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Zyuganov has offered to create a museum of Stalin Rzhev – of

Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov suggested founding Rzhev Museum of Josef Stalin, May 1 writes the newspaper “Izvestia».

Please create a museum in the town of Tver region Khoroshevo contained in a letter sent to the chairman of of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Culture Minister Vladimir Medina. Gennady Zyuganov also asked the minister to assist in the installation of a monument to Joseph Stalin in Russia.

In his letter, the leader of the Communist Party led the poll data, according to which, for the creation of a museum of Stalin speak more than 70 percent of the residents of Rzhev and the surrounding area. At the same time as enemies of such undertakings Gennady Zyuganov called the “liberal society».


Zyuganov asked Medina to create a museum of Stalin Rzhev –

The Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov, to the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina letter with the request to establish a full-fledged museum of Joseph Stalin in the village Khoroshevo Rzhev. He also asked the Minister to assist in the installation of a monument to Stalin. On Friday, May 1, the newspaper “Izvestia».

The leader of the Communist Party led the poll data, which, according to him, showed that for the creation of a museum of Stalin speak more than 70 percent of the residents of Rzhev and the surrounding area. At the same time, according to Zyuganov, “liberal society” was talking about the unacceptability of the establishment of such a museum.

15:24 April 10, 2015

This is a two-storey wooden house near Rzhev. It Supreme Commander spent the night of 4 to 5 August 1943 and ordered to hold in Moscow the first salute in honor of the troops, who during the Battle of Kursk, liberated Orel and Belgorod.

In Soviet times, the house was library with the area devoted to Stalin. They were eliminated, when the Soviet Union launched a campaign to discredit the personality cult, initiated by Nikita Khrushchev. In 1983, a library with a memorial exhibition was restored.

In 2013, the 70th anniversary of Stalin’s visit to the village, on the house unveiled a plaque. Previously, the creation of the structure of the museum said the Russian military-historical society.

Against the creation of a museum of Stalin acted “Memorial”. According to Deputy Chairman of the Board of Scientific Information and Education Centre Society Nikita Petrov, “the image of the tyrant trying to smuggle sauce of victory in the Great Patriotic War».


Ensemble David Goloschekin headlined the evening on the occasion of the International Day of Jazz – News News SPB Petersburg

April 30, 2015, 20:36

The Philharmonic jazz music today is the International Day of Jazz. As customary with musicians all the fun takes place not at the holiday table, and on the stage.

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April 27, 2015, 07: 09

Dance Open festival will end with a gala concert

Gala concert brought together in one place, not only masters of St. Petersburg, but the whole of Russian jazz. Among them is one of the most promising youth groups “Jazz Philharmoniker Orchestra” Cyril Bubyakin, saxophonist Yuri Bogatyrev and his sextet, a young singer, winner of international competitions Julia Kasian.

But the headliner of the evening was a folk artist of Russia David Goloschekin. However, the very famous jazz musician of the participants in the gala concert allocated not yourself and your team, and trombonist Sergei Dolzhenkova – author of a number of original creative projects.

David Goloshchekin, People’s Artist of Russia: « Trombone – a rare instrument. It soon in the Red Book can be recorded. And Sergei Dolzhenkov played brilliantly as the violin, this instrument ».

This year, the International Jazz Day is celebrated in 185 countries. Holiday still very young. On the introduction of a new date in the calendar, and the establishment of its celebration of April 30, the General Conference of UNESCO announced in November 2011. And in 2012, the International Jazz Day was celebrated for the first time.


VTB has lowered the rate on corporate loans after the decision of the Central Bank – RBC

VTB Bank decided to lower the rate on loans to corporate customers following a decision by the Bank of Russia on the key rate. This RIA Novosti reported the press service of the bank.

«Following the reduction of the key rate of the Central Bank, VTB Bank in proportion to the reduced interest rates on loans for its corporate customers”, – told the agency.

VTB is the second largest bank assets in Russia.

