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Andrei Zvyagintsev left without “Nicky”, but with a lady peak – Moskovsky Komsomolets

All the major awards received kinoakademikov film “Hard to Be God” Alexis Herman

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In Moscow State Music Theatre of Folklore “Russian song” Hope Babkin took XXVIII award ceremony of the National Film Award “Nika” at the end of 2014.

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Photo: Svetlana Hohriakova

Inna Churikova Leah Akhedzhakova, Naina Yeltsin

The fact that the “Best Feature Film” will be a picture of the late Alexis Herman, “It is difficult to be God “, it was clear from the first minute. Explain this is difficult, but the general mood is captured immediately. The current “Nick” has become part of the memorial, paying tribute to our biggest director Alexey Herman. It noted in the director category. A fellow German harvested “Nick” and other categories. Marked not lived up to the shooting operator Vladimir Ilyin and surviving Yuriy Klimenko, artists Sergei Kokovkin, George Kropachev, Elena Zhukova and costume designer Catherine Shapkayts, sound Nikolai Astakhov. Best actor was Leonid Yarmolnik, which should be noted already for patience, because the work on the “Hard to Be God” was delayed almost a decade. Competitors have had serious Yarmolnik Artem Bystrov in “fool”, Alexander Zbruev in “Movies about Alekseev,” Alexei Serebryakov in “Leviathan.” “Pulse above normal. Why is it shakes – I do not know “- said Leonid Yarmolnik, receiving the award. Recalled his late father – a professional military, to carry out orders in 1968 when entering the tank in Czechoslovakia: “Most of the film we shot in the Czech Republic. And Herman said the Czechs: “Will not work well, we again vedem tanks.” I understand that it just kind of my “Nick”. It – more German. Many of those who watched the movie until the end, it seemed dull and dirty. But there are those who think he is a genius, he. The world can be saved, not fighting, but something changing in people’s minds, but it could do German ».

Photo: Svetlana Hohriakova

Andrei Osipov

Almost all the awards received the widow of Alexis Herman Karmalita Svetlana and her son – Alexei German Jr. He recalled how his father walked painfully to this picture. Was in the hospital on a drip and then went to the set. “We have not changed anything, made the film the way I wanted Dad. This room friends, companions of his father, those with whom he wanted to talk “-and that’s it. Friends and comrades have made their choice. And presenting the award Academy president Andrei Konchalovsky said: “The only thing I regret that I can not give an award to him personally.” Svetlana Karmalita was happy that night: “I do not remember to” Nike “. If you have received for Best Director, the “Best Film” you do not shine. ” She turned to Yarmolnik “Lenya, you’re a hundred percent earned his” Nick “himself. I saw it and confirm ».

The best actress Daria Moroz became a” fool “. She herself sarcastically remarked that played the role of a girl with a frozen face, it became a kind of role. For “Best screenplay” award Yuri Bykov, who stopped calling on the award, because the picture “fool”, as a rule, does not receive anything, or is awarded for the script and the director of Bykov is clearly not enough. So Alex Aygi accidentally went and got the “Nick” in the category “Best music in the movie” – a “test” Alexander Kott. Usually, if Aygi appear at the ceremony, he did not shine. Is it worth it to ignore something perepadet. .

The five films included in the main category: in addition to tape Herman, this “White Nights postman Alexei Tryapitsyna” Andrei Konchalovsky, “Fool” Yuri Bykov, “Test” by Alexander Kott, “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev. And if the day before the ceremony, many said that it is possible to “Nick” not to go, it is clear that Zvyagintsev win, the more that “Leviathan” had the highest number of nominations – 11. And after awarding only heard: “For what Zvyagintsev a ride?” . Discussed as if it were not kinoakademiki made their choice, and leadership “Nicky».

Photo: Svetlana Hohriakova

Svetlana Karmalita and Alexei German Jr.

