Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Alexey Ivanov will present a new novel “Bad weather” April 1 – New Companion

bad weather

In the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH) on April 1 at 19:30 will be a creative meeting with the writer Alexei Ivanov. The event is devoted to publication of new novel “Bad weather».

Recall novel has already entered the “top 15″ most anticipated books according to Forbes .

Julia Zaitseva, an agent of the writer Alexei Ivanov:

– The action takes place in 2008. Simple driver, a former soldier of the Afghan war alone satisfied daring robbery spetsfurgona which transports money a large shopping center. So in a million, but a provincial city Batueva completed a long history of daring and mighty Union Veterans of Afghanistan – whether public organization, or business alliance, or criminal group: in the “dashing 1990s” when the union was formed and gained strength, it was difficult to distinguish one from another.

But the novel is not about money and not about crime, but about the bad weather in the shower. About a desperate search for reasons for which a person should trust a man in a world where triumph only predators – but it is impossible to live without trust. Novel that greatness and despair have the same roots. The fact that each of us is in danger of inadvertently get into bad weather and did not break out ever, because bad weather – a refuge and a trap, salvation and destruction, great comfort and eternal pain of life.

The meeting will be held in №227 RSHU audience. Leading meetings – literary critic, head of the history of Russian literature of recent times RSHU Dmitry Bak.

Under the arrangement with the publisher AST “newspaper. ru » publishes the first chapter of the novel “Bad weather”.


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