Thursday, September 24, 2015

Masks are removed: the film “Obsession” tells the true life of Scientologists – BBC News

On the Russian screens out the movie sensation “Obsession.” The Oscar-winning documentary film director Alex Gibney reveals one of the richest and most notorious organizations in the world – the so-called “Church of Scientology”. Former executives and members of the sect divided shocking confessions about how in her recruit new adherents, and after that they go through, losing family, friends and property.

The rapid rise through the ranks , family well-being, freedom from internal anxiety and suffering and even the acquisition of super-powers – all individually and immediately cult Ron Hubbard promised each of his adept, but few dare to tell what was going on behind the walls of the organization actually.

“Given that we are all consumers of Hollywood, a documentary film with John Travolta, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, and many other people who know everything. I think that to look at what is happening to them, how they live, how this system built into their lives, will be very much interesting, “- says film critic Anton Dolin.

” Obsession “- a documentary thriller with all the attributes of the genre: the viewer is languishing in suspense, then impatiently fidgets in his chair on the fear.

“You can not fail to notice how it is done smartly. This investigation? Yes. But it is a detective story in which you yourself are here this detective that opens and at every step again overestimates found the facts found by the version found some theory “- says the vice president of the Guild of Documentary Film and Television Gregory Libergal.

John Travolta in the early 80s, and then Tom Cruise in 90th year became not just the main stars of Scientology, but also a powerful tool to attract new followers in the hands of the leadership “of the Church”.

“There were rumors that he threatened to leave. And one Scientologist told me that he was told to collect all the incriminating evidence, all of the materials that can be used against John Travolta, recording his auditing sessions “- explains the author of” The Awakening: Scientology, Hollywood and the dungeon of faith, “Lawrence Wright.

During these sessions are recorded all the details of life in the smallest details. The information held on a person like the sword of Damocles, to prevent him say a word against Scientology.

The film “Obsession” – bold exposing the modern technology of manipulating the consciousness of the masses and the financial exploitation of the spiritual needs of the person.

Exit “Obsession” screens continue the unique project “ 24_DOC in movies “, which marked the beginning of an incredibly successful rental in Russian documentary film” CITIZENFOUR. True Snowden “.

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