The first bank to respond to the reduction in the key rate from 14 to 12.5%, turned out to Gazprombank. His deputy chairman Alexander Sobol said that since May 1, the lending institution will lower rates on ruble and foreign currency deposits at 1-1.6 percentage points and 0,1-0,65 percentage points respectively.

According to the deputy, the rates on ruble deposits will be lowered to 8,2-12% to 6,6-11% per annum. Interest rates on dollar deposits declined from 2,9-4% to 2,45-3,5%, for deposits in euros – from 2.6-3.1% to 1,95-3%. The decision to change interest rates on loans will be made after monitoring market interest rates.

The decision to lower interest rates on ruble and foreign currency deposits received from May 12 and Tinkoff Bank. As follows from the press release of the credit institution, rates on deposits in rubles will be reduced by 1.2 percentage points for deposits in foreign currency – by 0.5-1 pp.

On June 1, Tinkoff Bank also lowered interest rates on savings accounts: the account in rubles – up to 8% per annum (currently – 12%), in foreign currency – up to 2% (currently – 3%).

The Bank of Russia announced a lowering the key rate from 14 to 12.5% ​​on April 20. In reaching this decision, the Central Bank was guided by the weakening of inflationary risks, while maintaining a significant risk of cooling the economy. The new rate will take effect from 5 May.

According to predpravleniya Bank “Renaissance Credit” Alexei Levchenko, the decision of the Central Bank will not have much impact on the behavior of banks. “The sharp decline in market interest rates should be expected. Interest rates on deposits decreased and so that is dictated by market conditions. Lending rates will also be adjusted according to market conditions and the overall situation in the economy “- said Levchenko.

The decision of the Bank of Russia coincided with the consensus forecast of economists compiled by RBC on Monday, April 27th.


Today is the day of jazz – International Association of Forex Traders


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Yesterday about 15:33 sports “Kairat” has expressed condolences to the families Batyrkhan Shukenov – Sports information portal

Kazakhstan singer died on the 53 th year of life.

Photos from the site of FC & quot; Kairat & quot;

Photo from FC “Kairat”

Almaty “ Kairat “expressed his condolences to the family and friends Batyrkhan Shukenov . Kazakhstan singer died on the 53 th year of life.

“Batyrkhan Shukenov was an honorary fan of the football club” Kairat “. It is an irreparable loss for our country and a great loss to the people of Kazakhstan.

The team of FC” Kairat “expresses its sincere condolences to the families and friends Batyrkhan Shukenov. We mourn with you …” – said in a statement on the official site of FC “Kairat”.

Batyrkhan Shukenov born May 18, 1962 in Kyzylorda. He began his career with positions at the singer saxophonist Rosa Rymbaeva. In 1988, the artist became the frontman created by him and his friends of the “A’Studio” which a year later released the hit “Julie”. The national glory came to the team after participating in the “Christmas meetings” of Alla Pugacheva. Among the most famous compositions of the group, “White River”, “Stop Night”, “Soldier of Love,” “These warm summer days”, “Unloved” and many others. The actor left the group “A’Studio” in 2000 for a solo career. In 2015 he took part in the TV show “One to one” channel “Russia 1″.

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Kurt Cobain: doomed to samoubiytsvo –

In Russia rolled out a limited documentary film “Devil’s installation” of the youth idol 90s Kurt Cobain. Premiere was held in February at the Independent Film Festival “Sundance”, according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

Almost 85% of the materials of the film have not been demonstrated at all (or very rarely on display). Directed by Brett Morgen worked on the film for eight years, collecting rare, including previously unknown archival records – paintings, diaries Cobain, his dictaphone recordings and home movies, memories of friends. He received unprecedented access to the personal files of the musician, who after his death was divided between the parties Nirvana and Cobain family. It is known that precursor Morgen had problems with it. After the scandalous film-investigation, “Kurt & Courtney” in which the creators have put forward the version that Cobain’s widow, Courtney Love may have ordered the killing of the actor, it is extremely reluctant to shared information and documents related to the dead husband. But co-produced “Devil’s installation” made of Cobain and Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain, which facilitated the task of collecting information for the director.

