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“Museon” Gorky – BBC

From September 30 in Moscow will be one less than the Museum: Art Park “Museon” joins Gorky Park, whose name and receive a new structure. The decision taken by the Department of Culture of the city – as the report says, according to the order №867 and recommendations of the supervisory boards of the two organizations. Also consider the report on the audit of financial and economic activity “Museon».

Director extended Gorky Park will be the head of the “Museon” Elena Tyunyaeva.

«At the moment, the union is expected staffing and Gorky Park” Museon “. I am not now going to deal with cuts, “- she said” ».

However, the reduction of one already known: a contract with the director of the Gorky Park Olga Zakharova ended on 30 September and will not be extended. Zakharov headed Gorky Park in the fall of 2011, after the appointment of the previous director, Sergei Kapkova, head of the Moscow Committee of Culture. Tyunyaeva also topped the “Museon” in “time Kapkova».

Sergei Kapkov left the department in March of this year; he was succeeded by Alexander Kibovsky about five years by the Cultural Heritage Department of the city government.

Combining the two institutions have started to discuss further with the kapok, a decision that is supported by Sergey Sobyanin, in principle, it was in line with of Gorky Park. Its territory has expanded – it was attached Boring garden, and in November of 2013 – and the nature reserve “Sparrow Hills”. “Museon”, located across the Garden Ring from the Central Park towards the city center, will extend a common recreation area near to the Kremlin.

Tyunyaeva noted that the difference between the two parks only in concepts : in the “Museon” emphasis on museum, exhibition and educational activities, and in Gorky Park more sports activities.

At the decisions could affect different subordination. Central Park is included in Mosgorpak that unites all the parks of the capital, and the “Museon” – it is a museum, but with attached Crimean embankment. But Tyunyaeva noted that the main in the “Museon” was a park element.

«All activities under way” Museon “all activities that are carried out, the improvement that has been made, the main activities – the open space on the territory of the park, “- said Tyunyaeva” ».

Part of the” Museon “takes the Tretyakov Gallery and the Central House of Artists; Gorky Park is also a Museum – Center for Contemporary Art “Garage».

«These areas historically developed in parallel, but in different directions. Association of institutions does not mean that you need to radically change the concept of development. They are well and wisely complement each other “, – concluded Tyunyaeva.

Now the area of ​​Gorky Park is 250 hectares, it annually accounted for 14 million people; the “Museon” performance about 10 times lower – 23 ha and approximately 2 million visitors.

On the near Gorky Park and association “Museon” became known this week. He told the news agency TASS a source familiar with the situation. When Zakharova Gorky Park was the concept of development until 2018, half had carried out the restoration of cultural heritage (in the park of 26). In addition, as described ex-director told the newspaper “Kommersant”, the park has become profitable – in the year he earned 755 million rubles.

Zakharov also said that non-renewal of her contract were not warned; however, there was no proposal for further work in the Park.

According Tyunyaevoy, it is going to work within the existing concept of development and end all to its activities. However, she admitted that she is not familiar with the concept in its entirety.

Creative Director Central Park Daria Beglova told “” that the reasons for dismissal are not clear Zakharova. It also announced its intention to leave the place of work.


Russia delivered the first air strikes on rebels “Islamic state” in Syria –

Russia launched an air operation against militants in the Russian Federation banned terrorist organization “Islamic State” in Syria. Day September 30 Air Space Forces of the Russian Federation, a part of which has recently include Air Force inflicted pinpoint strikes on ground targets of terrorists. The order was given by the commander in chief and President Vladimir Putin immediately after the Federation Council allowed the head of state to use troops on Syrian territory.

 “Planes Russian VKS strikes at military equipment, communication centers, vehicles, depots of arms, ammunition, fuel and lubricants, belonging to terrorists IG” – this, as reported by the Defense Ministry of the country “Interfax” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu briefed colleagues from the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which, in addition to Russia, includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, where recently sharply active IG supporters.

After a while, after the first air strikes Putin at a meeting with members of the government residence in Novo-Ogaryovo he said that Russia will participate in Syria only air operations . “Firstly, we will support the Syrian army exclusively in its legitimate struggle
 namely with terrorist groups. Secondly, support will be
 carried out from the air without participation in ground operations. Such support will be limited in time by the duration of the Syrian army offensive operations “, – said Russian President.

Russia accused in the bombing of civilians areas in Syria, the Foreign Ministry said it” information war “

 - The US and Russia can not divide the sky Syria for air operations against “Islamic state”
 - Putin assured the government that Russia will not sink into the conflict in Syria, “head”
 - Putin has enlisted the support of the President of Iran on the issue of using Russian troops in Syria
 - The Russians against bringing Russian troops in Syria
 - West examines Putin said and unsaid in the UN

Despite the statement by Putin, the Russian political elite have begun to make suggestions about what should be sent to Syria, and ground troops. “It’s a shame that it is only the Air Force, that there used infantry” – complained the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. He said that the war against “these devils” are ready to send thousands of volunteers. “We are the very first stand. We are working on it more than a year, we combat readiness number one” – said Kadyrov.

 Meanwhile, in addition to the purely air operation in Syria, Putin also said that the fight against terrorism must be conducted in strict accordance with international law, that is, according to the UN resolution or at the request of the official government. “Neither one nor the other of our partners under the action in Syria is not” – said the president. In his speech at the UN General Assembly, without naming specific countries, it is said , that the State is engaged in “exporting democratic revolutions” that instead of democracy bear violence.

 In the official online the Defense Ministry Wednesday night there have been reports on the results of the first air strikes in Syria. “Today, the Russian Aviation Group, headquartered in the Syrian airfield” Hmeymim “struck the first surgical strikes on objects of the international terrorist organization LIH. Aircraft strike aircraft equipped with modern complexes defeat, attacked eight objects. It caches of weapons and ammunition, fuels and lubricants , military equipment, command posts, communication centers, vehicles militants LIH. All targets hit. Such objects as a command post and headquarters of militant control terrorist groups located in a mountainous area, completely destroyed “, – stated in the department.

 Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov added that “all strikes after aerial reconnaissance and clarify the data obtained from the headquarters of the Syrian army.” “According to civilian infrastructure and the vicinity of Russian aircraft weapons have not been used,” – he stressed. Konashenkov also said that all Russian planes had carried out 20 sorties.

 Meanwhile Russian journalists found out that one of the main objectives of the bombing of the Russian Federation is to prevent the possibility of pumping oil and terrorists continued smuggling. According to “Novaya Gazeta” , the military has consulted with the oil.

 Representatives of the Ministry of Defense primarily interested in the question what the point of pumping stations, providing pumping oil through the pipeline must be put out of action to prevent the possibility of pumping oil and, therefore, illegal trade in raw materials. Oilers exhaustively answered the questions, including the granting and the exact coordinates of these objects of oil infrastructure controlled by the IG.

 On the Internet, Reuters has published a Video Russian fighters bombing the Syrian city of Homs. The footage seen destroyed buildings, black smoke and warplanes in the sky. Later, the Ministry of Defence Post your video captured with Russian

About an hour before the first air strikes as US official told Reuters on condition of anonymity, the Russian side has warned the partners in the United States. Around the same time, the US media began to report that Russian aircraft bombed several Syrian cities, where entrenched militants IG. According to CNN , air strikes were inflicted on the city of Homs. According to AFP, Russia hit three Syrian provinces, and not only in Homs.

 At the same time a high-ranking source in the government of Israel also said that Moscow notified the Jerusalem advance of its intention to strike from the air infrastructure of the terrorist group “Islamic State” in Syria, writes NEWSru Israel .

 According to RBC , Russia uses Syrian Su-25, Su-30, Su-24 bombers and Su-34 combat helicopters Mi-24, transport Tu-154, Tu-155, Il -76 and AN-124. Most of the listed equipment, according to media reports, is located at the base in Latakia. On the eve of Western journalists notice six Russian Sukhoi Su-34, which presumably arrived at the air base at the Syrian city of Latakia. Before that, there were transferred 28 combat aircraft from Russia. Earlier, Russian officials openly said that Syria does have weapons from Russia. In addition, the government said that in the Syrian territory of the Russian Federation there are instructors who teach the Syrians to handle military equipment.

In addition to Russian VKS against “Islamic state” is fighting the international coalition, including NATO. At the same time on Wednesday at the online Syrian Centre for human rights, it was reported that as a result of the bombing of the Air Force of government in the north of Homs, killing at least 27 civilians. Among the victims – five women and six children. Several people were seriously injured.

 Russia and the West support the different political forces in Syria. Moscow stands for the preservation of power of President Bashar al-Assad, and later, if it wants the Syrian people, he should give up his place. In the West believe that Assad has brought the country to civil war and must immediately leave his post, and in its place must come a new leader by the Syrian general elections.

 The presence of military aircraft in the air several associations – Russia and NATO – raises some interference in their work. In this connection, Moscow demanded that Washington immediately remove the aircraft at the time of the US operations of Russian aviation. However, Washington offered to discuss this issue at the negotiating table. The US authorities also argue that Russia does airstrikes and unoccupied areas of militants. There is even a statement to the NATO-led, under which Russia over Syria begins to create a “bubble” air defense, according to InoPressa .

 It is worth noting that last week, sources Reuters on the London-based Syrian Centre for human rights reported that Syrian government forces of President Bashar al-Assad used recently delivered to military aircraft of Russian production for strikes for the location ” Islamic state. ” The Kremlin did not answer, Russian planes bombed positions of the IG in Syria or not.

  Source: Russian objective of the operation in Syria – to destroy the military infrastructure of the IG

 Interlocutor RBC says that the main task of the combat operations of the Russian Federation in Syria is the application of military infrastructure IG irreparable damage: it is necessary to bleed the army of terrorists. For this major strikes are not printed on the manpower of the enemy, and in warehouses of weapons, ammunition, fuel and lubricants. The problem will be solved when the military power of “Islamic state” will be greatly undermined.

source close to the Kremlin, told RBC that the decision on the military support of the Assad government was made by the Russian leadership, when it became apparent inability of the coalition headed by the United States to stop the expansion of the “Islamic state.” Source echoed press secretary of the president of the Russian Federation that the only Russian air strikes in the SAR are legitimate, since Moscow has received permission from the official Damascus bombing. A coalition members act without a UN mandate and Middle Eastern governments.

The source stressed that Russia’s assistance to be effective, since the Russian Air Force will operate in close coordination with the regular army in Syria. In addition, the Iranian leadership has gone to coordination with Moscow on this issue.

The goal of Putin may be the release of Palmyra

In addition, the Western media continue to speculate about what the big goal Putin in the Middle East. Journalists doubt that the president of Russia is important to the preservation of the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

 “Vladimir Putin has sent his troops to Syria, not just in order to show solidarity with Bashar al-Assad. And they flew on the Russian bases around Tartus, not in order to help Assad to stay in power. This is clear without words. And Putin does not disturb the possibility of loss only port in the warmth of the Mediterranean, which has remained in the hands of Moscow (near Lattakia point is logistics of the Russian Navy – the only Russian military facility in the region. – Notes. ) “, – Robert Fisk wrote in Independent .

 According to the author, the translation of which is published InoPressa , Russia is preparing the Syrian army “to liberate from the Islamists of the ancient Roman city of Palmyra.” “The new Russian fighter-bombers, the new anti-tank missiles and even, perhaps, the new Russian T-90 tanks are prepared for use in desert areas. One of the most modern Syrian air base is located about 50 miles from Palmyra – on the highway east of Homs – and the Syrian army was planning to attack a few months around the city “, – says the journalist.

