Monday, March 30, 2015

The new director of the Novosibirsk Theatre promises to regain the trust of the audience – BBC News

The Ministry of Culture has proposed the Novosibirsk diocese withdraw the appeal to the prosecutor about the controversial opera “Tannhauser”. The department believes that the court – still not a place for creative solutions issues. Production of “Tannhäuser” has caused strong dissatisfaction with the religious community and has already cost the position of director of the Novosibirsk Theatre Boris Mezdrichu. Was replaced by Vladimir Kehman. And he has already announced its plans, including with respect to the new name of the theater.

A day after his appointment as director of the Novosibirsk Opera Vladimir Kehman tells about the first decision in his new post. “The theater we call the Grand Theatre Siberia, – he says. – Tomorrow I’m meeting with the company in two hours. I talked today with all the creative director of the troupe. Everyone is waiting to see me. And I look forward to meeting with the team. And so, I hope that Tomorrow we met. After meeting with my team, we will decide how we will proceed with the “Tannhauser” “.

Kehmana called effective theatrical managers. He will retain his position as head of the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, but the main focus of his life will certainly be an academic scene in Novosibirsk.

The dismissal of a civil servant Boris Mezdricha as director of the state agency was just the result of ignoring the requirements of the Ministry by head of them the same ministry, and appointed. In other words Mezdrich simply violated the ethics of labor relations. And public money staged, provoked a split in the community.

The former director was not able to realize that regardless of their relationship to one religion or another, the feelings of believers are entitled to respect. Society, the audience did not see the part of the theater management understanding of the situation, have not heard an apology.

The attempts to present the situation as an attack on freedom of the artist and the more censorship, at least – distortion of meaning. Scandalous experiments on small stages on private money – please, but what is the academic scene? Especially that claimed Wagner viewers just do not see.

The tasks before the new director is now really easy. “Here, in Novosibirsk, certainly, I am now primarily devoted his time and all his strength, and the whole experience to this theater actually acquired the greatness that he has always been – promises Vladimir Kehman. – And most importantly, that the two activities that we have to do in the near future (this is the 70th anniversary of Victory Day and the 70th anniversary of the theater). Because theater was built during the war. And this is very important, it is important to note at a decent level “.

One of the most brilliant theaters in the country must regain the trust, said its new leader, and his performances unite and not to split society.

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