Tuesday, September 15, 2015

In Moscow, presented the Academy Nikita Mikhalkov – Russian newspaper

Yesterday was opened in Moscow Academy of Nikita Mikhalkov. The facility currently has the status of a private institution of additional education.

The teaching will be carried out on the author’s methods in four workshops: director, actor, producer and operator. Recruitment of students for the first year of study has been completed. Correspondent “RG” attended the opening ceremony of a new educational and ask Nikita Sergeyevich about what place in the Russian Film Academy takes it.

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Be positioned Academy will be in the theater actor at Cook Street – part of the premises of the theater gave Mikhalkov Moscow authorities after the project director He received the green light by the Ministry of Culture. The forerunner of the current Academy Mikhalkov became the Summer Academy, which operated in the mode of a crash course in June, July and August of last year.

– The results of our work that were shocking in a good way – said Mikhalkov. – For a short time the students made five short films and two performances. I do not imagine that will be the result. But it’s not the case. When we were handed diplomas Summer Academy and parted with the students, it was a feeling that we spent together at least five years. The atmosphere – that’s the broth in which all the most important thing in our profession is brewed.

To create the right atmosphere in the newly created Academy to continue to promise to focus – in this institution will not be the usual classrooms and lecturers, who year year students read the same material. Mikhalkov is seen that the most optimal way to transfer the necessary skills – is the way of “tea with bagels” when almost family atmosphere master classes the first people of the national cinema.

This approach to the educational program due to two factors. The first – the Academy take only those who already have specialized higher education (that is, most of the graduates of the Institute of Cinematography and acting schools), that is already good owns materiel, but sees the need to cultivate further. At the same time the Academy may undertake in the future and for the employment of its graduates – has told about it was present at the opening ceremony, Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina.

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– If the Academy acts personnel service, it ensures the promotion of films made by graduates in the teaching process, will follow the fate of their festival – said Medina. – In short, the service will do its utmost to help them, not only on altruistic, but also at the most that neither is on commercial terms – as befits act normal personnel agency service. For example, agency work life in Hollywood.

The second factor, releasing Academy Mikhalkov from following classical education schemes – it is an informal place in the Russian Film. The course here will last two semesters (in contrast to, say, five semesters of higher rates of directors and stsenaristovVGIKa, which also take only the presence of higher education – though not necessarily the profile). This diploma, which will be given to graduates of the Academy Mikhalkov, will not be equal to the same diploma VKRS.

– the status of a diploma, but in this case does not matter, – she told the correspondent “RG” Mikhalkov. – The result of study will provide the high status of the Academy itself and the status of those who will be here to teach. This crème de la crème of our cinema, the best that we have. We were able to assemble an incredible team of teachers, this is not anywhere else.

studio director at the Academy headed by Vladimir Hotinenko, camerawork – Anatoly Mukasey, a production – Leonid Vereshchagin and for the management of acting workshop took Khrushchev himself. On a permanent basis there will be master classes Alexander ball, Sergei Ursulyak, Sergei Solovyov, Emir Kusturica, Goran Bregovic and a half dozen of artists of the first row.

In the first year intake of students has been completed – he as we are assured of the Academy, it was incredibly thorough and even hard. As a result, education will receive additional 40 people, and in the acting workshop 25 students, and the rest vtreh – five students. Most of the training in the workshops together. According to the plan, the students at the end of the year should be divided into five crews, each of which would prepare their thesis. Tuition at the Academy – 340 thousand rubles, regardless of the workshop.

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