Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Adabashyan the chances Mikhalkov on “Oscar” – Dni.Ru

” Sunstroke “Nikita Mikhalkov nominated for” Oscar “in 2016. Screenwriter Alexander Adabashyan suggested in the United States will accept the story of the civil war in Russia, and estimated the chances of the picture to win.
Alexander Adabashyan. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press / Natalya Loginova

According to the writer nominated for “Oscar” picture “Sunstroke” Alexander Adabashyan, she almost no chance for the award, write “News”. “The fact that the film did receive, I am absolutely sure. Not because the quality is incomparable with other foreign films, but because of the global political confrontation,” – he said.

Script noted that taking into account the the political situation is now no picture is not suitable for US premium . However Adabashyan sure “Sunstroke” deserved statuette is much more than the sensational “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev.

“From a professional point of view (perhaps I’m biased), I think,” Sunstroke “is much more worthy of the award – both in content and form. While watching the” Leviathan “I was completely indifferent to all the characters, They had me totally unsympathetic, each had its own kind of true. Plus, there was a bunch of scenic stretches. The film was hard to watch his truthfulness was unbelievable, “- he stressed.

According to Adabashyan, Americans do not understand the historical context of the painting : “I think a big part of the film will fly past them. Take, for example the main theme, which says the main character -” When it all started? “. Meanwhile, the writer believes that” Sunstroke “it is possible to relate to world events today – terrorism, the problem of refugees, conflict in Ukraine.

” You can look at this movie is not the the context of Russia, but all over the world. Peace, where rampant “IG”, where Western Europe run tens of thousands of refugees, where the newly peaceful state of Ukraine is a civil war. People never notice the arrival of the catastrophe, and look back only when nothing can be corrected, “- he concluded.

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