Morgen tries to reconstruct the inner world of the artist in his development – from early childhood to the last days before his suicide. The film is largely built on the animated inserts made on the basis of drawings and poetic passages in the notebooks of the musician, and the world that produces a terrible impression. Predatory babies in the womb, demonic creatures, blood, eyes glazed in terror come to life imposed on Cobain’s songs. But the most sinister impression produced is infinitely repeating lines derived close handwriting Kurt – “kill yourself, kill yourself …”. On the last album there’s a song Nirvana, “I hate myself and want to die».

Kurt Cobain appears the man doomed to suicide. Eternal difficult teenager who hates the world, suffering from daily unbearable stomach pains – at some point he just tired to suffer.


As Pugachev helped Batyrkhan Shukenov – Dni.Ru

With a light hand Diva gifted musician from Kazakhstan, the first lead singer of A ‘ STUDIO Batyrkhan Shukenov became a popular artist in Russia. National glory has come to the team after participating in the “Christmas meetings” of Alla Pugacheva.

Alla Pugacheva and Batyrkhan Shukenov. Photo:

Batyrkhan Shukenov A’STUDIO founded in 1988. Many people still sing hits of “Unloved” and “Julia”. As soon as he heard of the collective work, Alla Pugacheva became patronize musicians and invited them to take part in the “Christmas meetings”. It was at the invitation of Diva Shukenov and his team moved from Kazakhstan to Moscow. She could see in the lead singer of this singer who opened with it and shone on the stage.

in each interview thanking Pugachev Batyrkhan for help . Many warm words he devoted to Alla personal blog on the official website where fans periodically talked about events in his creative life.

“The other day there was a long-awaited meeting with a very close and dear person, who played in my life as and the fate of so many people a huge role. This person – Alla Pugacheva. Once it is put on the long and difficult road of show business I was in a group A’STUDIO. She treated us like my own mother at the beginning of Career , – fondly recalled meeting with Diva Batyrkhan. – And for further creative life, I always felt her attention and kindness. In the past we were able to see each other more often. But today’s pace of life has made our meetings more rare and welcome to me. Who else but Alla with all sincerity praise, criticize, give wise and practical advice in show business and in everyday life? (hereinafter, the author’s spelling and punctuation preserved. – Comm. Ed.) “.


The artist has gone from A’STUDIO in solo sailing, was a guest on the radio “Alla” – on the transfer of “Visiting Ala.” “She came in and …… As if we did not leave all this time! It was as before enchanting, in a related interest and caring, fascinating, direct and frank! – wrote with admiration of his patron Shukenov. – We talked for several hours about everything. About music, about life, about love. We remember the past, talking about the present and the future. I was very glad that Alla praised my new song “Beware, my dear girl,” and offered to call the new album as well. Very sharp, curious and frank conversation turned Diva Oleg Tolstov and Ruslan Magomedov of the “pitfalls” of show business. To me it was important to hear it from the approval Pugacheva about what I do in my solo career right now. And I heard it! “

In 2010 came out Batyrkhan solo album called, as Allah wishes,” Beware, my dear girl! “. A few months before this event singer met Dni.Ru and talked to him about everything – about the life, works, and Diva, so dear to his heart.

“Alla Borisovna we had a month ago, broadcast on the radio “Alla”. We have long had not seen her. We called up, but just have not had meetings. I am glad that we have it is still warm, very good friendly relations, – confessed to Dnyam.Ru Batyrkhan. – I have a deep respect for this great woman. I am glad that it refers to me as a loved one. She worries about what is happening in my personal life and creative destiny . And I am very grateful to her for what she can take the time and give me good advice. Alla in great shape, it is very clearly understands that now we need the music, what trends. And thanks to her for what could find the time to invite me. For me, this conversation gave a very good basis to go further “.

During that conversation Shukenov said many kind words about the other colleagues from the world of music. We publish an exclusive interview fragments without cuts.

Who else of domestic show business make friends?

