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“Game of Thrones” has received “Emmy” for best show of the year – RBC

  This year’s “Game of Thrones” has been declared on the award «Emmy» in 24 categories. Peter Dinkleydzh, who played in the series Tyrion Lannister, was named best supporting actor in a drama series. In addition, the “Game of Thrones” was awarded for the best director and screenplay in the category of dramatic shows. Writers take a moment to congratulate his birthday R.R.Martina George, author of the cycle of books “A Song of Ice and Fire”, which filmed the show.



  Writers ‘Game of Thrones’ David Benioff and DB Weiss (center) and actors receive the prize for best drama series



  Peter Dinklage received the award for best supporting actress



  Peter Dinklage in the series “Game of Thrones”


  Jon Hamm was named best actor in a drama series for his role as Don Draper in “Mad Men.” Best actress in a drama series became Viola Davis, “How to Get Away with Murder.”


  Actor Jon Hamm decided shortest way to get to the prize for Best Actor in a Drama Series



  Jon Hamm in the TV series “Mad Men”



  Viola Davis an Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series


  «Emmy” in the category “Best Actress in a Drama Series” Uzo Aduba received for his role in the “Orange – hit of the season.” Her acceptance speech was very emotional – even the actress burst into tears.

  «Vice President” as best comedy series, got «Emmy» in several categories. Played it Julia Louis-Dreyfus was named best actress in a comedy series.

  received «Emmy» for Best Actor and another star, “Vice President” – Tony Hale. The series was awarded the prize for best screenplay and.

  Best Actor in a Comedy Series has been recognized by Jeffrey Tambor (“Evidence”). Best Actress in a comedy series became Allison Janney (“Mother”). The best reality show was recognized as “The Voice.”

  The miniseries “What does Olivia?” this year claimed 13 awards. As a result, he has become the best mini-series, and was awarded the prize for best director and screenplay. Played in the TV series Frances McDormand, Richard Jenkins and Bill Murray were recognized as best actress, best actor and best supporting actor in a miniseries or TV movie. Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV movie became Regina King (American Crime »).



  Frances McDormand two of the six prizes won by the TV series “What does Olivia?”



  A scene from the series “What does Olivia?”


  This year, the American Television Academy, presented the award «Emmy» , changed some rules. For example, the number of applicants for a victory in the category “Best Drama Series” and “Outstanding Comedy Series” has increased from six to seven. In the category of comedy nominations were only those series, the duration of which does not exceed 30 minutes. Shaw timing more than half ranked as dramatic. Teleakademikov decision was due to the fact that many TV channels recently stated its timing in comedy series category, where the competition below. Therefore, the “Orange – hit of the season,” a year ago claimed to «Emmy» like a sitcom, this time has been declared in the dramatic categories.

  Another change occurred in the mini-series, which was renamed in limited series. This term is now meant the show, consisting of two or more episodes of a total duration of not less than 150 minutes, containing a complete story with a continuous ending, in which there is no parallel plots and protagonists of the season does not appear in the future. Thus, the nomination can not be claimed serials like “Sherlock,” which in 2012 was nominated for the «Emmy» it as the best mini-series.

  The rules for determining the invited stars have also undergone changes. From now on, to be eligible to be nominated in this category, the actors should not appear in more than half of the season series. This year the award was not able to qualify for an actor Joe Morton, guest star of the series “Scandal” – to show he is engaged in more than half of the series. According to Variety , this change has caused dissatisfaction among the representatives of the television industry. It was introduced already after the seasons were laid out, and the producers were not able to change these plans.

  Award «Emmy» , is considered the television analogue of “Oscar”, awarded since 1949. This year it took place in the 67 th time, and leading the ceremony was actor Andy Semberg.


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