 According to Fisk, Putin “offensive would be – or will be – grandiose symbol of the new Russia’s influence in the Middle East.” “If the IG – along with hating Putin’s Chechen rebels – will be able to clip the wings, then the US and NATO – will have to negotiate with Russia on the future of Syria,” – the author notes. The journalist believes that the attack will take place before the beginning of November.

  The Russian soldiers “will fight” for sending to Syria because of the large travel

The total number of Russian military personnel who may be involved in Syria, including air strikes and the delivery of military equipment to Syrian army, is about 1,500. We are talking only about the officers and privates and sergeants on contract service, which will be paid to large travel, in connection with which there is no shortage of willing, he told the “Vedomosti” the source close to the Defense Ministry.

 As specified head of the Union of Committees of Soldiers’ Mothers, Valentina Melnikova, of military aircraft crews of soldiers is not at all – neither conscripts nor contractors, soldiers in the Air Force are engaged only attendants, were watching the airfields, and do not participate in the preparation of aircraft for combat operations.

 “Maybe it will be on contract-commissioned officers, but it is unlikely. Even if there is a staff, it is also contractors, their back can post as a public decision. But if the contractor does not want to go, he would write a report on the refusal of the trip. From any trip of any employee can refuse, the rest is at the discretion of the authorities “, – she added. However, the failures are likely to be rare, a human rights activist said: “In these places will fight because of the large travel.”

 As explained by Melnikov, the question of additional payments to Russian soldiers who are officially abroad, regulated by the Federal Law of June 23, 1995 № 93-FZ “On the order of the Russian Federation military and civilian personnel to participate in operations to maintain or restore international peace and security “.

During the execution of the law 26 December 2005 was accepted by the Government № 812 “On the amount and manner of payment of daily foreign currency and allowances to the daily foreign currency for business trips in foreign countries workers who have signed an employment contract about working in federal government agencies, employees of state extra-budgetary funds of the Russian Federation, federal government agencies. ” The annex to this decree established per diem for business travelers in 193 countries around the world. According to this document in Syria officers will receive monetary allowances beyond the normal 62 dollars a day, the soldiers – 43 dollars.

 The size of payments in case of death or injury of military personnel regulated by the federal law “On obligatory state life insurance and health of military personnel of the Armed Forces and the citizens called on military training.” They established the following limits: in the event of death – 2.34 million rubles, on receipt of disability group I – 1.75 million rubles, II group – 1.16 million rubles, III group – 584 338 rubles. For severe injury can make the payment of 233 775 rubles for a light injury – 58,433 rubles, it follows from the memo of the insurance group “SOGAZ”, life insurance and health of military personnel of the Armed Forces of Russia.

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Live Russia delivered the first air strikes on targets in Syria – BBC Russian


The representative of the Syrian National Council in Moscow, Mahmoud al-Hamza in an interview with BBC Russian Service, “in Syria are the latest military action Russia is negative because it is a foreign intervention in Syria.

Unfortunately, the main purpose of the introduction of troops – to help the regime of Bashar al-Assad, to save it. The Iranians, “Hezbollah” and other allies of Assad is not much help to him, the regime still lost. Russia has understood that if it will not help al-Assad, the regime will collapse, and Russia will lose their positions in Syria, would be out of the game.

Russia needs to maintain the Assad regime, and in this we have with the Russian regime costs because the main task of the Syrian Revolution – it political change against the regime. Assad himself to blame for the occurrence of LIH.

Because of egozhestokosti and crimes he committed against his own people, innocent people, because of the bombing, the use of chemical weapons radicalized population. Russia’s military presence in Syria is benefiting LIH, because many of those who are against the foreign military presence may succumb to slogans Islamists.

I think that under the guise of LIH Russia will bomb the moderate opposition to weaken the position of those who are against Bashar al-Assad, as the main opponent of the regime – is not LIH, namely the opposition “.


Manuscripts Orson Welles sold for 102 thousand dollars – RIA Novosti

Orson Welles film Citizen Kane. Archival photo

© Photo: RKO Radio Pictures. 1941

MOSCOW, September 30 – RIA Novosti. Manuscripts filmmaker and writer Orson Welles, including the final version of the script for the film “Citizen Kane” , ranked first in the list of the 100 best American films (according to the American Film Institute), were sold at auction in the United States for 102 thousand dollars, reports the Associated Press.

Three versions of the script were introduced by Profiles in History. Seller of the documents made a close friend of Wells, received the manuscript scenario personally from their author.

The largest amount was proposed for the third, the final version of the script of the film. The manuscript was sold for 44.8 thousand dollars.

In addition, the auction were several handwritten documents Wells provided by other owners. Among them, the text for the radio performance of the acclaimed novel by HG Wells’ War of the Worlds “, Orson Welles staged in 1938.

” Citizen Kane “- a dramatic film of 1941, recognized as classics of American cinema. The film tells the story of media tycoon, who has devoted his life to the idea of ​​service to society by giving him the news, but over time it begins to use its enormous money and power to satisfy their personal ambitions. Orson Welles, in collaboration with Herman Mankiewicz received the “Oscar” for the script for this film in 1941. In 2000, the American Film Institute (American Film Institute) announced the list of the 100 best American films in which the film “Citizen Kane” won first place.


The legendary Vera Vasilyeva will celebrate its 90th anniversary on stage –

Such harmony in life almost never happens. When the dream of a strong and vibrant appears on time, in childhood, and bring over completely, it turns into a routine, and continues to make for years, decades. Vera Vasilyeva and now his eyes burn like that girl from an ordinary proletarian family, who first came to the Bolshoi Theater.

Vera Vasilyeva , People’s Artist of the USSR: “My life is a children’s held very modest as everyone has. Shared flat, single room, 6 people. No one even thought about the theater did not go. I was shocked by the beauty of this velvet couches, chandeliers that slowly fade, beautiful women on the stage ».

Vera Vasilyeva announced all at once and for all what it will become in life.

Vera Vasilyeva : «I came and sat under the table, and there was a tablecloth. And I raised it and said: I ?? The Tsar’s Bride ».

