Friday, September 25, 2015

Started 24-hour online reading of Chekhov’s “Chekhov is alive” – ​​BBC

In the fall of 2014, more than 700 people around the world 30 hours read “Anna Karenina” – reading, organized by the Museum-Estate “Yasnaya Polyana” and Google, which were broadcast on a special channel on YouTube, was attended by actors, directors, Students, writers and politicians.

This year, successful project has been continued – this time with Chekhov. It is timed to the 120th anniversary of the writer called “Chekhov is alive».

«We are currently to any quantitative indicators, of course, did not seek – and the only result we believe that then the people turned to Tolstoy, and now turn to Chekhov – told “” producer of the project “Chekhov is alive” and coordinator of last year’s readings Thecla Tolstaya. – But I can say that the success of “Karenina” exceeded my own expectations – I thought that everything will be modest. But this is not our achievement, and our great writers ».

The organizers of the new readings again became the company Google – this time with the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater and the Russian Book Union. Reading started at noon Moscow time actor Chekhov Theater, Alexander White took to the stage and read: “It was said that on the waterfront has a new name: the lady with the dog” – the first phrase of the famous works of Chekhov.

Then stories began read his colleagues on the shop floor – among the first readers were Inna Churikov, Yuri Stoyanov.

Artistic director MAT Oleg Tabakov read a passage from the story “The Bishop” – as a response to those who, for he puts it, “protects us from Orthodoxy».

«Chekhov can and should be read everywhere – both online and offline, and it is in-house and off-the house. It is now even astronauts read – said tobacco. – Chekhov – a modern intelligent writer. From living writing a few selected for this training. And as the distance from his time increases, and he falls metche. As if he sins programmed ».

The program includes stories” Vanya, “” The House with the Mezzanine “,” Man in a Case “,” Anna on the Neck “,” Ionich “,” Late Flowers ” “Kashtanka».

to complete the project story “The Bride”, which is on Saturday at noon fulfill actress Jana Sextus.

Geography readings extensive and includes 25 sites around the world – New York, London, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Taganrog, Saratov, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Hong Kong. Read Chekhov are about seven hundred people, but they will try to keep within 24 hours. In Moscow, reading will be not only in the Moscow Art Theater, but also in Gorky Park, in Novy Manezh, at the subway station “Chekhov».

The central event of the readings should be performance based on the play ” Seagull “- at the same time it will perform seven theaters in six cities in Russia.

Moscow present MAT, Petersburg – Alexandrinsky Theatre and BDT; It will also participate Taganrog (Theatre named after Chekhov), Novosibirsk (“Globe”), Ekaterinburg (Theatre for Young People), Saratov (Theatre Drama Slonova). Among the directors of theatrical readings – Konstantin Bogomolov.


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