Sunday, September 27, 2015

Museum “wonderland” stunned the visitors with exhibits – commander

Superior Museum game show “Field of Dreams” will open in the TV center “Ostankino” on October 25, informed the press center of the First Channel. The museum itself is ten years younger than the program and before that was located in the main pavilion of VVC. Among the exhibits you can find souvenir plates with images of cities, national costumes, arms, alcoholic beverages, and more.

The exposition presents one of the most popular programs on Russian TV was placed on the first floor of the main building of the TV center Academician Korolev Street, 12. She moved here from the Central Pavilion of VVC.

According to the leading “Field of Miracles” Leonid Yakubovich, “here represented about one-thousandth of all the gifts that were presented for 25 years.” “This is not a museum” Fields of miracles “, a museum of folk art, in fact, if you think about it, in the transmission of the time participated about 12 thousand. People, and the air she got 1,300 times,” – he said.

In a conversation with journalists, Jakubowicz said that not all the gifts from the participants of the program takes. “There’s something at the end of the game I return – it is Order, the insignia. They return necessary from the family kind of thing must not go, “- he said. “I also do not keep icons – give them to the church,” – said a leading.

For 15 years, the museum has collected in the exhibition five thousand different items. The exposition presents the capital show “Field of Dreams” was previously located in the central pavilion of VVC, and in 2012, when VVC started reaorganizatsiya museum on time has stopped its work. In the search for a suitable site for an existing collection it took several years. Now a museum opened to the television center “Ostankino”, which presents the best exhibits, here everybody can sign up for a tour.

Jakubowicz admitted that he “never saw a program on television.” “I, like many people, dissatisfied with himself. I do not like the tone of my voice, behavior, but more importantly, I am afraid of repetition, because the program is no script, it’s all improvised, “- said Yakubovich. “The only 7 minutes before the start of the game, I ask the people who play, as we can not say what topics I did not touch it, and everything else – it’s 2.5 hours of laughter, jokes, funny emotion that eventually” squeeze ” 50-minute program, “- said Yakubovich. «

What is the secret of longevity,” Field of Miracles “- I do not know. Now here is removed the program of our program, there is just psychologists, media personality, as well as those who played it talk about the phenomenon of “Fields of miracles.” I can not answer that question, but I can say that in the post-Soviet space were we KVN “, the recognized master.

Capital show” Field of Dreams “is the equivalent of the American television program” Wheel of Fortune. ” This is a project of Vladislav Listyev, who became one of the first entertainment television, “VID” first broadcast “Field of Dreams” was published Oct. 25, 1990.

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