We are old friends with Volodya Presnyakov , our fraternal friendship. With Valery Meladze we know for a long time, since the days when he had not even worked in Moscow. I am very happy with his success. Kostya and Valera for me – an example of successful alliance in show business: in the works to create stunningly beautiful melodies and commercial sense to be successful. Perhaps, like tandem in show business does not exist. It is a vivid example of the talent and punching power, faith in yourself. I really respect them.

Respect Lenya Agutin , who goes his own way, writes great music. Yes, a lot of musicians, worthy of respect. There are people who with particular warmth to me. Well, it’s in my life. But talk calmly, not in a hurry, it is impossible. The life we ​​have such a very difficult – all in the filming, recordings, tours, flights, transfers …

How do you assess the success had come to replace the soloist Keti Topuria A’STUDIO?

I am very pleased that there was Katie, who has a very interesting voice. She – a very interesting and incredibly charismatic, spontaneous and open. Borja (Baigali) Serkebayev – a person who has a unique ability to make the rules that are given at the moment. He can very easily change the style of music, and he always manages to find a clear, concise solution to find a song that becomes popular, and make arrangements in the spirit of the time. It’s a professional. For me it was a school, 13 years old, I sang in a group A’STUDIO, and what we did was honest, sincere. And what they’re doing right now, I really like.

Let us recall the death Batyrkhan Shukenov learned on the night of April 29. In Moscow the same day held a farewell to the actor, who died of a heart attack in the City Clinical Hospital Botkin. The body of the star will be transported to Kazakhstan. The funeral of singer and composer will take place on May 1 in Alma-Ata. “Farewell to Shukenov be held May 1 at 10:00 in the Kazakh State Philharmonic Society named after Zhambyl”, – informs the municipal department of culture.

According to the Moscow reporter who visited the farewell to Shukenov, Alla Pugacheva at memorial service not arrived, as is now the children of Israel . Instead, it was the Director of the singer Elena Chuprakova, transmitted the funeral wreath and condolences to family members Batyrkhan and his family.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hundreds of fans said goodbye to Batyrkhan Shukenov in Moscow and Almaty –

It seemed that everyone who came to say goodbye to Batyrkhan Shukenov in Moscow, could not believe that they bear him flowers for the last time.

Love Assumption , the singer: “I have no words, I shock . I learned the news, I just arrived and, of course, came to say goodbye ».

Sincere, romantic and so real. Batyr, as he was known to friends and fans already with his first hit “Julie” fall in love with almost all the girls and even the Soviet Union itself Diva. It Alla Pugacheva in the late ’80s brought young Kazakh group “A-Studio” at their Christmas meeting in Moscow.

In 2000 Shukenov leaving the group and tries to pursue a solo career. For a while, he even went to Alma-Ata, but eventually returned to Moscow. It recently had supposedly gotten a second creative breath Batyr participated in several television and music projects, health is not complaining. He is undergoing tests ?? no problem he did not have.

Ruslan Magomedov , Director Batyrkhan Shukenov: “First came a shot, medicine, cardiogram, said they suspected a heart attack, but most likely that the heart attack, it is necessary to go to the hospital. They brought a stretcher, put it, made the 3 steps, he turned pale and said, dizzy. That’s the last thing he said. All ».

As a result, doctors have noted a heart attack. Perhaps it says more physical and emotional load. Batyrkhan Shuhenovu was 52. On Wednesday evening, his body was sent by plane to Almaty. Bury the musician at home in Kazakhstan. There, on the main city square were thousands of fans. They made a kind of flash mob in memory of the departed idol.


In rolling out the film on a main rock idol 90 Kurt Cobain – Russian newspaper

Premiere “Devil’s installation” – a biographical film about Kurt Cobain – was held in February: at the Independent Film Festival “Sundance” film has great reviews. Now he goes into limited release in Russia.

Although it is not the first documentary about one of the main heroes of the youth 90s, but certainly the most interesting. On the one hand, no sensational details from the life of an idol of his fans do not know, but on the other – an incredible openness of the narrative, built on the rare documentary evidence, has the effect of “full immersion” in Cobain’s head, staggering at times.

