Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The legendary Vera Vasilyeva will celebrate its 90th anniversary on stage –

Such harmony in life almost never happens. When the dream of a strong and vibrant appears on time, in childhood, and bring over completely, it turns into a routine, and continues to make for years, decades. Vera Vasilyeva and now his eyes burn like that girl from an ordinary proletarian family, who first came to the Bolshoi Theater.

Vera Vasilyeva , People’s Artist of the USSR: “My life is a children’s held very modest as everyone has. Shared flat, single room, 6 people. No one even thought about the theater did not go. I was shocked by the beauty of this velvet couches, chandeliers that slowly fade, beautiful women on the stage ».

Vera Vasilyeva announced all at once and for all what it will become in life.

Vera Vasilyeva : «I came and sat under the table, and there was a tablecloth. And I raised it and said: I ?? The Tsar’s Bride ».

And so typical for a teenager during the war ?? duty on the roof, buckets of sand to “lighter” stew, and unusual hobbies. Vasilyeva, even books sold, leaving one set for two with a girlfriend to immediately flee the theater. During the war, she enrolled in the acting department.

Vera Vasilyeva : «If I lived a little richer as a child, I probably would not want so desperately to be in another world . Here is the scarcity of life, and suddenly ?? the other divine, painted, emotional, sublime world ».

According to NTV correspondent Alexander Kalinin , this hill will carry it through the years roles. And at each peasant will still look through the girl. A brigadier Vasiliev farmers appears refined and romantic nature. Secular Soviet newsreels ?? a rarity, but it captures the wedding Vera Vasilyeva and Vladimir Ushakov. Together, they are more than half a century.


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