And so typical for a teenager during the war ?? duty on the roof, buckets of sand to “lighter” stew, and unusual hobbies. Vasilyeva, even books sold, leaving one set for two with a girlfriend to immediately flee the theater. During the war, she enrolled in the acting department.

Vera Vasilyeva : «If I lived a little richer as a child, I probably would not want so desperately to be in another world . Here is the scarcity of life, and suddenly ?? the other divine, painted, emotional, sublime world ».

According to NTV correspondent Alexander Kalinin , this hill will carry it through the years roles. And at each peasant will still look through the girl. A brigadier Vasiliev farmers appears refined and romantic nature. Secular Soviet newsreels ?? a rarity, but it captures the wedding Vera Vasilyeva and Vladimir Ushakov. Together, they are more than half a century.


Biography Vera Vasilyeva – RIA Novosti

Faith Kuzminichna Vasiliev was born September 30, 1925 in Moscow in a working class family.

In 1948, she graduated from the Moscow Municipal Theater School.

Since 1948, Vera Vasilyeva runs the troupe of satire .

In the theater, she played more than 40 roles. Among them – Lisa in a production of “The Lion Gurych Sinichkin” Alexei Bondi by Dmitry Lensky (1948), Olga in “wedding dowry” Nikolai Dyakonov (1950), Ying-Ying “Spilt bowl” Wang Shi Fu (1952), The Queen “Noises” Tamara Gabbe (1959), Vyshnevskaya in “A Profitable Post” by Alexander Ostrovsky (1967), Countess Almaviva in “Mad day or The Marriage of Figaro” by Beaumarchais (1968), Agnes P. in “Eighteenth camel” Samuel Aleshin (1983 ), Anne of Austria in the “Youth of Louis XIV” by Alexandre Dumas (1992) Esther “sacred monsters” of Jean Cocteau (1996), Camellia in “Requiem for Radames’ Aldo Nicolai (2012).

In the current the repertory actress is busy in the performances of “Fatal Attraction” (Irma Garland), “Talents and Admirers” (Domna Panteleevna), “Moliere” (Madeleine), “Ornifl” (The Countess).

In 2015, the Faith Vasilyeva played in a production of “The concert team welcome you glad”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory.

Vera Vasilyeva also performed leading roles in productions of “Jenny Gerhard” Bryansk Drama Theatre (1953), “The Cherry Orchard” Tver Dramatic Theatre (1984), “Guilty Without Guilt” Orlovsky Drama Theatre (1990), “Assembly” (1996) and “Bliss” (1997), the Moscow New Drama Theatre, and others.

In the Maly Theatre She starred in a production of “The Queen of Spades” at the Theater “Modern” – in the play “One day in Paris”.

Popularly known actress brought the cinema. In the movie, she made her debut in the role of a student rigger in the film Konstantin Yudin “Twins” (1945), and next the role of Anastasia in Ivan Pyreva musical comedy “The Tale of the Siberian Land” (1948) made Vasilyev celebrity. For this work, the actress was awarded the Stalin Prize.

Vera Vasilyeva filmography includes more than 30 paintings. Among the films with her participation can highlight hugely “wedding dowry” (1953), where a partner actress was Vladimir Ushakov, who later became her husband.

Vasilyeva played in the comedy “Star Screen” (1974) drama “Minors” (1976), a musical comedy by Tatiana Lioznova “Carnival” (1981), melodrama Vitaly Melnikov “Marry a Captain” (1985), “The investigation leading experts. Ten years later” (2002) and others.

In recent years, the actress sang the role in the series “All mixed up in the house …” (2002), “Matchmaker” (2007), “I Believe” (2012), “While the Fern Blooms” (2012), “hick” ( 2014).

Vera Vasilyeva voiced cartoons “first violin” (1958), “Umka looking for a friend” (1970), “The Wizard of Oz” (1974), “Two maple” (1977), The Adventures of Wasi Kurolesov “(1981) and others.

In 2015, the premiere of the adventure of the animated film” Extraordinary Voyages Seraphim “, where the actress voiced one of the characters.

Vera Vasilyeva – People’s Artist of the USSR ( 1986), winner of the Stalin Prize of the USSR (1948, 1951). She was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, the Russian Order “For Services to the Fatherland” IV degree (2000) and III (2010).

In 1996, the actress was awarded the prize “Crystal Turandot” in 2003 – Award “Idol”.

In 2010, Vera Vasilyeva won the national prize “Golden Mask” in the nomination “For the honor and dignity”, in 2014 – the award named after Andrei Mironov “Figaro”.

The actress was more than 50 years married to Honored Artist of the RSFSR Vladimir Ushakov (1920-2011), who in 1952 served in the Satire Theater.

The material is based on information RIA Novosti and open source


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Satire Theatre celebrates birthday Vasilyeva performance “Fatal Attraction” – Russian newspaper

dimples, sparkling eyes. And the voice – voiced singing. That she was on the screen and immediately became a star. Stalin, when he saw her in the film “The Tale of the Siberian Land,” asked how this beauty? And then he gave the award named after himself. Debutant, fledgling, still a student. Vera Vasilyeva said afterwards that the premium it rather frightened. One can understand.

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Then, as usual, this image-flirtatious groovy simpleton stuck to it, and is still remembered by him. Although the actress has anything can beat. Including sophisticated Countess in “The Marriage of Figaro” – the play Theater of Satire, also publicized TV and also in public favorite. In Beaumarchais humor is not like Dyakonova in “wedding dowry,” in the eyes of Vera Vasilyeva is now running devils – our salt of the earth, that connects the Russian tradition with the world. And with the “wedding” Dyakonova all came the miracle: the director Ravenskih called the play simple as moo, but Vasilyev partners consume the essence of her Russian nature. In her everything she fell in love, and she carried herself unapproachable, and unpretentious remarks horror how much was read. This is the case when the talents of actors phonebook made significant phenomenon of art. And you can laugh at as many levels of play – and the play was a masterpiece.

