Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Murmansk devoted to the birthday exhibition at the regional museum – News Murmansk region – STRC Murman


September 29 at 17 o’clock in the Murmansk regional museum will open the exhibition “Murmansk – the city-hard worker and hero city».


The exhibition organized by the Museum in cooperation with the Committee for Culture of the Administration of Murmansk and is dedicated to the birthday of the city.


The exhibition will be on display a collection of professional and amateur photographs from the collections of the Murmansk regional museum, which depicted the homes of the 1920s – wooden barracks, the first brick comfortable 1930s – “captain’s house”, the post-war construction, construction of the first nine homes (1965), the opening of the airport in Murmashah held in 1976. Visitors can also see interesting shots of memorable places and events in the life of the city, visits to Murmansk famous people, meeting with fishing vessels, the everyday life of the city.


In addition to photographs, the exhibition will be on display interesting historical exhibits: BS board city Romanov-on-Murman, indicating the date of founding of the city, the layout of the relief of the city in 1917, Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on awarding the city of Murmansk honorary title of the Hero City, State awards: the Order of the Red Banner and Patriotic War I degree, the medal “Gold Star”, “The Sword of Victory”, which are transmitted for display at the fair administration of the city of Murmansk.


The exhibition introduces visitors to the history of the city, its formation and development. Many of the exhibits will be presented for the first time.


The exhibition will run until October 4, 2016.


/ Committee on Culture and the Arts of the Murmansk region /


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