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“Fartsa” Alexander Cekalo as a sign of quality –

20:24, March 30, 2015

The fashion for “thaw” asked his Todorovski ” Hipsters. ” He is not just remembered that there was such an epoch. No, it does not merit this. Todorovski showed what colors can be painted gray Soviet everyday life, when they were all each other comrades and went dressed in 50 shades of gray. “Dudes” – it was not just a movie, but a real film festival. Heroes were not only vividly dressed and hurry love, but also sang and danced, and played the saxophone. Action “Hipsters” unfolds in Moscow 1955-1956 years – during the beginning of the Khrushchev thaw.

The history of the “thaw” that Todorovski took for the first channel is not in the format of a musical, but as a TV serial, began in 1961. The director talked about what he knew firsthand how to make movies in that era. The focus of the largest Soviet “Mosfilm” and its inhabitants with undercover games, intrigues and again – with songs, dances.

baton of Valery Todorovski took over Alexander Cekalo. And he seems to be hello “thaw” appearance in the very first frames “fartsa” Yevgeny Tsyganov in the form of one of the most famous shady businessmen Soviet-era underground multi Jan Rokotoff and then Alexander Yatsenko in the role of a taxi driver nicknamed Sergei Take-and- Let’s go. One would think, why? Why so hard to asking for a comparison with the “thaw”, if so comparisons can not be avoided? But the creators of “fartsa” how would tell us that they were not afraid. And they are not afraid, because their story – it is about something else. It is about the fact that when we are young, we think: this is our time – it is the most unscrupulous and ruthless. About the fact that in any era, people have a choice. About the fact that the concepts of friendship, honor and conscience – they are out of time. About the fact that love and sex have always been. About how the ship named “Dream” beating on the rocks under the weight of the harsh reality of the circumstances.

Andrei Trofimov returned to Moscow after a year spent on the construction of hydroelectric power plants. He dreams of becoming a writer and wants to be a good person. At the station, take the magazine “Youth” published there with his story and meet with friends. His house waiting for a loving mother and groom. Friends, neighbors, relatives and loved ones gather all at one table. That’s just this idyllic picture is long: the same evening before the choice is Andrew twice. And if the first time he will be able to remain a dreamer and a romantic last on the ground, in the second – no longer can. Andrew will have to lay down their idealism on the altar of friendship without reserve.

The main roles in “fartsa” performed by young actors who have not yet widely known and not had time to dry mouth viewer. At first I thought it strange appearance Zoe Berber after the “real kids” in “fartsa.” But the actress looked very organic in the way of the Soviet Nadi girl who dreams of becoming an actress. In the first series of Zoya Berber appears in quite explicit scenes. 18-year-old student Thais Vilkova, although not a debutante, but Zina in “fartsa” – her first major and serious role.

With Alexander Petrov channels in general played a cruel joke. Last week, he was a bandit Vadik in the Law “concrete jungle”, on this – black marketeer. For 25-year-old Philip Gorenstein role in Boris’ fartsa “- the first major of his career. He plays a womanizer and dandy – the army of fans can not be avoided. Alexei Veselkin the last time we saw last fall on TNT – in a cameo role in the TV series “Chernobyl. Exclusion zone. ” In general, for all the actors “fartsa” will certainly be a breakthrough.

And if starring in the TV series newcomers, the episodic – entirely stars: Yevgeny Tsyganov , Eugene Stychkin Alexei Serebryakov, Alexander Yatsenko , Yekaterina Volkova. The latest we have just seen in the role of chief editor in « Law stone jungle » – in the same position it will appear in the “fartsa.” And Eugene Stychkin, who played bad uncle in « Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone », will appear in the same role, but with curly hair! In general, the delicious “chips” in the series will be a lot.

The locomotive train called “fartsa” was Alexander Cekalo . He spoke not only the producer of the series, but also one of the main writers. The second was Alexander Kott. For two years they collected material: met with real black marketeers, who survived. And producers continue to do this because “fartsa” will be a few more seasons. The director of the project was Yegor Baranov , with whom Alexander did Cekalo “Locust».

Yegor 26 years – he was the same age as the young actors who play a major role. On the set was dominated by the fun and spirit of freedom and creativity. Actors ceremony offered their ideas. Friendship has developed not only on the screen, but also on the set. All are looking forward to the summer, when work will begin on a sequel to “fartsa».

It is felt that Alexander Cekalo managed to gather around him the right people. And the project was in a good right. And the most important thing – quality. Thought everything from savers to each chord in each series. In general, the name of Alexander Cekalo becomes a guarantee of quality. Whatever the series, the loudest and successful project. “Side of the Moon”, “Major”, “fartsa” happened, “Klim”, “method”, “Waste”, “The Other Side of the Moon – 2″, “Major-2″ is expected … Cekalo sets ambitious targets and until successfully deal with them. After all, if the viewer is looking forward to the second season, then the first shot is not in vain.



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