Masterpiece – itself coming Vasilyeva. Her family was far from the theater, the roots of the village, the parents – hardworking, experienced dispossession (two cows – is the class enemy!). Delicatessen – potatoes, cabbage, the ultimate dream – a cheese sandwich into a celebration. From Moscow it was taken to the village, still the same, trusting, but canny; there are guys walking with an accordion and sang very smoothly. Smells clean washed floors, smells of the village, mushrooms, birch branches, smells Russia is always with her, and that would Vasilyeva played, it always gives the impression of an amazing human purity.

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However, childhood – still Moscow, Chistoprudny where to theaters on the doorstep . The first theatrical experience – “The Tsar’s Bride” on Bolshaya Dmitrovka. Then a little established belief in the theater entrance fairy tale and began to play it. And this need – is for life.

“The Tale of the Siberian Land” opened her way in a real theater – Faith Vasilyev called Theater of Satire, which it holds until now. It is there – the first star, but this is due only to the quality and scope of talent. A role – large and well – she got not so much. It does not rely on accept. This “male” Theatre: put on Menglet, Mironov Papanova, Shirvindt Actresses … there have always been great, but comedies and dramas, where the basis of the female character, almost was not. And Vasiliev has realized this need to vent female soul on stage other theaters to enjoy playing Kruchinina Orel, Ranevskaya in Tver, another Decanter, this time Pushkin – the Small and Curious Savage – even in the puppet theater Obraztsova. The home theater is his trump card records only Akhmatova from “Inspector”, Pavlova was banned by the authorities of “A Profitable Post” and, of course, the Countess of “Figaro”. Although, of course, it was very good and varied in ekstsentriade “The Bedbug” and “Bath” in the satirical “fourth vertebra” in Celia Peachum in “The Threepenny Opera” in the “warrior” Domna Platonovna of Leskov …

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In the movie, she often offered tipazhnosti play. She knows how to be gentle, affectionate, wise – hence, offered a lot of moms. Her singing voice can be a piercing, well screwed into the soul – and she played brilliantly intriguing Swallow at the Elem Klimov in “The Adventures of the dentist.” In the “Tale of the Siberian Land” Pyreva amorous girl from the trenches of the Great Patriotic got over for a lunch counter with a samovar, and then Vasilyeva do not just have to play a movie modest women with frontline past – such as in kinooperette “Star of the screen.” It all fits perfectly into the style of socialist realism, because the whole nature expressed the desire for perfection. By modesty without complexes. By courage without arrogance. Luckily without vulgarity. Her heroines believed that all would be well – and the actress seems to believe sometimes, too. She incorrigible optimist and faithful people – able to be happy in the proposed circumstances, in November of unrealized, but implementing it in all possible ways. And she’s one of those women that age are just beautiful. Noble. Significant and compelling.

Vera Vasilyeva has always adored the audience – it is impossible not to love. Showiness star – it’s not for her, the man she is modest and not made its way to the forefront – may therefore not played so much, its decent. The political life is not torn, and social restlessness realized where she could not remain silent – for example, in the protection of animals, which is very fond of, and the portrait of the cat Philemon Shtanishkina her a place of honor.

It is a pity that Ranevskaya and her Kruchinina not seen in Moscow. It is a pity that we have not learned many aspects of her bottomless, I think, very kind, very generous talent. That she could tell from the scene volodinskoe “Do you love the theater, like I love him?” Not happened, just think constantly.

On the anniversary of Vera Vasilyeva Andrew Zhitinkin staged at the Theatre of Satire “Fatal Attraction” – a role which the actress calls a miracle and a gift of fate. And the audience will share the happiness with the actress, the great value which can be understood only by people who are so devoted to the theater.

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Nikolai Borodachev Nice – the Russian city in Europe – Russian newspaper

Russian State Film Fund contribution to the popularization of Russian cinema abroad is difficult to overestimate: only in 2014, in various countries they were organized by more than one thousand four hundred shows Soviet and Russian films from the collection of the State Film Fund. Account 2015 is still open, but the figures have equally impressive. “We do it for the money – said the head of an important detail Gosfilmofond Nikolai Borodachev. – None of the Russian organization of such a large-scale work to promote our movies today are not held”.

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A few days ago in Nice ended the 3rd Russian Film Festival, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the end World War II and spent the State Film Fund of Russia jointly with the City of Nice and the Cinémathèque. He struck not only harmoniously constructed and emotionally very well thought-out program from the Soviet classics of the Great Patriotic War to the Prime Minister this year and Preview of young directors and producers talk about the war in the modern style. Impressive huge queues at the entrance to the session (before the “Francophonie” Alexander Sokurov’s cinema stormed) and many hours of discussion after – in France like to publicly share their impressions of the film, and make it almost professional artistry.

Art and political the results of Russian festival, get a permanent residence in Nice, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” is discussing with the Director General of the State Film Fund of the Russian Federation Nikolai Borodachevym.

When it was harder – when only all began, for the first time to raise this festival edifice, or a third time, when the whole world was talking about sanctions against Russia?

Nicholas Borodachev: Probably the first time because it was unknown. There was no such understanding, and the mayor’s office a cautious approach to this issue. But here we must pay tribute to the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, and Gerard Depardieu to our citizens, because it is the first festival was held under the auspices of the City Hall and Depardieu – he had a great patronage. Perhaps you remember when they showed the movie “Rasputin” with Gerard Depardieu in the title role, a huge hall for 2,5 thousand places was packed. Like Russian saying goes – better luck next time, but we had no coma. A training course was preceded by a complex. The second festival was easier on the second experiencing difficulties – financial. But now, after its completion, we can say that we are satisfied with how it went.

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does not occur in some point the fear that everything can be broken? When did such a dramatic deterioration in international relations? Or are your partners from the mayor of Nice, did not refuse arrangements?

