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Arkady died Arcana – RBC

The writer-comedian Arkady Arcana

Photo: Russian Look

In Moscow, died writer and humorist Arkady Arcana, the press service of the Satire Theater cooperates with the writer. “Do not become Arkanov Arcadia” – said in a statement on the website of the theater.

The first of the writer’s death told LifeNews. As the portal, for the first time 81-year-old Arkanov became ill on Friday, March 13th. Writer called cardiac ambulance. Doctors have found that in the context of cancer in Arkanov appeared chest pain. After providing the necessary assistance to the writer left home under the supervision of relatives. The next day, the patient again became ill. Caused by repeated medical risk did not and took him to the hospital. Satirist, was hospitalized in the Central Clinical Hospital of the presidential administration.

Farewell to the writer will be held in the Central House of Writers, date and time are not yet known, the agency TASS first secretary of the Moscow Union of Writers Yevgeny Sidorov. “Farewell to a CDL. Date is not yet known, “- said Sidorov.

Director of Theater of Satire Mamed Agayev informed the Agency that the theater is ready to take the lead in organizing the funeral Arcadia Arkanov. “We Arkanov relatives remained only son, he lives in America – Agayev said. – He has to fly to Moscow today, we will discuss the funeral. We believe that Arkady Arcana was our man of the theater ready to take on the organizational part ».

The Arcane born June 7, 1933 in Kiev. In the 1960s, published in the journal “Youth”, “Literary Gazette,” and others. Participated in the creation of the almanac “Metropol”. Led the TV program “Around the laughter. Non-stop “,” White Parrot “. Arcana wrote about a dozen books and plays staged at the Theatre of Satire in Moscow.

«He was an intellectual in the highest sense of the word. Arcana was decent, brave, he was a fighter. He was my friend. It is not enough. When he got sick, we all thought that will be adjusted. I am proud that we were friends, “- said TASS poet Andrei Dementiev. “I always thought that the Arcane – a man without age, and the news of his death, in spite of its age, does not mount with this man. Arkady Mikhailovich grow old with dignity, I would say – in style. He lived a very good life, lived the way I wanted. Arkady Mikhailovich was a writer with his attitude and his tongue. I mourn his departure, “- said the People’s Artist of Russia Gennady Khazanov.


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