The most absurd that the already gloomy Zvyagintsev involved in a boring game with Lithuanian illusionists – at random and thanks to Leonid Yarmolnik. Andrew had to answer, as in a poker deck of cards, to name one of them. He chose the queen of spades, and then appeared on the stage actor Vladimir Dolinsky. Extracted from the trunk of one of the photos nominees, almost grudnichkovom age. Baby was Elena Liadov. It is – in the category “Best Actress” yes Roman Madyanov in the category “Best Actor” were among the recipients of the group “Leviathan.” If “Hard to Be God” has collected 7 out of 10 awards presented in the list of nominees, the “Leviathan” less fortunate: 2 out of 11.

Surprises at the ceremony were many. One of its leading – Actress Lisa Arzamasova – before our eyes into a trapeze artist and fly under the grate with a circus artist Alexander Volkov. Moreover, against the background of the frame from the movie “Test”, which produced the atomic bomb.

The most amusing presentation turned “Nicky” for “honor and dignity” actress Leah Akhedzhakova. Presents awards Naina Yeltsin and Inna Churikov. How to tell Naina Yeltsin, an assessment of not only artistic talent, but also civic and modesty. Inna Churikova laugh hall of his lengthy speech. She remembered the first time I saw his girlfriend in the Youth Theatre, where she played the boy. Yes so vividly that Churikov questioned – whether it is an actress, not a child there. “We need to love Leah such. She knows how to enjoy as anybody, any nonsense. Child, dog, cat. Loves all animals. Loves flowers that are planted with such passion. She – ambulance. Her health concerns even strangers “- stop Innu Mihalovnu was impossible. Leah Akhedzhakova in reply, suddenly began to say goodbye to colleagues: “Probably the last time I leave to my community. What strengths today the nominees presented. I am shocked. Something happened, all of a sudden just as powerful talents were able to speak. Soon we come to Zen Buddhism, metaphors, in some special sauce will submit their work to break through to the viewer. Actor – performer. Matter who you ordered. Tell me who your director, and I’ll tell you who you are. ” Sometimes it seems that it fails the role that talent left, and then together with the director will know what success is. “Thank you, my dear directors. Special thanks – Eldar Ryazanov. He offered me this territory and the subject. I tried as best I could not go with the territory, “- continues to” farewell “speech Akhedzhakova.

” The best non-fiction film “won” Koktebel stones “Andrei Osipov of Maximilian Voloshin, Alexei Tolstoy and other writers and poets who lived in Koktebel. The competition here was a strong – “On the threshold of fear” of the late Frank and Mary Hertz Kravchenko about our former compatriot, fell in love with the murderer of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, “The Last Knight Empire” Sergei Debizhev of writer Ivan Solonevich.

And in the category of “Best Animated Film” presented were strong work, and won “My personal elk” Leonid Shmelkova. “Best film of the CIS and Baltic States” was “tribe” Miroslav Slaboshpitskogo from Ukraine. And this is more a political decision. Were working and powerful, the same “Corn Island” George Ovashvili. But Georgian director is not likely to come to receive the award for the same “obvious reasons”, as was said at the ceremony.

«Tribe” was the only Russian actor – Alexander Sidelnikov, who spoke with the help of a sign language interpreter. Almost all heroes “tribe” – deaf.

«Discovery of the Year” called “Class correction” Ivan Tverdovskogo Jr., who has dozens of awards for his film.

Presenting “Nick” ” for his contribution to cinema science, criticism and education, “the founder of the Cinema Museum Nahum Kleinmann, Fyodor Bondarchuk called him great. A Kleiman in response kinoakademikov urged to take care of the Cinema Museum, of which he is no longer, for the sake of posterity. Special prize of the Academy “For outstanding contribution to the national cinema” was awarded in absentia the Petersburg Yury Klepikov screenwriter who wrote the screenplays for the films “The Story of Asya Klyachina” Andrei Konchalovsky, “Guys” and “Do not have a headache woodpecker” Dinara Assanova, “Ascent” Larissa Shepitko. Yuri Klepikov himself was not present at the ceremony – could not come from St. Petersburg for family reasons. Or maybe embarrassed because, as rightly pointed Konchalovsky, he – a serious, shy and clean. And this, according to the president, “Nicky” – not the best quality for success.


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