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The director Brett Morgen worked on the film for eight years collecting rare, including previously unknown archival records: drawings, diaries Cobain, his dictaphone recordings and home movies, memories of friends. Morgan has received unprecedented access to the personal files of the musician, who after his death was divided between the parties and relatives Cobain Nirvana. It is known that precursor Morgen had problems with this – after the scandalous film-investigation, “Kurt & Courtney” in which the creators have put forward the version that the widow of Cobain – Courtney Love, could have ordered the killing of the actor, Love reluctant shared information and documents related to the dead man, but co-produced “Devil’s installation” made the daughter of Cobain and Love – Frances Bean Cobain, which clearly facilitated the task of collecting information for the director.

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Morgen tries to reconstruct the inner world of the artist in his development – from early childhood to the last days before his suicide . The film is largely built on the animated inserts made on the basis of drawings and poetic passages in the notebooks of the musician, and the world that produces a terrible impression – predatory babies in the womb, demonic creatures, blood, eyes glazed in terror – these pictures come to life imposed on Cobain’s songs . But the most sinister impression, perhaps, produce endlessly repeating lines derived close handwriting Kurt – “kill yourself, kill yourself …”. On the last album there’s a song Nirvana “I hate myself and want to die” – the musician said it was “a joke”.

In the film, Cobain appears the man doomed to suicide. Eternal difficult teenager who hates the world, suffering from daily unbearable stomach pains – at some point he just tired to suffer.

However, the film does not produce depressing – it lacks moving, sentimental music – on home videos made by couples and friends Courtney, Cobain many jokes, playing with the child – year-old daughter Frances, and in general, a man appears light and ironic. “I love my daughter so much that she is willing to give up for the sake of the music – if music begins to hurt her,” – he says Cobain and Love says that if Kurt did not die, they certainly would have got many more children. Cobain wanted to create a normal family, which he never had, and the image of Kurt-family man in the film adjacent to the organic way Kurt-sociopath and a drug addict, or even contradict it.

“Devil’s installation” – a documentary film of incredible power with drama and successfully constructed with high-quality editing. On the downside can be attributed unless insert animated Cobain, by means of which the director is trying to re-create any visual undocumented episodes from the life of Kurt – these scenes are stylistically somewhat out of the story, but the overall impression is, of course, do not spoil.

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Batyrkhan Shukenov: “The main thing – that the soul is dried up” – TVNZ

Kazakh Batyrkhan Shukenov singer, who became famous as part of the “A’studio”, the last 15 years painstakingly built a solo career. And actively acted on Russian television: in 2014, the project won the “Live Sound” (Russia 1), and this year has successfully performed in the show reincarnations “One to one” (on the same channel). We predicted that he will become a major contender for victory, so talk with the artist about a month ago. It turned out that this conversation was the last interview of the singer – the night before his heart stopped.

– When you first came to the project “as is” to show you the most difficult?

– Reincarnation implies acting ability. For me as a musician it is the most difficult. Sing or portray the artist – not so difficult. But the show features, habits and specifics of gait, the internal state of man – this is the area of ​​excellence.

– Why do you?

– not for medals, not for show. For me personally – is immersion in the world of undiscovered possibilities. This will help me in the future, in the stage work. I remember the days when he worked at the Theatre of song Pugacheva in the group “A-Studio”. We went to a great team in the country. The final concert Alla. So for us it was a powerful school. Each song – a little performance was. So it is on this show. For me it is important to thoroughly and profoundly live every song, then my concerts has qualitatively changed.

– But “one to one” – is, above all, make-up. And even if the most talented makeup artist clothed you in the image of Louis Armstrong, still we can see that it’s you. It does not bother you?

– The change in appearance is attended several teams. One prepares a silicone mask. Second – grimiruetsya. Third – prepares suit. Their consistency and determines whether or not an image of. East face difficult to change, but I think we managed to do something special, for example, when creating an image Cesaria Evora. People looked at me and could not find out! Here it means “hit the image.” And sometimes as a way of Yuri Mikhailovich Antonov – were not included. The wig was a red color. Anthony was the Asian type (laughs).

