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Satire Theatre celebrates birthday Vasilyeva performance “Fatal Attraction” – Russian newspaper

dimples, sparkling eyes. And the voice – voiced singing. That she was on the screen and immediately became a star. Stalin, when he saw her in the film “The Tale of the Siberian Land,” asked how this beauty? And then he gave the award named after himself. Debutant, fledgling, still a student. Vera Vasilyeva said afterwards that the premium it rather frightened. One can understand.

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Then, as usual, this image-flirtatious groovy simpleton stuck to it, and is still remembered by him. Although the actress has anything can beat. Including sophisticated Countess in “The Marriage of Figaro” – the play Theater of Satire, also publicized TV and also in public favorite. In Beaumarchais humor is not like Dyakonova in “wedding dowry,” in the eyes of Vera Vasilyeva is now running devils – our salt of the earth, that connects the Russian tradition with the world. And with the “wedding” Dyakonova all came the miracle: the director Ravenskih called the play simple as moo, but Vasilyev partners consume the essence of her Russian nature. In her everything she fell in love, and she carried herself unapproachable, and unpretentious remarks horror how much was read. This is the case when the talents of actors phonebook made significant phenomenon of art. And you can laugh at as many levels of play – and the play was a masterpiece.

Masterpiece – itself coming Vasilyeva. Her family was far from the theater, the roots of the village, the parents – hardworking, experienced dispossession (two cows – is the class enemy!). Delicatessen – potatoes, cabbage, the ultimate dream – a cheese sandwich into a celebration. From Moscow it was taken to the village, still the same, trusting, but canny; there are guys walking with an accordion and sang very smoothly. Smells clean washed floors, smells of the village, mushrooms, birch branches, smells Russia is always with her, and that would Vasilyeva played, it always gives the impression of an amazing human purity.

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However, childhood – still Moscow, Chistoprudny where to theaters on the doorstep . The first theatrical experience – “The Tsar’s Bride” on Bolshaya Dmitrovka. Then a little established belief in the theater entrance fairy tale and began to play it. And this need – is for life.

“The Tale of the Siberian Land” opened her way in a real theater – Faith Vasilyev called Theater of Satire, which it holds until now. It is there – the first star, but this is due only to the quality and scope of talent. A role – large and well – she got not so much. It does not rely on accept. This “male” Theatre: put on Menglet, Mironov Papanova, Shirvindt Actresses … there have always been great, but comedies and dramas, where the basis of the female character, almost was not. And Vasiliev has realized this need to vent female soul on stage other theaters to enjoy playing Kruchinina Orel, Ranevskaya in Tver, another Decanter, this time Pushkin – the Small and Curious Savage – even in the puppet theater Obraztsova. The home theater is his trump card records only Akhmatova from “Inspector”, Pavlova was banned by the authorities of “A Profitable Post” and, of course, the Countess of “Figaro”. Although, of course, it was very good and varied in ekstsentriade “The Bedbug” and “Bath” in the satirical “fourth vertebra” in Celia Peachum in “The Threepenny Opera” in the “warrior” Domna Platonovna of Leskov …

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In the movie, she often offered tipazhnosti play. She knows how to be gentle, affectionate, wise – hence, offered a lot of moms. Her singing voice can be a piercing, well screwed into the soul – and she played brilliantly intriguing Swallow at the Elem Klimov in “The Adventures of the dentist.” In the “Tale of the Siberian Land” Pyreva amorous girl from the trenches of the Great Patriotic got over for a lunch counter with a samovar, and then Vasilyeva do not just have to play a movie modest women with frontline past – such as in kinooperette “Star of the screen.” It all fits perfectly into the style of socialist realism, because the whole nature expressed the desire for perfection. By modesty without complexes. By courage without arrogance. Luckily without vulgarity. Her heroines believed that all would be well – and the actress seems to believe sometimes, too. She incorrigible optimist and faithful people – able to be happy in the proposed circumstances, in November of unrealized, but implementing it in all possible ways. And she’s one of those women that age are just beautiful. Noble. Significant and compelling.

Vera Vasilyeva has always adored the audience – it is impossible not to love. Showiness star – it’s not for her, the man she is modest and not made its way to the forefront – may therefore not played so much, its decent. The political life is not torn, and social restlessness realized where she could not remain silent – for example, in the protection of animals, which is very fond of, and the portrait of the cat Philemon Shtanishkina her a place of honor.

It is a pity that Ranevskaya and her Kruchinina not seen in Moscow. It is a pity that we have not learned many aspects of her bottomless, I think, very kind, very generous talent. That she could tell from the scene volodinskoe “Do you love the theater, like I love him?” Not happened, just think constantly.

On the anniversary of Vera Vasilyeva Andrew Zhitinkin staged at the Theatre of Satire “Fatal Attraction” – a role which the actress calls a miracle and a gift of fate. And the audience will share the happiness with the actress, the great value which can be understood only by people who are so devoted to the theater.

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