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In Moscow, handed the award Producers’ Association for the best TV series – Russian newspaper

Professional Award of the Association of Film and Television Producers awarded only the third time. This year was marked by the best TV series in 2014.

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In our time almost every Movie Awards, and not only in Russia, has nominated television, where there is the best movie or TV series last season. Against this background, special prize dedicated to the TV project, looks very relevant, especially as the quality of the series in our country is growing. Get at least the past year – in 2013 Producers Association, which includes 26 companies, said series “The Thaw”, “Owl Creek”, “Molodezhka”, “Kitchen”, “Vysotsky. Thank you for living. Four hours of real life” “Sherlock Holmes”.

At this time the award was presented by the TV series “Ladoga”, “Major”. “Catherine,” “The Interpreter”, “Gregory R.,” “Fizruk”, “ship” and “Last Things”.

The award ceremony, like the previous two times, was very beautiful and elegant – in the capital’s “Forum Hall” were covered with white tables, candles burning. Despite the fact that before the ceremony among those present, there was talk of a crisis in the film and the closure of certain projects, the award showed that domestic producers with the means everything is in order. Although Sergei Selyanov, chairman of the Association, and a slip opening act that should not be taken as a feast during the plague.

Not all the guests got to the “Forum Hall” – were a lot of empty seats, but the main actors still came. As said, receiving a special prize, genprodyuser Channel One Konstantin Ernst, people gathered here, which really depends on the situation on our television.

Konstantin L. was one of the two special prizes for carrying out opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in 2014 . Picking up the award, he noted that “small prize is judged to be honest,” and added that he was pleased to receive a prize for the second year, but “how much was given blood … If that is – three billionth audience and live – podmontiruesh nothing. ” Even Ernst admitted that if he was asked to do that again, he would say – “No way!”.

The second special prize for his contribution and achievements in the television industry and Cinematography Andrei Zvyagintsev got, and Alexander Rodnyanskii Sergey Melkumov for the film “Leviathan.” The ceremony was attended only Sergey Melkumov, he thanked the organizers on behalf of colleagues.

Co-Chair of the Association of producers Rodion Pavlyuchik drew attention to numerology: “Today, March 19, we have 19 nominations and 19 awards. This year we have added two nominations for the performance of the best male and female supporting roles “.

the prize” Best Supporting Actress “actress Julia AUG received for his work on the show channel” Russia 1 “” Catherine “- where she played the Empress Elizabeth II. Symbolically, the prize was presented by Julia Snigir – series “Catherine the Great”, where she played the title role, will be released soon on Channel One. Julia AUG came to the ceremony with his mother, which was very touching. The room generally prevailed informal atmosphere – the creators of serials happy for each other violently expressing emotions.

awards grants couples: producer and actress (“I became a producer, thanks to actresses” – joked one of them), for rare exception. For example, the award for “Best Costume Design” was presented by the new head of the Department of Culture of the Government of Moscow, Alexander Kibovsky. Select the winner of the nomination was not easy – all the series – and “Demons” and “Gregory R.” and “Catherine” – historical, and each suit has a special meaning. Kibovsky Alexander, an expert on the history of military costume, presenting the award for his work on the show “Catherine”, said: “With over teaching at the School of Moscow Art Theatre and experience in film, I can say that Russian costume designers – the best in the world . The only winner of two “Oscars” for the costumes John Mollo – it’s actually Ivan E. Mollo – he was born in London, the son of immigrants from Russia, military historian and collector – Eugene S. Mollo “.

Some solutions producers was not easy to take. It is difficult, for example, to choose the best actress if presented Marina Alexandrova (“Catherine”), Ksenia Rappoport (“Ladoga”) and Irina Rakhmanov (“Dugout”). Chose Ksenia Rappoport. From Dmitry Nagiyev (“Fizruk”), Paul Priluchny (“Major”), Vladimir Mashkov (“Gregory R.”) and Sergey Koltakova (“Last Things”) – is also difficult to choose who is better played in the popular television series. The choice was made in favor of Rasputin – Mashkov. Andrei Proshkin (“Translator”), Alexander Veledinsky (“Ladoga”), Konstantin The State (“Major”) – who is the best director? They became Andrey Proshkin.

What’s more comedy, “Two fathers and two sons,” “Fizruk” or the new series “Kitchen”? In the end, select “fizruk”.

The composer Alexey Aygi in the category “Best original music for the film / TV series” competed with himself for his work in “The Interpreter” and “Possessed”, eventually won the award for “The Interpreter “.

In summary, we can say that, of course, show the level of the” thaw “in 2014 on our television did not appear. But there are new interesting works – primarily, it concerns the youth series. No wonder the picture “Major” and “Ship” received prizes as the best in their categories – series from 5 to 24 series and more than 24 series, respectively.

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Many of the 2014 series of the same type. For example, when the screen was video – “Demons”, “Gregory R.,” “Catherine” – it seemed that one film just flows into the other. Nevertheless, already in 2015, we see that there are new series, which will tell. For example, Alexander Cekalo, handing the prize for best comedy, said that preparing the second season of “Major”, first he took off – in his native Kiev, and hopes that this opportunity will be the second time.

Who Else Producers received awards

“Best TV Movie (Series 1-4)”: “Ladoga” (“Marmot film” First Channel).

“The best scenario work”: Constantin Meyer, Alexander Vyalykh, Xenia Voronin Mikhail Tchistov, Alex Lyapichev, Alexey Ivanov, Alexander Belov, “Fizruk” (Good Story Media, “A Plus Production” with the participation of MF Media, TNT).

“Best Cinematography”: Ulugbek Khamraev, “Major” (“Wednesday”, Channel).

“Best Actor-director”: Vladimir Svetozarov Marina Nikolaeva, “Gregory R.” (“Mars Media” First Channel).

“Best Art makeup”: Eugene Malinkovskaya, “Gregory R.” (“Mars Media” First Channel).

“Best Sound”: Eugene Slivchenko Oleg Tatarinov, “Ladoga” (“Marmot film” First Channel).

“Best Director installation”: Kirill Abramov, “Major” (“Wednesday”, Channel).

“Best Supporting Actor plan in the television movie / TV series “: Igor Sklar for his role Yuri Kuzmenko in the series” Last Things “(” Directorate of Film “, Channel).

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