Friday, March 20, 2015

A one-way ticket. Terrorist attack in Tunisia claimed the lives of 53-year-old Russians – Arguments and Facts

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed the death of Galina Potapenko


The Russian Embassy in Tunis, working closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior of the country, found that in a group of tourists who were in the museum, “Bardo” in the moment of the attack on March 18 were two Russians – Hope Lukyanov and Galina Potapenko .

 Hope Lukyanov embassy staff found in the military hospital of Tunis. The woman received a slight wound in the arm.

Set the fate of Galina Potapenko was harder. As a result, search brought the most tragic result.


«We confirm that the second of the victims of the terrorist attack in Tunisia Russians that intensely wanted by the Russian Embassy in close coordination with the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia, unfortunately, found in previously unidentified dead bodies of foreign tourists,” – said in a Foreign Ministry Russia.


Thus, Galina Potapenko became one of the 23 victims of the terrorist attack on March 18. Among the dead are also citizens of Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, Japan, Colombia.


Final Voyage


57-year-old Hope Lukyanov and 53-year-old Galina Potapenko came together in Tunis on the Italian cruise ship company Costa Cruises. The company’s management has officially confirmed the death of the terrorist attack at the Museum “Bardo” five tourists puteshestvovashih on the liner, owned by Costa Cruises. In addition to the Russians, were killed and four Italians.

 Hope Lukianova relatives managed to contact her in the hospital. According to them, a woman much frightened, is in shock, but her life at the moment is not in danger.

Hope Lukyanov lives in Krasnodar, loves to travel and has repeatedly visited her friend Galina Potapenko, who lived in Italy.


This time Italian girlfriend went on a cruise ship on a trip to Tunisia. Visit to the Museum “Bardot”, included in the program of the cruise, turned into a tragedy.


The Tunisian authorities announced the arrest of nine suspects


Meanwhile, the Tunisian authorities are investigating the state of emergency and search of persons involved in terrorist attacks. To a common unit of the Government report says about the arrest of four persons directly related to the attack, as well as five people suspected of involvement in the activities of a terrorist cell, attack the museum “Bardo».


The names of the two militants killed security forces during the liberation of the museum, – Mehdi Yahyaui and Jaber Hashneu . According to media reports of Tunisia, the terrorists were trained in one of the special camps for militants in Libya near the city of Derna, where he returned about two months ago.


P to the Ministry of Culture of Tunisia, the museum “Bardo” will be re-opened to the public next week.


It is possible, however, that the tragedy will cause a serious decrease in the flow of those wishing to attend the meeting of unique pieces of ancient art.


Moreover, experts do not rule out that the attack at the Museum “Bardo” will reduce the total number of tourists visiting Tunisia. For a country that largely depends on the “tourist money”, this is a very serious blow.


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