– As a mom refers to your work on “a hair’s breadth»?

– first she was shocked. His son in such a way never seen before. But then accustomed. She began to wonder – what will happen next, what will be the images. The project is much debated among my relatives. They called up, thrown photographs.

– In 2000, you left “A’studio.” Since then, the creative act under the name Batyr write solo albums and a joint composition. Who do you see at the concerts? Do not yearn for the work of the group?

– Frankly, I’m not interested right now to remember that time. It was a wonderful time, we have created a great powerful songs. But it’s over. I live in the present. To me it comes to concerts intelligent, beautiful audience that loves melodious music. And most importantly – different generations! There are 50-year-old students, the young people have with their children. People who listened to “A’Ctudio” have not disappeared. And that’s good.

– Your son is interested in music?

– Yes, Maksut very good credentials. He is very good at dancing, singing, he has a good ear. At his age, I was not like hearing, I do not sing. He is now 13.

– Sam tries to write?

– Maksut listens attentively to all the music that sounds around and make their collections. Then he puts me. When we go to the game – he plays football – he puts his collections. Excellent radio, I tell you!

– He lives in Russia?

– No, there – over the hill – in the US (laughs). Who cares …

– Two years ago, you turned 50. You notice that become another?

– I would be very sad if I realize that I do not change. We are now to talk to you, and within an hour I’ll be others. So it should be. Only in this case the person develops, moving forward, is progressing. I think the most important thing – that the soul does not withered. We should always try to be in the spiritual work on themselves. This is directly related to the work. The audience is very thin feels, what his thoughts actor goes on stage, he wants to say. My energy, the mood then is transmitted to the listener. Status inner experience affects the quality of work. And no matter what happens, the main thing – to make conclusions, to ask for forgiveness and to forgive. And with a light heart to go on.


  What we remembered Batyr Shukenov

 Smart, talented, with a great sense of humor. Death Batyr Shukenov shocked the entire Russian show business and became an irreplaceable loss for the thousands of fans. Under his song “Julia” and “Soldier of Love,” fell in love and parted his soft manner of performance won over, and as they say on the site right now readers «goes with him and our youth.” (Details)


Two planes of the Russian Emergency Ministry evacuated 128 people in Nepal – Russian newspaper

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The two sides of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia landed at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport. According to Tass, they were taken from Nepal 128 people – citizens of different states.

– Among the passengers – 91 Russian citizen, 11 citizens of Ukraine, citizens of Kazakhstan 7, 4 citizens of Libya, two citizens of Belarus, seven of Tajikistan, Three Israeli citizens, two Frenchmen and one citizen of Kenya, – said the deputy director of the Department of international activities Ministry of Emergency Situations Alexander Tomashov.

Currently, evacuated people placed in the capital’s hotels.

Note that the earlier planes Ministry of Emergency Situations delivered to Nepal rescue squad and special equipment and equipment for earthquake relief.

Let us recall the victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal have become more 5,000 people.

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Farewell to the founder of the group “A’Studio” will be held on May 1, in Almaty – RIA Novosti

Almaty, April 29 – RIA Novosti. Farewell to a famous musician, lead singer of the first “A’Studio” Batyrkhan Shukenov on 1 May in the building of the Kazakh State Philharmonic. Zhambyl in Almaty, according to city Department of Culture.

The musician died in Moscow on 53-year life on the night of April 29, presumably of a heart attack.

“The Akimat (Mayor’s Office ) Almaty expresses deep condolences to the families and friends Batyrkhan Shukenov – outstanding singer, composer, Honored Worker of Culture of Kazakhstan, Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Children’s Fund in connection with his untimely death “, – the report says.

” It is heavy grief for everyone, he was a talented singer and songwriter, lead singer and co-founder of the first of the legendary group “A’Studio.” Batyrkhan will forever remain in the memory of each of us and will be the pride of our city, “- said in a statement.