Nicholas Borodachev: We are asking them this question is not difficult if they would, they said, that there is no – independent culture. Especially since the Nice – the Russian city in Europe, with strong Russian tradition. We are encouraged by this, and we have to make a program dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, as it was planned. Thank God, we have maintained a very understanding people, especially the Adviser to the Mayor of Nice on cinematography Jean-Marc Guillaume. He often says that remembers how his father, when they announced on the radio that defeated the Germans at Stalingrad, told him everything, my son, the Nazis turned the neck. Will the victory!

This year there was a strong program. So balanced from start to finish, from the classics to the latest Soviet premier on military issues, which are designed more on young people already on their minds: “The Battle of Sebastopol,” Sergei Mokritskiy, “The Dawns Here Are Quiet …” Renata Davletyarova “Sushchinskii : the truth about the war “Dorob Anna, Diana and Sergey Kireev,” Normandy – Neman. Monologue “Yegor Klimovich …

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Nicholas Borodachev: We must pay tribute to our researchers, because the preparation of the program – the hardest part of the process.

I do not find the money?

Nicholas Borodachev: Yes, did not find the money. It should be a very delicate approach to this issue. It is impossible to show the cruelty …

How technically evolved program? You were movies, but the mayor’s office argued Nice? Failures have been?

Nicholas Borodachev: No. We always find a consensus. With no political or artistic or economic censorship, we are not faced. Moreover, in October, planned to continue – will be held in Nice single premiere of the film Andrei Kondrashov “Crimea. Way back home.” We have shown it in Marseilles and Locarno, at the Locarno Film Festival Directorate was against. But we are separate from the International Film Festival rented hall, and the hall was full – Europeans are very well met by this film. And then came, due to: you, we opened our eyes …

Direct speech

Odile Chapelle, Director of the Cinematheque Nice: For me Sokurov – the best director in the world

Photo: From personal archive Odile Chapelle

You had no fear before the opening of the festival, that the political situation will affect the number of spectators?

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Odile Chapelle: Absolutely not. I would be very simple to answer. For me, politics is out of this festival. We speak the language of art and culture advocate. The task of the French Cinematheque – is preserved, and show kinodostoyaniya, including Russian. And this will never be a problem.

Then you should never confuse politics with mere spectators. A lot of French people were shocked by the fact that the official commemorative events for the 70th anniversary of the Victory in Moscow, there were no representatives of France. All the French, who have at least more or less familiar with the story, knows what they owe to the Russian people – is that Europe is not under the yoke of fascism. We must have respect for the people who shed so much blood for a total freedom, and regardless of the political context have to be thankful for.

Not only do I think so – we are many. Most of those who are silent, think the same way. This is our problem, of course. And Russian festival today is very important because the movie tells a universal language that can awaken the best in us … I can say that for me personally, the third festival is more important than the first, because we were able to pay tribute to honor Alexander Sokurov . For Russia it is a national treasure. And for me, Sokurov – the best director in the world today. As in immaculate fine some of his films, and in the metaphysical relation.

Sokurov spent a wonderful master class in Nice, was ever open and very sincere.

Odile Chapelle: Through joint efforts, we were able to organize this project. Frankly, there were difficult moments, but in the end everything turned out. A miracle happened, and now I could finish my career quietly – in Nice Cinematheque acted Sokurov. I say this sincerely, though.

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Dana: politpodgruppa hold an additional meeting in Minsk – RIA Novosti

Lugansk, September 29 – RIA Novosti. The political subgroup will hold in Minsk a further meeting on 13 October, he said Tuesday authorized the LC on the Minsk talks Vladislav Dane.

“Sixth and numbers twentieth (October – Ed.) – a full-scale meeting of the four working groups and the contact group. In addition, 13 (October – Ed.) is further planning to meet political group “- quoted him as saying,” Lugansky information center “.

Earlier, the OSCE Special Representative Martin Saydik said that the subgroup of Political Affairs of Ukraine will meet in October every week.


Hollywood star Jim Carrey was in the center of a scandal – the first channel

A friend of the famous comedian – 28-year-old Catriona White committed suicide. The body of a girl found a friend in her home in Los Angeles. According to preliminary data, death was caused by an overdose of drugs. Tablets were nearby. Police also found a suicide note addressed to the actor.

A friend of the famous comedian – 28-year-old Catriona White committed suicide. The body of a girl found a friend in her home in Los Angeles. According to preliminary data, death was caused by an overdose of drugs. Tablets were nearby. Police also found a suicide note addressed to the actor.

The relationship of Jim Carrey, the leading actor in the movie “Mask” and his beloved was difficult to call cloudless. From the moment they met in 2012, they repeatedly quarreled and reconciled. Another break, which occurred less than a week ago, Catriona White could not move.

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Murmansk devoted to the birthday exhibition at the regional museum – News Murmansk region – STRC Murman


September 29 at 17 o’clock in the Murmansk regional museum will open the exhibition “Murmansk – the city-hard worker and hero city».


The exhibition organized by the Museum in cooperation with the Committee for Culture of the Administration of Murmansk and is dedicated to the birthday of the city.


The exhibition will be on display a collection of professional and amateur photographs from the collections of the Murmansk regional museum, which depicted the homes of the 1920s – wooden barracks, the first brick comfortable 1930s – “captain’s house”, the post-war construction, construction of the first nine homes (1965), the opening of the airport in Murmashah held in 1976. Visitors can also see interesting shots of memorable places and events in the life of the city, visits to Murmansk famous people, meeting with fishing vessels, the everyday life of the city.


In addition to photographs, the exhibition will be on display interesting historical exhibits: BS board city Romanov-on-Murman, indicating the date of founding of the city, the layout of the relief of the city in 1917, Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on awarding the city of Murmansk honorary title of the Hero City, State awards: the Order of the Red Banner and Patriotic War I degree, the medal “Gold Star”, “The Sword of Victory”, which are transmitted for display at the fair administration of the city of Murmansk.


The exhibition introduces visitors to the history of the city, its formation and development. Many of the exhibits will be presented for the first time.


The exhibition will run until October 4, 2016.


