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Airplane “Locomotive” could destroy incorrectly installed stabilizer and front desk – Kommersant

Yesterday, the District Court of Yaroslavl region began debate of the parties in the criminal case of the former deputy director of airline “Yak-Service” Vadim Timofeyev. According to the prosecution, his “disengagement” from the duties contributed occurred on 7 September 2011 at the airport in Tunoshna plane crash that killed hockey players of the local club “Lokomotiv”. In turn, the respondent court aviaekspert Vyacheslav Kostryukov said that the version of the involvement of Mr Timofeev the tragedy is based only on the findings of the technical committee regarding the causes of the disaster, which, in his opinion, was wrong in principle.

At yesterday’s meeting, the deputy transport prosecutor Yaroslavl region Elena Ronzhina stated that the defendant in violation of the rules of operation of air transport with severe consequences (Art. 3 of Art. 263 of the Criminal Code ) deputy director for the organization of flight operations “Yak-Service” Vadim Timofeev “withdrew” from his duties.

According to the prosecution, the defendant knew that the two pilot crashed in fall 2011 during takeoff from Yaroslavl passenger aircraft have not been required to work on the Yak-42 training, and the co-pilot did not studied management of this type of aircraft. Nevertheless, the defendant allowed the crew to work on falsified documents. Vadim Timofeyev admitted violations, as noted by the prosecutor Ronzhina contributed to the crash of the Yak-42 hockey players, “Locomotive”. In the accident, recall, killing 44 people; only managed to survive the flight engineer Alexander Sizov.

The state prosecutor asked to sentence the defendant to six years in a penal colony. This civil action to the former aviamenedzheru by the owner of the crashed plane and the hockey club “Locomotive” the prosecutor asked to leave without satisfaction, because a criminal case against the accused has been allocated from the so-called base case of the plane crash, which has not yet been investigated.

The representative of the victims’ lawyer Alexander Zakhar’in agreed with the prosecution, arguing, however, the prosecutor’s office requested the punishment “too severe.”

The defendant Timofeev pleaded not guilty, and his support was made not only a lawyer but also attracted by the defense as an expert experienced aviaekspert – the former chief engineer for the objective control of flight tests 1 th class of the Kuibyshev Aviation Plant Vyacheslav Kostryukov.

According to “Kommersant” the expert himself, the causal link between the untrained pilots and crash occurred was found to supply to deal with the causes of the tragedy of the technical commission of Interstate aviakomiteta (IAC). In the conclusions of the IAC, respectively, it was built and presented against the defendant. Thus the conclusion of the technical commission that untrained co-pilot of the Yak-42 allegedly prevented takeoff, unconsciously pressing the brake pedal of the aircraft during its takeoff for the band, Mr. Kostryukov called unfounded.

According to him, racing “at random braking” liner managing their pilot just could not hold on the strip – because uneven braking forces copilot certainly would take away the car to the side. For this reason, conducted on the instructions of the IAC so-called experimental flight test pilots were not able to apply on the acceleration pedal braking. Simulate “Yaroslavl” they had to take off with the help of the emergency brake handle Yak-42, a similar car handbrake.

The accident, according to the expert Kostryukova provoked the so-called front centering aircraft –bagazh players were concentrated in the front luggage compartment of the Yak-42. At the same time the pilots about this for some reason, did not know – perhaps because of the haste and enhanced security measures at the airport Tunoshna related to the September 2011 in Yaroslavl All-Russian Economic Forum. On the day of departure, “Locomotive” forward to visiting online senior officials of the country.

did not control so that the loading and examining placement of luggage before takeoff, the pilots took the plane alignment as an average, setting a stabilizer in position 8.7 degrees instead of the alignment at the front 11.5 degrees. For this reason, and not because of the braking, the Yak-42 and could not get off the ground at the first attempt. After a failed attempt to tear the GDP-pillar in the cab began disagreements that have fallen in the conflict: the commander tried to lift the car into the air, and his partner threw mode engines small gas and that there are forces pressed on the brakes, apparently hoping to prevent dangers his point of view, continued takeoff.

According to Vyacheslav Kostryukova, the co-pilot could really use the brake pedal on the run, but not by accident or as a result of “transferring sustainable skills of aircraft control another type”, according to MAK, and consciously. The fact that, in his opinion, the Yak-42 was originally defective steering gear nose landing gear – for example, turn off the machine to protect it. In this regard, the pilots could not adjust the position of the car on the runway taxiing traditional and maneuvering on the ground, they had to use the brake pedal. About fault-pillar, according to the expert, says such facts as the reluctance of the commander of the crew before take-off to call in a special “pocket” on the tarmac for a turn, clearly hindered leaving the Yak-42 in the middle of the runway before the start, and finally sounded already in the while taxiing on the complaint of the second pilot “fuzzy steering wheel.” “As part of the investigation did IAC examination of all eight wheels of the main pillars, – said Mr. Kostryukov.- Thus inspect the front rack Technical Commission for some reason did not.”

The findings of the independent aviaeksperta were announced in court, which took note of them. According to Mr. Kostryukova, your report, covering 165 pages, it is sent to the MAC. However, whether agree with his conclusions, participants technical investigations, especially in the final stage of the trial is unclear. In any case, the response of Mr. Kostryukov MAK not received. Promptly get comments on the committee, “Kommersant” has failed.

Sergei Mashkin; Alexander Tikhonov, Yaroslavl


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