Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chigirev: Valery Leontiev ill with influenza at home – Express-News

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28.03 | 19:04

In a number of media reported the alleged Soviet and Russian singer Valery Leontiev is in intensive care in Ulyanovsk.

Soon, however, the director of the singer Boris Chigirev issued a denial of information on hospitalization artist .

According to a representative of the singer, Valery Leontiev flu, which is not something extraordinary and sensational – anyone can get sick with the virus. Currently, the singer is at home rather than in hospital.

«He (Leontief) just the flu. He’s at home with the temperature of + 38 ° C », – said Chigirёv.

In this case, the director added that on March 26 due to poor health actor had to call an ambulance medical care.

The story was so widely publicized because of the fact that in Ulyanovsk March 28 was scheduled performance Valery Leontiev in Lenin Memorial, but it was canceled, causing the appearance of the media reports of alleged health problems of the artist and his hospitalization.

Fortunately and delight of fans of the actor, in fact it was not so bad, and they still have the opportunity to throw flowers at the feet of the famous singer.


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