/ Committee on Culture and the Arts of the Murmansk region /


Gergiev will arrange a concert for Plisetskaya – Dni.Ru

The conductor Valery Gergiev November 18 arranges a concert in Moscow. Speech artistic director of the Mariinsky Theatre dedicated to the memory of the outstanding ballerina Maya Plisetskaya.
Maya Plisetskaya. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press

The press service of the conductor explained that Plisetskaya was a “close friend Valery Gergiev and the Mariinsky Theatre the other” . Together with her husband Rodion Shchedrin she came to the performances of the Mariinsky Theatre and festivals not only in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but also in Russian regions and abroad.

The concert will take place in the capital’s Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. The program of the symphony orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre – “Bolero” by Ravel, which musicians will perform under the video presentation Plisetskaya staged by Maurice Bejart in 1975, Tass reported. Also as part of the concert will feature works by the widower of a ballerina – composer Rodion Shchedrin.

How to write Dni.Ru , ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, died May 2 in Germany, of a heart attack. She was 89 years old. Doctors fought for the life of the celebrated dancer, but could do nothing. In recent years, the ballerina lived mainly in Munich, from time to time with her husband came to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Maya Plisetskaya danced nearly 60 years and almost 50 of them – on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater, the troupe which it was adopted in 1943, immediately after graduating from the Moscow Choreographic School. The best known are considered to be full of Plisetskaya Odette-Odile in “Swan Lake” Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty”, the Mistress of Copper Mountain “Stone Flower” and Carmen in “Carmen-suite”.

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Structurally, the main thing: Putin and Obama discussed Syria and Ukraine – RIA Novosti

United Nations, Sep 29 – RIA Novosti. Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama spent Monday night first in the past two years, a bilateral meeting during which they discussed the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine.

Following the meeting, Putin answered journalists’ questions and said that Russia will continue to help Syrian President Bashar Assad in the fight against “Islamic state,” but will not engage in ground military operation against the extremists; Russian and US military to establish a dialogue in order to avoid conflict in Syria; and the US role in resolving the conflict in Ukraine and so pretty active, because they “stand behind Kiev”.

The conversation, which took place on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, lasted one and a half hours instead of the planned 50 minutes. Protracted negotiations did not bring a breakthrough in solving acute regional problems, but recorded a resumption of dialogue at the highest level.

Who and how to help in the fight against the IG

Putin after the meeting responded to, perhaps, the main question that concerned countries interested in resolving the conflict in Syria and in the fight against the IG – will Russia to send troops for a ground operation against the terrorists.

“We believe that the work on the fight against terrorism must go hand in hand with the process of a political nature in Syria, but about any participation of Russian military units in the ground operations of the question and can not go,” – said the president of Russia.

“As for our participation, we think about it. Do not rule out, but if we act only in full compliance with international law,” – said the head of state and explained that such standards are solutions the United Nations and requests the Syrian side.

At the same time, Putin said that from this point of view of military operations the US and its allies in Syria illegal. To assist, according to him, it is necessary to “those who are really in the field, as they say, resisting and fighting against terrorists, including LIH” – in Syria, is first of all the Syrian army and units of the Kurdish militia, he said.

So the president, on the one hand, the stated intention of Russia, which, until recently, “remained unclear” for the US and its allies and caused them concern, on the other hand pointed out the relationship of combating terrorism and a political settlement. The latter aspect is almost word for word the same as the position of Washington, which can be considered as a “common vision” of the situation, even though the difference in approaches to the fate of Assad.

To decide the fate of the Assad

The White House confirmed that is now in Syria, Moscow’s intentions are clear: the fight against the IG and the support of the Government, that is Assad. And if the first part of Washington is perceived as “ok”, the second – in the negative. Bring closer the positions during the talks the presidents apparently failed.

“I have great respect for my colleagues – and to the American president, and the French – but they are, as I know, and it seems to me, are not citizens of the Syrian Republic, is therefore unlikely to be involved in determining the fate of guidance another state. It is still a matter for the Syrians “, – Putin said.

” conflict (in Syria) deep and, unfortunately, bloody, so I said that, along with the support of the authorities in the fight terror, we will insist on a parallel political transformation and the political process. As far as I know, President Assad agrees, “- said the Russian leader.

How to avoid” friendly fire “

Speaking of terrorists IG compared with the Nazis, the Russian leader noted that it is quite reasonable in view of the atrocities which they work. “And I would really like to see, knowing this, we have joined as many countries in the fight against this threat,” – the president added.

For these purposes, he reminded, Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq has established a coordinating center that will collect information needed to combat extremists. “It is understood, of course, not a single command and fighting under the command of the command, and at least coordination,” – said the head of state.

“It is open for that he was joined by all who are interested in the fight against terrorism. We are now talking about cooperation between the US and Russia on this antiterrorist track. We have an understanding of what is necessary to strengthen our work at least on a bilateral basis. Now we think together on the creation of appropriate mechanisms “, – Putin said.

He added that similar work will be carried out with Israel’s interests that Moscow respects, but without the creation of special structures. Among the other countries in the region that might be involved in such work, Putin said Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan.

Later, White House spokesman told reporters that Obama and Putin agreed to send its military to conduct negotiations in order to avoid potential conflicts during operations in Syria. In the area of ​​fighting such conflicts often end in “friendly fire”, which has repeatedly suffered from US allies in Iraq and Syria.

At the same time representative of the US administration after the talks expressed skepticism about the initiative to establish a focal point between the Moscow, Tehran, Damascus and Baghdad, making it clear that Russia, Iran and Syria, and so over the years to share intelligence, and the situation in Iraq, the Russians have little information.

Who is behind Kiev

Initially, the White House stressed that first of all, Obama plans to discuss with Putin the situation in Ukraine and the implementation of the Minsk Agreement on the settlement of the Donbas. But long before the negotiations, it became clear that the main theme will be Syria, taking into account the complications of the situation and the crisis of refugees from that country. As a result, even on the podium of the UN General Assembly, Obama has given Ukraine only about two minutes of his 42-minute speech.