Batyrkhan Shukenov was born in Kazakhstan in 1962, he graduated from the Conservatory in Alma-Ata. He began his career at the singer saxophonist Rosa Rymbaeva, and in 1988 organized a group of “A’Studio.” In 2000 he left the band Shukenov and resumed his solo career.


“The Dawns Here Are Quiet” … from betrayal – a REGNUM

28.04.2015 23:34



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Dmitry Tretyakov, Eugene Krestin

The trailer of the new film “The Dawns Here Are Quiet” … We were disgusted, sad and painful. It seems that someone has committed a sacrilegious act in relation to the shrine



Label Systems looks different

from the labels of other products, among other things, the ,

that she is deceiving not only the buyer ,

but often Seller .

Karl Marx

* * *

April 30 in all theaters of the country should be the premiere of a new adaptation of the novel by Boris Vasilyev “The Dawns Here Are Quiet” directed by Renata Davletyarova. Therefore, in recent days, coming in every cinema, is difficult to dodge the acquaintance with a stunning two-minute commercials that the new film. And just turning on the TV, you can enjoy it (video) 30-second versions. It is this “trailer” we want to talk. In particular, because he fulfilled his function in full – in the film, we did not go.

We were disgusted, sad and painful. It seems that someone has committed a sacrilegious act in relation to the shrine. Committed and asks everyone to admire the result, and even the money to pay for it.

The ads are designed to entice the viewer, showing something significant for him: some of the content or subject of the painting. By the way, this in itself is somewhat undermines the possibility of a direct clash with the film as a real object – because the viewer think he’s something about the film knows his reaction predugotovlena on particularly sensitive places tight defense. However it is possible to suggest that advertising has nothing to do with the advertised object. This sure anyone who tries to mend a broken robot with the help of sport chocolate bar or understand love through a relationship with a hamburger. Trailer Davletyarova inevitably perceived by us through the association with the film Rostotsky 1972. Movies, included in many lists of “Best Film”, from domestic and foreign critics, magazines and spectators. Movies, collision with which can not go unnoticed to the viewer – it becomes a transforming event! At least they might be – the film is aimed at. After the “view” classic film difficult for us to remain the same: there is an opportunity to redefine the concept themselves. In a nutshell, the film – a work of art in all possible ways. Naturally, the trailer in this sense – the art, it can also be a reason for the change, the difference between the film and the roller – in performance and direction of these changes.

The question is – does the director, famous for his trilogy ” Love-carrot “moral right to retake a recognized masterpiece? Our answer to this question is clear – of course it does. Especially if he has something to say. But is it? And if he manages to demonstrate this in the framework of the trailer? It seems that the team Davletyarova (and the new film he also producer) poses a potentially “noble” goal – a masterpiece fit for a modern way of perception, to make it accessible to the “new” to modern audiences. But this is just as possible as to convey to the listener oratorios of Bach, performing them at the children’s xylophone. However, and it is necessary to be able to play.

is found in the trailer of art tools and techniques not only demonstrate a profound and sincere misunderstanding of the director of the material with which he had to work, but in and of themselves performed at the level of more than mediocre. For example, performing the role of Zhenya Zhenya Malakhov Komelkova reading a text about the death of his entire family with deep indifference, it seems that she reads a list of their “competence” in the interview: “All of the guns laid and I still see – and this hard experience ready to apply the office manager in your corporation. ” And the general impression of a cottage industry.

Everything is nedodumali and undone. From the technical details – for example, serious doubt is the possibility of explosion of colorful wooden observation tower from getting into the shell of the tank. And finishing the work with the actors – and girls, and the hero Peter Fedorov very well maintained, healthy and well-fattened, it seems that there is no life (and even more uniting peoples) covers the tragedy has not shaken their childhood innocence.

