Sunday, March 22, 2015

“This satirist”: Arcadia Arkanov loved and the public, and all the leaders of the country –

It’s like no one knew how to keep a complete equanimity, to make room to laugh to tears. They say it is due to his Gorin sketch from the 60s in the Russian language included the phrase “piano in the bushes.” Catch phrase of arkanovskih stories ?? monument miraculous. For example, “I had a good rest, but I get tired quickly.” Philosophical or with bitterness ?? “There are two degrees of freedom. Lowest ?? freedom just escaped slave, “that I want, I do.” And higher ?? “I would not, that I do not do.” We are now, unfortunately, are at the lowest. ” One phrase Arcana somehow gave Putin: “Welcome need to sow, and evil ?? plant ».

Vladimir Vinokur :« Arkady said: “This should not be a satirist like leadership. Then it’s satire. ” But, oddly enough, Arkashu loved by all leaders. And the communists and democrats. His work was so affordable, so good that even the merciless satire, which he said it was pravdoshnoy, so all of this was taken … »

Arcadia Arkanov was 81. He was buried in the cemetery in Moscow Vvedenskoye.


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