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“Field of Dreams” opened a new museum to its 25th anniversary – Express-News

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26.09 | 15:35

In October, capital-show “Field of Dreams” will celebrate its 25th anniversary. During this time, has accumulated some statistics. It is estimated that over the past quarter of a century permanent leader Leonid Yakubovich 3.8 thousand times announced a commercial break, “weathered” 5,3 thousand kisses and 6.8 thousand disguises, and poured him every fifth member of the show (of 11 thousand people participated. With these statistics can be found at the exhibition, which opened in the main corridor of the television station “Ostankino”. Here, visitors can see the gifts that were given Yakubovich participants of “Fields of miracles».

To have an idea about the number of gifts, I must say that the phrase “it is I will give to the museum” a leading said about 50 thousand times. First it said the founder and the first driving capital show Vlad leaves.

The museum has long been a mere storehouse of things. At the beginning of zero, he became an exposition at the Exhibition Center . But three years ago, at the Exhibition Centre, the reconstruction, and the museum became homeless.

Today, the museum can be found by signing up for a tour of the telecentre, or hitting the number of participants or viewers of the program.

The first exhibit of the museum was the famous “black box” – trunk of the accordion, who “gave some nice man,” but not a participant in the show.

«No one remembers where it came from,” – said at the opening of the museum Jakubowicz.

Received gifts in the future are each their way, for example, icons are transferred to the churches. Some gifts come back after shooting donors, such as military awards. Some gifts were not preserved after a case of flooding of the museum. Jakubowicz said the museum of folk art museum.

The “Field of Dreams” was born under the influence of the American game Wheel of Fortune. Only the “Field of Dreams” and KVN left the former Soviet Union. Many are trying to unravel the secret of their longevity.


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