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Alexander Brodsky. “Iskander”, “Bastion”, the place of women and Ukraine – a REGNUM

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Ukrainian crisis, the European missile defense system, and the woman question

In Denmark panic: “I think the Danes do not fully understand the consequences of accession to the European missile defense system, the construction of which are lobbying the US. If this happens, the Danish warships will become targets for Russian missiles with nuclear warheads, “- said the Russian ambassador to Denmark Vanin. The answer came quickly enough, “opinion after Vanina casts doubt on its adequacy. His words have meaning only if he meant the situation after the outbreak of hostilities, but then Denmark, as a member of NATO in any case become a target for nuclear strikes “-” reassured “of their compatriots leading military specialist of the Socialist Party of Denmark Holger Nielsen.

Actually this is nothing new. November 23, 2011, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, in response to plans to build a European missile defense stated, inter alia, that “if these measures will not be enough (obviously off EUROPRO via EW – electronic warfare) Russian Federation place in the west and south of the country modern percussion weapons systems that provide fire damage European component of missile defense. One such step would be the deployment of missile system “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad special district. ” However, if earlier still unclear – some warheads will have funds “providing fire damage to the European component of missile defense,” but now, after the Danish scandal to this question will receive a full – nuclear warheads will, which is not surprising, since we are talking about a preemptive strike that Russia will take in the event that if he sees that it is preparing a nuclear attack.

In this regard, it should be recalled types of nuclear strikes. 1. The first (disarming) strike is applied to the places of deployment of nuclear missiles. In addition, the first blow can be applied to the major cities of the enemy or to intimidate the (terror), or for the destruction of upravleniya.2. Preemptive or preventive strike is applied when it becomes clear that the enemy will inevitably strike first and pre-emptive strike is the only way to stop or reduce the nuclear missile attack protivnika.3. Retaliatory strike, when a start command is given to all ammunition is applied when the enemy has attacked and several hundred of its warheads or already exploded in your area, or will inevitably explode in the near future.

In 2011, President Medvedev said that the actions of the United States of such a nature that as a result, Russia may lose the ability to inflict retaliatory udar.Nado say to such conclusions not only presidential advisers, and American experts, experts in the field of nuclear geopolitics. In particular his article «The Rise of US Nuclear Primacy», published in 2006 a goal in the prestigious journal USA, dedicated to international politics «Foreign Affairs», they argued that since the post-Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces and the Russian fleet rapidly degraded, and some stations missile warning appeared on the territory controlled by NATO, the United States will soon be able to strike the first, disarming strike, which the Russian government recognizes only after the warheads explode already on Russian pads and in places where Russian submarines. And the key role in this scenario, it was assigned to the US missile defense, which, in principle, can not intercept all Russian missiles after salvo launch, but it can intercept a relatively small number of missiles, the survivors of the US first strike. Thus, it becomes clear that these American professors believe the European missile defense is not defensive weapons, and especially offensive because it is obviously useless against Russia’s first or pre-emptive strike.

The command of NATO and the US government, of course, assured the Russian leadership that the European missile defense system is aimed against anyone, not against Russia, and invited to relax and enjoy watching how to construct a European missile defense system to intercept Iranian missiles. Until 2011, Russia has been trying to overcome contradictions emerging, offering to build a joint missile defense system, which can not be used against Russia and the United States refused these offers, offering to rely on the purity of their intentions and assuring that the authors «ForeignAffairs» often do not know what they do when in writing to suggest that such a democratic country like the US can someone go and bomb.

However, as it turned out, unfortunately for the American hawks, Russia can not forget June 22, 1941 and refused to relax. And after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton supported Japan’s territorial claims to Russia, thus putting into question its territorial integrity, on the contrary, tensed any longer and made all the same clubs, equipping it for the past three years, the three newest submarine, having reduced noise and can thereby easily enough to break out into the Atlantic, go unnoticed. Also just in the last days it became clear that the newest Corvettes “Buyan-M” project 21631, which Zelenodolsky Shipyard built in Kazan, presumably for the Caspian Flotilla, in full compliance with the order of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in the near future will be on the Black Sea (and perhaps be already there), and it is combined in principle “Crimea is ours!” changes all the plans of NATO’s missile defense construction.

The fact is that “Buyan-M” Project 21631 is built on technology ” Stealth “and armed with the latest missiles” Caliber “and” Onyx “, the same ones that are part of the onshore” Bastion “cause US sailors nervous breakdown and the desire to write a resignation as soon as they find their ships in the sight of these complexes. And these are the sailors on the newest destroyers URO, is the starting point for launching missiles and as such is a key element of missile defense, and the emergence of the Black Sea “Buyan-M” armed “caliber” and “Onyx” and covert anti-aircraft complexes in Crimea, US destroyers makes an excellent target for these missiles to intercept those who can not destroyers. Naturally, these circumstances create on American destroyers nervous situation that does not allow them to use to launch missiles not only in the Black Sea, but also in the eastern Mediterranean, and catch Russian missiles from other parts of the Mediterranean missile data can not, because of their speed characteristics and limitations on the range. So it is no wonder that these destroyers had just retired from this position area, thereby recognizing their full uselessness even to provide a purely psychological pressure on the Russian leadership.

The question arises: why, in fact, the US and NATO continue to escalate tensions over Ukraine, knowing that nuclear power is not on their side, and the notorious defense is not suitable for the purpose for which it was created? Sometimes there is the impression that either the play started a sect worshiping the enemy of the human race, or that stir up tension in Europe somehow improves the position of a group of military and political figures in domestic politics in the United States. Of course, we can not exclude that at the highest level in the United States there is a sect whose members may be serious enough to give orders and ready to go to the Last Judgment and there to justify the destruction of the human race need to save from the treacherous attack Russian vital interests of the United States in the city of Gorlovka. But it remains a complete mystery how these people pass a medical examination, and in view of this, the second assumption still seems much more reasonable.

In this regard, immediately comes to mind is that the tension around Europe distracts Americans by personal scandal Server family of the Clintons that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the 4 years used to send emails demanding “regime change” in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria (which she could demand from Russia – it is better not to think). Meanwhile, all these messages by law belong to the state and leaving the post of secretary of state, she had to pass their respective records. But she did not, and now refuses to hand over your server to representatives of those services, citing the fact that in addition to the state of messages it contains and personal, that women’s shyness does not allow her to show strange men.

And the battle for the server is so desperate, including sexist accusations of Republicans that the only woman capable of becoming US President, hide messages on the server of a criminal nature, concerning, for example, the brutal murder of the US ambassador in Benghazi that there are very good reasons to believe that the US recognition of the new geopolitical realities that have arisen in the course of the Ukrainian crisis, will be expressed in the form of a warrant for the removal of the server from the hands of the unfortunate woman who wanted so much to the Oval Office of the White the house was a woman president, standing next to Bill Clinton head high and not intern …


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