contrary – no communication with her, uttered the words that are only relevant to the walls of the church or among the believers? ”

He said that the ROC has initiated the confrontation in the society in connection with the production of “Tannhäuser”.

“At the same meeting, pointed to the 44th article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the freedom of literary and artistic creation. So what? There is freedom of creativity, or not? Freedom, it’s how Bulgakov fish there are no first freshness. Its second freshness – it has censorship. Well, tell me straight: we want to return to censorship. Call a spade a spade. That Vsevolod Chaplin at this meeting called repeatedly to be brave. Well Be bold and say: “We would like to introduce censorship, “- says Zvyagintsev.

” We have to remind the basic principle of democracy: no one can be prosecuted for their beliefs. So let us recognize immediately that we live in a different environment, and it can not be called democratic. Then the environment in which we live? This question is much more significant today. And that’s what should be debating in the Public Council: the loss of our freedom, about how she belittled our eyes to you, like shagreen; and how it demeans the human spirit when under the pretext of violating the rights bestowed by God to man, “- says Zvyagintsev.

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