In the hour and a half conversation the presidents of Russia and the United States, according to the White House, Ukraine has devoted half the time. However, its results representative of the US administration said only a few common phrases: Washington, still, for the territorial integrity of Ukraine and expressed “concern over the Minsk Agreement implementation in Ukraine, including plans to hold local elections the separatists.” At the same time, Obama said that there are “positive opportunity” to perform the Minsk agreement in the coming months.

Putin for his part was limited explanation of why even discussed Ukrainian settlement with Obama.

“What As for the possibility of more active US involvement in resolving the conflict in Ukraine, the USA and so active in this are involved, although this does not extend to the fore, as the work of Russia, France and Germany in the “Norman format.” However, the US a certain degree are behind the Kiev authorities, they are in constant contact with the Europeans, but we have between Russia and the United States established good business contacts between the Foreign Ministry and the State Department on a regular basis. Today’s consultation showed that our American colleagues in the material entirely, and of course, affect the process, “- said the president.

Reporters also asked Putin to comment on the behavior of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who shortly before the presentation of the Russian leader left the room, where the UN General Assembly. “I have not noticed that the Ukrainian president was not present at my speech. I do, in principle, it was not very important, the presence of all, without exception. Especially those who are not interested and do not have to be present there,” – said Putin .

He graduated from the theme of Ukrainian President answered questions about the anti-Russian sanctions and isolation of Russia, which recently declared Obama on Monday to admit that the US does not want this. “From the beginning we said that the policy of sanctions, isolation, even in the modern world is inefficient and its goal is usually not achieved. With regard to a country such as Russia, it is simply impossible. It is enough to look at a map,” – he said, he is.

“secret meaning” and the possibility of dialogue

On the whole, summing up the first two years of the bilateral meeting with Obama, Putin called it “constructive, business, surprisingly – very frank.” He also stated that common ground had been found, but differences remain. “They (the differences) are known in principle, there is no need to repeat them. But, in my opinion, have the opportunity to work together on common problems,” – said the Russian leader.

If this Putin said that although this was the first full meeting of the two years, all the while they were with Obama met at international platforms and talked on the phone.

The White House also called the meeting productive and They noted that, for example, on the issue of Syria, one of the leaders of “not trying to score points,” and it was “common desire to understand in what way you can approach the situation”.

Members of the media meanwhile attempted to clarify ” the secret meaning of “contacts between the two presidents during the day. For example, a journalist interested in common UN photograph in which Putin and Obama raise their glasses, and Ban Ki-moon, who was sitting between them, absent – ostensibly that allow presidents to talk together.

“Nothing for that no, nothing of this is not necessary, it is ceremonial event and nothing else. This is a conversation that took place, was, indeed, I have already mentioned, constructive, detailed and, in my opinion, very open “, – Putin said and explained that Ban Ki-moon at this time to propose a toast to the rostrum.


Krasnoyarsk artist created “Quilted Heart” – Online Magazine @

, the latest news and events for today, September 29, 2015

Krasnoyarsk artist Vasily Elephants continues to “cotton” topic. After the success of the exhibition in Moscow “Apocalypse padded jacket,” he went to the monumental art and created a gigantic proportions “Quilted Heart”. New art object, said FlashSiberia, prepared for the XI Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale. “Today in Russia there is the largest and warm heart on a partial text of the news planete.Eto
Read more on the website

Krasnoyarsk region – the subject of the Russian Federation, located in the Siberian Federal District, the administrative center – Krasnoyarsk. It refers to the East Siberian economic region.

 Formed December 7, 1934.

It borders with Yakutia and the Irkutsk region in the east, with the republics of Tuva and Khakassia in the south, Kemerovo, Tomsk region, the Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District in the west.

The administrative center of the region – Krasnoyarsk – the largest cultural, economic, industrial and educational center of Central and Eastern Siberia. The administrative center of Krasnoyarsk Krai (the second area of ​​the subject of Russia) and the city district of Krasnoyarsk. Founded in 1628, it is the largest of the ancient cities of Siberia. During the “gold fever” has long been a major center of the prosperous merchant Siberia. The easternmost city-millionaire in Russia.

The center of the East Siberian economic region.

 The city is located in the center of Russia, on both banks of the Yenisei River at the junction of the West Siberian Plain, the Central Siberian Plateau and the Sayan Mountains; in the basin formed by the northernmost spurs of the Eastern Sayan.

Population – 1,052,218 people. (2015). In Krasnoyarsk agglomeration is home to over 1.3 million residents.
You watch the news “Krasnoyarsk artist created” Quilted Heart »” . The latest news Krasnoyarsk region today on our website. Latest News Krasnoyarsk region and talk about the latest events, incidents, accidents and traffic accidents, weather Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk Territory today and tomorrow. Latest news, events, city and region, incident, accident, accidents, weather forecast Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk read our newswire.


Monday, September 28, 2015

In the Rostov region a festival “Friendship Beach” – REGNUM


p. Pokrovsky, Rostov region, September 28, 2015, 16:34 – REGNUM In the Rostov region at the weekend on the inter-district festival of national cultures brought together representatives of 19 national-cultural organizations residing on-Don in peace and harmony. Traditionally, the “Coast of Friendship” took in the village of Pokrovsky Neklinovsky district, reports IA REGNUM on 28 September.

In the central square was an exhibition devoted to the unbreakable friendship between the peoples of the participants of the festival welcomes its visitors in accordance with their traditions and treated to national dishes.

Representatives of the Advisory Board for Ethnic Relations, the Cossacks, employees law enforcement agencies, youth organizations held a round table in which discussed the stages of preservation interethnic consent to Don, a special attention was paid to work on the adaptation of migrants, preservation of traditional culture of the Don, the promotion of tolerant behavior.

The festival ended with “Beach friendship “gala concert with the participation of folk groups from various parts of the Rostov region.

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