Sunday, September 27, 2015

The festival “Contemporary Art in Traditional Museum” opens in St. Petersburg – News Tourism of Turkey

festival “Contemporary Art in Traditional Museum” – the brainchild of the Foundation “Pro Arte”, despite the fact that his popularity among Petersburgers and visitors to the city is clearly growing, ceased to be annual.

Alice Prudnikov, the curator of the festival “Contemporary Art in Traditional Museum”: “the painter was quite a challenge.” Entrance to the museum on 26 and 27 September – free. This can be a mug on a table, a track from the last windows on the floor, the spine of the book, in short, Giperlokal – is an attempt to find a symbolic center of the museum space in a paradoxical element. Over the years on a variety of sites were submitted not less than 170 projects of artists from 11 countries. This project was born from the interaction of the creator and the employee of the museum in order to uncover the idea of ​​the “ideal exhibition».

The festival will open September 26, 2015 the first 12 hours of the creative cluster “Artmuza” on Vasilyevsky Island, then Guests will be able to visit several museums, where works by current artists of today. In 2006, the festival has become a nominee of the All-Russian Award “Innovation”. Fujiwara’s projects have been exhibited in museums of modern art in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Venice, an Englishman currently lives and works in Berlin. From 2015 the first Festival in charge Alice Prudnikov, the boss of the Ural Division of the National Centre of Contemporary Art, a member of the Social Council of the Ministry of Culture of Russia.

What? The “She”. The installation is built in the engine compartment of the icebreaker, portraying the “dream ship, bored by the long march.” This collective feminist art research, built on the principle of affinity group (affinity group). Among them – flat Kuindji Academy of Arts and even the icebreaker “Krasin».

What? In 2008, in the Nubian desert in Sudan meteorite fell, the line movement which received a 100% track before the collision with the Earth – the first time in the history of science. Agnes is also the founder of the Research Institute of the small underground rifologii (Forschungsfloss FFUR), which deals with the detection of underground phenomena and forms of life and become familiar with them.

What? A special project of the festival joined the young painters of the Northern capital in search of answers to the eternal questions in the field of art.

technological art show in the traditional museums of St. Petersburg


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