Friday, March 27, 2015

The sixth season of “Downton Abbey” will be the last –

Carnival Films, producer of “Downton Abbey” and the television network ITV, showing the drama in the UK, said that the sixth season will be the last for the series, which became a worldwide hit, according to The Hollywood Reporter Russia .

Managing Director of Carnival and the show’s executive producer Gareth Neame said: “Millions of people in the world last five years, follows the lives of a family Crowley and those who serve them. In the life of each show, the day when it comes to an end and “Downton Abbey” – is no exception. We want to shut the door to the abbey at a time when the storylines come together and yet show brings delight his fans. We can promise you that in the last season will be enough drama and intrigue, but more will be added and foretaste of understanding of how and where everything will end. ”

The creator and writer of the series Julian Fellowes said: “We were asked if we knew what would happen when they began to shoot the first series. We, of course, replied that they had no idea. I can not even explain, why the show made such an impact on people all over the world any nationality, age and type. But I understand how we grateful that we were allowed to get such a unique experience. I suspect that the series will be a major milestone in the careers of most of us. If so and will, I shall consider it an honor and happiness. ”

“Downton Abbey” was the highest rated drama on British television channels over the past 10 years. Released five seasons looked 11 million viewers on average.

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