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Nikolai Borodachev Nice – the Russian city in Europe – Russian newspaper

Russian State Film Fund contribution to the popularization of Russian cinema abroad is difficult to overestimate: only in 2014, in various countries they were organized by more than one thousand four hundred shows Soviet and Russian films from the collection of the State Film Fund. Account 2015 is still open, but the figures have equally impressive. “We do it for the money – said the head of an important detail Gosfilmofond Nikolai Borodachev. – None of the Russian organization of such a large-scale work to promote our movies today are not held”.

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A few days ago in Nice ended the 3rd Russian Film Festival, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the end World War II and spent the State Film Fund of Russia jointly with the City of Nice and the Cinémathèque. He struck not only harmoniously constructed and emotionally very well thought-out program from the Soviet classics of the Great Patriotic War to the Prime Minister this year and Preview of young directors and producers talk about the war in the modern style. Impressive huge queues at the entrance to the session (before the “Francophonie” Alexander Sokurov’s cinema stormed) and many hours of discussion after – in France like to publicly share their impressions of the film, and make it almost professional artistry.

Art and political the results of Russian festival, get a permanent residence in Nice, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” is discussing with the Director General of the State Film Fund of the Russian Federation Nikolai Borodachevym.

When it was harder – when only all began, for the first time to raise this festival edifice, or a third time, when the whole world was talking about sanctions against Russia?

Nicholas Borodachev: Probably the first time because it was unknown. There was no such understanding, and the mayor’s office a cautious approach to this issue. But here we must pay tribute to the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, and Gerard Depardieu to our citizens, because it is the first festival was held under the auspices of the City Hall and Depardieu – he had a great patronage. Perhaps you remember when they showed the movie “Rasputin” with Gerard Depardieu in the title role, a huge hall for 2,5 thousand places was packed. Like Russian saying goes – better luck next time, but we had no coma. A training course was preceded by a complex. The second festival was easier on the second experiencing difficulties – financial. But now, after its completion, we can say that we are satisfied with how it went.

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does not occur in some point the fear that everything can be broken? When did such a dramatic deterioration in international relations? Or are your partners from the mayor of Nice, did not refuse arrangements?

Nicholas Borodachev: We are asking them this question is not difficult if they would, they said, that there is no – independent culture. Especially since the Nice – the Russian city in Europe, with strong Russian tradition. We are encouraged by this, and we have to make a program dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, as it was planned. Thank God, we have maintained a very understanding people, especially the Adviser to the Mayor of Nice on cinematography Jean-Marc Guillaume. He often says that remembers how his father, when they announced on the radio that defeated the Germans at Stalingrad, told him everything, my son, the Nazis turned the neck. Will the victory!

This year there was a strong program. So balanced from start to finish, from the classics to the latest Soviet premier on military issues, which are designed more on young people already on their minds: “The Battle of Sebastopol,” Sergei Mokritskiy, “The Dawns Here Are Quiet …” Renata Davletyarova “Sushchinskii : the truth about the war “Dorob Anna, Diana and Sergey Kireev,” Normandy – Neman. Monologue “Yegor Klimovich …

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Nicholas Borodachev: We must pay tribute to our researchers, because the preparation of the program – the hardest part of the process.

I do not find the money?

Nicholas Borodachev: Yes, did not find the money. It should be a very delicate approach to this issue. It is impossible to show the cruelty …

How technically evolved program? You were movies, but the mayor’s office argued Nice? Failures have been?

Nicholas Borodachev: No. We always find a consensus. With no political or artistic or economic censorship, we are not faced. Moreover, in October, planned to continue – will be held in Nice single premiere of the film Andrei Kondrashov “Crimea. Way back home.” We have shown it in Marseilles and Locarno, at the Locarno Film Festival Directorate was against. But we are separate from the International Film Festival rented hall, and the hall was full – Europeans are very well met by this film. And then came, due to: you, we opened our eyes …

Direct speech

Odile Chapelle, Director of the Cinematheque Nice: For me Sokurov – the best director in the world

Photo: From personal archive Odile Chapelle

You had no fear before the opening of the festival, that the political situation will affect the number of spectators?

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Odile Chapelle: Absolutely not. I would be very simple to answer. For me, politics is out of this festival. We speak the language of art and culture advocate. The task of the French Cinematheque – is preserved, and show kinodostoyaniya, including Russian. And this will never be a problem.

Then you should never confuse politics with mere spectators. A lot of French people were shocked by the fact that the official commemorative events for the 70th anniversary of the Victory in Moscow, there were no representatives of France. All the French, who have at least more or less familiar with the story, knows what they owe to the Russian people – is that Europe is not under the yoke of fascism. We must have respect for the people who shed so much blood for a total freedom, and regardless of the political context have to be thankful for.

Not only do I think so – we are many. Most of those who are silent, think the same way. This is our problem, of course. And Russian festival today is very important because the movie tells a universal language that can awaken the best in us … I can say that for me personally, the third festival is more important than the first, because we were able to pay tribute to honor Alexander Sokurov . For Russia it is a national treasure. And for me, Sokurov – the best director in the world today. As in immaculate fine some of his films, and in the metaphysical relation.

Sokurov spent a wonderful master class in Nice, was ever open and very sincere.

Odile Chapelle: Through joint efforts, we were able to organize this project. Frankly, there were difficult moments, but in the end everything turned out. A miracle happened, and now I could finish my career quietly – in Nice Cinematheque acted Sokurov. I say this sincerely, though.

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