27 year-old at the time of the shooting Andrei Martynov – who plays Foreman Vaskova Rostotsky in the picture, in the frame looked not just a shabby life and grief – it seemed that he was at least 35-40 years and it is good anti-aircraft gunner in the fathers, but not in the brothers. In the trailer for the film who plays Davletyarova Vaskova Pyotr Fyodorov, who is now 33 years old, looks like neobstrelyanny 25-year-old young man who does not know where to put myself down the line.

In general, the complexity and metaphorical way of loading foreman Fedota Evgrafovich Vaskova (which father and brother, and a warrior, and a professional and a man, and the Russian people bear with his essence, etc.) is reduced in the trailer to the flat definition of “brave soldiers».

But , it’s not the simplification of the fact that it is impossible to simplify. The case – a radical change in the concept. The trailer was created by a very different cinematic canons than Rostotsky film – the classic canons of the American action movie.

A simple conversion into two-minute clip reveals six-automatic machine guns, four explosions, as mentioned above (and not having any at all to the plot) tank meets four times. What to say about running around, fighting and mounting pumped “stress” due to a very fast frame rates, in which many unknown Fast and bright movement. Home appeals to a culture of endless entertainment. Culture, where the movie – a background for devouring badeek with popcorn and corn chips dishes. And what the film – this is secondary. No matter: the death, life and love, tragedy, whether or about the heroism of thought – the main thing that it was “cool.” The film Rostotsky walking with travel guitars youth faced with the reality of trauma that forms our cultural space – and the songs grow silent, smiles went to parties. For a ball and ubiquitous entertainment with injuries of this magnitude are not compatible in principle. Or should not be being combined. From the repeated viewing of the trailer gets the feeling that his rented people bumping into the forest mass grave and deployed directly on it with a barbeque grill. They sit next to the names of commercials fallen “girls”, sipping beer and etched jokes about anti-aircraft gunner and Fritz.

The essence of our aversion causing substitution that since the trailer from the viewpoint expressive means is composed of a purely American elements (klipovoy entertainment), it is those meanings conductor, to promote that these means of expression were constructed. And they have been designed to support the export version of the propaganda of fascism, requiring him whom he enslaves, ready to laugh and have fun and feel unprepared tragic hard feelings. Disgusting that at least the anti-fascist “The Dawns Here Are Quiet” Vasilyev and Rostotsky Davletyarova mindlessly turned into a conductor of that neither is this modern fascism.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It named the cause of death of the ex-soloist of “A-Studio” Shukenov – IA REGNUM

29.04.2015 07:20



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The former lead singer of” A-Studio “Batyrkhan Shukenov died, according to preliminary data, due to a heart attack. The tragedy occurred on the night of April 29 in Moscow. On the death of 52-year-old musician said today the current lead singer of Keti Topuria on his page on Instagram.

It should be noted that before the next day Born singer did not live only about 3 weeks. Its condolences on their pages on social networks have published Kazakh and Russian show business stars.

Let us add that the former singer of the group “A-Studio” will be buried in his native Kazakhstan.

Batyrkhan Shukenov Born in Kazakhstan. He started his career saksofonoistom Rosa Rymbaeva. The popularity of the artist came back in Soviet times, when the group “A-Studio” presented his first hit, “Julia».

In 2000 for a solo career Shukenov left the musical group. The last album was released Batyrkhan in 2013.


The first singer of the band “A’Studio” Batyrkhan Shukenov died of a heart attack – Russian newspaper

The first singer of the band “A’Studio” Batyrkhan Shukenov died on the night of April 29 in his apartment in Moscow. Famous Kazakh and Russian musician died of a heart attack, he was 52 years old.

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The body of the singer brought in Almaty, portal about taking off for Moscow told his brother Baurzhan. He also said that Batyrkhan recently complained about the state of health.

Batyrkhan Shukenov born May 18, 1962 in Kyzylorda. He began his career with positions saksofonoista the singer Rosa Rymbaeva. In 1988 he became the front man created by him and his friends of the “A’Studio.” In 2000, the artist left the band, decided to start a solo career.

In 2015, Shukenov participated in the TV show “One to one” channel “Russia 1″.

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